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Raven Nov 2020
Building up inside of me, the rage, the hate, the poison, the death.
It’s rummaging inside like a suppression that was locked away for days and days awaiting to emerge beyond the shallow walls itself holds.

I remember my name, it’s written in sin.
It’s written in delinquent edges that I can’t even pin.
It reminds me of the chosen warrior ruling my underworld and gives me a senseless answer as to why I am in this ****** foresaken earth.
To bring a revolution to the blind and to make them see the truth, when in actuality, I try to avoid mine cuz it’s dark, dingy, dangerous, and scary.
Locked in the war of my mind and compromising my thoughts like the animal inside in never going to ****** rest.
I can’t be tamed, I cannot keep holding myself down and letting my devil glue me down.
I need to ****** fly and rage and fight.
Suppression creates thoughts and emotions that I cannot even express.
I don’t open up.
I fear judgement, misunderstanding, miscommunication, people seeing me as a burden when it took everything out of me to tell you that one thing.
It hurts, I refuse to let you step on me and control me.
My parents clearly stated what a ****** inconvenience and burden I am.

THEN WHY THE **** DIDN’T SHE HAVE A ****** ABORTION AFTER THAT USELESS **** ****** THE **** OUTTA HER!!??????!!!!!!!


I didn’t choose to ****** be this way and have all this ****** trauma.
I didn’t choose to live in depression my whole ****** life.
I didn’t choose to have overbearing thoughts that drown so deep it consumes my soul.
You chose to keep me and now you see the mistake you ****** made.
With a man who only cares about himself and his ****** ****!!!

I wanna **** him, I hate him so intensely It creates pain just thinking about it.
I’m so glad he’s out of our lives, but I should’ve killed him when I had the chance.
****** COWARD

I hate it all

Em MacKenzie Apr 2019
Hello ghosts of my old conversations,
I hope you’re doing well, I hope you’re doing swell.
I’ve held off analyzing and questionable relations,
I know it’s hard to tell, I let it drop after it fell.

So pardon me for the pity party,
but life’s put me in my place,
it provided me with it’s greatest gift
and saw me put it all to waste.

While I’ve been battling consciousness,
you can only see a glow in the darkest nights.
So I walk along to escape what I wish to repress,
and continue on with a saga of streetlights.

Hello hauntings of my old meaningless mistakes,
I see you’re standing tall, I see you’ve found your call.
I’m lacking heart and still it yearns and breaks,
I should no longer stall, I’ll think I’ll construct a wall.

And oh how those ellipses, how they cut when they clip me,
I’m feeling blue, falling into you and play it off like I’m tripping.

While I’m picking prisons instead of flowers,
I close my eyes cause I could never set my sights.
I waste the minutes but it feels like hours,
and I’ll continue on with a saga of streetlights.

Life is like an empty box,
no, not a box of chocolates.
Lately I’ve been creating static with my socks,
and sticking silverware into the sockets.
And I went to lock the door
but I couldn’t turn the **** just right,
I froze up just like before
and I clenched my fists too tight.

So while I’m battling different versions of me,
I won’t hope to win, I’m too experienced with fights.
With a broken leg and a notoriously bad knee,
I’ll continue on with this saga of streetlights.
Loved you when you were broke
Eased you when you were sore.
Existed through all the infliction
To make you an addiction.

Too solicitous to behold you
Well that’s the path I’ve travelled through.
Endured enough with utmost tolerance
That I Can ever take your absence.
Loved you when you were broke!!
There's something awfully delightful about the burn as it mutilates perfectly clear skin.
There's something mysteriously incomprehensive about the power this pain has.
It can control ones life, it can ruin another's.
How unfathomable.
Pep Nov 2015
There is an ecosystem of conflict thriving in my brain.
A world with questions for residents and doubts for landscapes.
I’m not sure if I’m actually reaching for answers right now,
although something in my soul aches.
Those landscapes are parched
and turning to deserts under the sun the residents have named:
Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
Stop inflicting your
pains on me,
I didn't ask you
to reside in my body
you did it yourself
so now just
get lost or do
whatever you want,
stop complaining that
I don't pay heed
to your worries; I do
because, I'm
utterly sensitive.
You've induced me
to throw away my
stuff toys as u wanted
me to grow up,
I fed your cravings
all the time, but
you provoked me
more to ****
the child out of me
and I did so,
now please, let
me live.
I want to live
just one more
Victoria Ruth May 2014
My dear I fell in love with you
You always treated me oh so
I would lay my hand gently on your
Burry my head in your shoulder to
Cup your cheeks and kiss your
You always had such everlasting
But since those days the times have
And for drugs my love had been
You started to chase the ultimate
I was left alone in the blink of an
You began to lose everything you
You were an addict, I went absolutely
Nothing more important than your
But all of this time I held on with
That you could some day stop the
You were nothing more to me than an
Of pain, I was broken it was me you
All you were was a crazy drug addict
But I didn’t mind I was blindly in
I’ll admit it’s something I’m not quite
*proud of.
being in love is sweet. no matter how many times the things he does hurt you, you stay blindly.

— The End —