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Phil B May 2019
Like many a thing I’ve come to learn,
Being in love can often burn.

Burn with passion and desire,
Fingers dance on skin like fire.
Burn and spit in furious licks,
at the thought of you on another’s lips.
Burn to keep lone nights away,
Until we wake to better days.
Burn away the bridges made,
Trust and love the price I paid.

Like many a thing I’ve come to learn,
Being in love is something earned.

You can keep my heart even
if I don’t have yours,
Because no one knows what
Tomorrow holds for sure.

Like smouldering heat
My breath you’d ******,
When you were my petite ~

lit match.
Composed in reflection.
Phil B Apr 2018
I peeked down the corridor
and there within I saw
Nothing. Utter dark and null
devoid of bright or dull.
Recoil'd not I from the drear'
in holding back childish fear.
      Of the Dark

      My ear it crept closer still
towards the sound of zilch and nil,
nothing. Vacuous silence,
drumming steady absence.
Tempted by the resting rhythm -
absent metre and system.
      Deepest cold pierces the nose
out of shadow its scent arose,
Nothing. Faint eau de toilette,
an odourless silhouette.
Made curious to explore
beyond what was heard or saw.

      Impatience tipped my tongue
caution begging to be flung,
No More - ravenous nether
thirsting night tide aether.
Mouth salivates and perspires,
drowning in the lightless mire.


      At last - I am one and none,
for I the darkness has come,
Senses suspended: sound, sight,
scent, taste, now touch the night.
No I nor we - no more ...
Solemn stately corridor,
      Of the dark.
Phil B Jul 2017
Talk - it's cheap and full of sheep.
Air moving, mouthing, making
words to distract and bamboozle,
meaning is used to confuse you.

Colour - superfluous and intangent.
It divides just as much / as it unifies,
the masses and controls our thoughts,
trick of the light, a tailored emotion.

Taste - individuality in isolation.
Eating. Engulfing, endlessly entropic.
Consumers call connoisseurs canon,
Sordid selfish sense, seldom shared.
I read an interesting thought piece written by an author, and it really did get me thinking about how, special moments, experiences and sensations are commercialised by Hollywood and the marketing industry, and how we respond to it over time as we are increasingly exposed to it.
Phil B Jul 2017
When long commutes and monotonous drives
Define the journeys in our lives,

And being boxed into office hives
Has long since left our souls deprived.

Ask yourself.
Is this living?

When years sat down, in terse duress
Form on our heads deep valleys and crests,

And weekends are for the unfinished mess
Of work still piled high on uncleared desk.

Ask yourself.
Am I alive?
Phil B Jul 2017
At times the waves wash ashore
the fragments of a bygone memory,
little bottles in time, nothing more.

The gentle lull draws me closer,
to tears? maybe a smile or two,
submerged, just like my toes are.

Seaweed and shells, sit on sand,
and much like the present,
soon to drift, to unfamiliar lands.

It's cold in rolled up pants and sleeves,
and there isn't much left to see,
but there didn't need to be,
and so ~ I leave.
Composed at the beach.
Phil B Jun 2017
It's late, and lost thoughts, still running,
Litter their station, these big derailed-trains,
That follow no track, but form a blank stave
To the score of night's wake, and the steady refrains
Of a maestros conduction, 'Allegro! Dawn!'

Minutes and hours pass by like still moments
my eyes still awake in their half/conscious torment
On this medium on which I scribble and write,
These words, quick to mind and quicker to leave
Before making it onto a sheet, still white.

As one becomes two and time swiftly moves,
I sit--still in waiting, attempting to soothe,
Aches of the heart and a throbbing like violence,
the remnants of day, they crash and percuss
and remind me of nights spent lost to the silence.


At last there is peace, a perfect refrain,
Thoughts come to a standstill, in tireless brain,
as words flow like water, a oneness with pen,
the fray has receded, and harmony found
within the last hour, I have found you -
My zen.
Composed, in anguish and ecstasy, under a big fluffy duvet.
Phil B May 2017
In the
City I see;
Bright stripes
And city lights,
Sky high fives
The high rise.
Cars beep on
Busy streets
Tired sleep to
Sluggish beats.
Violent colours
Streak & blur,
Toss and turn as
The night burns.
We bought,
Peace we lost,
Sleep it's cost.
And so I lie in
A world dyed.
N.   E.   O.   N.
Composed on a sleepless night.
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