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That love which once made me feel comely like a petal.
Is now the same love , bruising me with its thorns.
That love!!
Loved you when you were broke
Eased you when you were sore.
Existed through all the infliction
To make you an addiction.

Too solicitous to behold you
Well that’s the path I’ve travelled through.
Endured enough with utmost tolerance
That I Can ever take your absence.
Loved you when you were broke!!
I’m so aroused
By the love of yours.
The love which makes me elated
Every single day I witness you.

I’ve kept you in my heart,
I visualise you in my dreams
As if I’ve endured every bit of it.

No matter how distant or adjacent
You’re to me.
I’ll always be the one
Loving you insanely and unconditionally.
I’m aroused by your love!
Winter is leaving
And the breeze has become lazy
The frost is becoming lukewarm
The winter apparel’s are getting vacated,
The closet is being revived.
The birds are approaching,
To their old habitation.
The bonfires are no more required
To make us warm.
Winter’s leaving!
I look up in the sky
I see a moon
Accompanied with million of stars,
I wonder the sky
Who binds them all.
The moon having
The most pock.
Is still so resplendent.
The stars that flicker
For like a zillion times
We still can’t get our eyes off them.
The most fine looking sky
Changes it colours
For the most often time of the day
Can anyone even miss that splendid time?
The pleasant beauty
They behold
By accompanying each other
Together for like ever.
Such peaceful ambiance it makes
To sit and cerebrate.
A romantic night for the lovers
And an opportunity for the poets.
I look up in the sky.
The night,
Peaceful and calm,
A music in itself,
Moon aglow
Stars flicker.
That’s the
Time to escape
And cerebrate.
The place,
Where the clouds
Meet the mountains
The vista of it ,
To get lost within
Its euphony,
The higher
And higher
It is
The more beauteous
It becomes
Times wrath
To be infrangible
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