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ScribeMeAName Apr 2020
Materialism, reject it
Consumerism, constrict it
Minimalism, seek it.

Abandon the crowd, become the laughing stock.
Insults and mockery flow through the flock.
Your freed soul a harsh reminder
that they are chained by desire.

Enter a Stanger, leave a stranger.
Do not dare to even take a sip.
You are one, part and whole.
Complete from outside and within.
In your oneness seek him.
There is so much more to life than just consumption. If you're brave enough search deep inside yourself and you will find the answer.
ScribeMeAName Apr 2020
Inner piece.
Many pieces.
Shattered and scattered.
A broken state of mind.
Don't get too close... You won't like what you find.
ScribeMeAName Feb 2020
Candles are lit.
The family gathered.
The son brought downstairs, eyes covered.

Make a wish my son.
I wish..
I wish, the Russians were gone.

Confused? This is not birthday party.
This is Russian airstrikes dropped down daily.

Syria is my home.
A tyrant on the throne..
I'm not Syrian, but as a human my heart breaks for those in Syria, Yemen and all across the middle east, lives ruined by these wars.
ScribeMeAName Feb 2020
Have you heard the ancient tales? A king summoned his slave, a man old and frail.

I am your King and you are my slave the King announced.
Not true the slave denounced.

How so said the King. I have 7 kingdoms of my own,
and all the people including you, answer to my throne.

Gluttony, greed, lust and pride, you are chained by your desires the slave explained.
Your desires rule over you, but my desires,
I am their master, complete freedom I have attained.

So you see son, I am a king of desire, while it is your master.

I am a King of your King, and you a slave of my slave.

Have you heard the ancient tales? A man old and frail.
Free yourselves from the chains of desire
ScribeMeAName Feb 2020
A thousand nights I would wait for you.
The one, I seek through you.
From him I ask for you.

Patience he says the dawn is near.
Oh lovers, for now, patience your prayer.
Patience he says, till dawn is here.
Every soul has a soulmate written by God.
ScribeMeAName Feb 2020
Speech is cheap.
Silence is gold.
So we are told.

And yet many advice,
But in practice they lie.
Empty words,
Empty minds.

God's language in silence you'll find.
Peace and serenity, for God speaks with sincerity.

Even a fool may seem wise when quiet. For silence is golden. A speech so powerful, it can never be stolen.

— The End —