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Feb 2021 · 221
saige Feb 2021
i felt the pain.
i felt the pain as his five fingers clenched as tight as they could.
i felt the pain as a hard fist came at me.
as another broken promise now lays to rest.
my house, never a home, has now come to be a graveyard.
a place of death to all hope that could’ve been.
“i won’t do it again”
“i won’t do it again”
“i promise i won’t”
“i promise”
there is still an impression of his wedding ring on my skin.
love has always shown itself in the strangest ways
Mar 2020 · 80
6 worded confession.
saige Mar 2020
I am in love with you.
Nuff said
Jan 2020 · 67
The times ive died
saige Jan 2020
I died when my mom forgot my birthday.
I died when she made me feel like i didnt matter, and that nobody could ever love me.

I died everytime I saw just how tired my dad was when he got home from work. And how hard he tried to provide for all of us.

I died when the people i cared about the most in my life moved away. And every single one of them left me here to rot. Never once did they actually care, and i dont think they ever will.

I died when i looked in the mirror. Everytime having to be reminded about the way that i look. Being forced to try to accept the fact that i look this way.

I died when they used to hit me and push me to ground because im small.

I died when everyone laughed at me and called me ugly. When they would whisper and stare at me at all times. When even though i could never control these things, they still thought it was funny as hell to laugh at.

I died everytime i drove past my old house. The house that held all the memories of my past happiness. Where i could go to sleep peacefully without crying before. When i could go out into the world without having to put on a fake face

There is so much more. But i just cant right now. Im sorry. Im just so tired.
Its alright, im okay
Jan 2020 · 118
To the person reading this
saige Jan 2020
Hey :)
Go drink some water.
Tell the people close to you that you love them.
Smile more, you really do look great today.
Forget that boy or girl who broke your heart.
You deserve so much happiness in this life, i promise.
Take care of yourself bby
Jan 2020 · 93
Dressed in sunshine
saige Jan 2020
At my funeral I want everyone to wear yellow.
I dont want to have a single person wearing black.
My whole life has been so dark,
Ive been haunted by that depressing color for too long now.
So just this once, please let me have at least a little light.
Oh and there is also going to be a bounce house. All of u are invited.
saige Jan 2020
My hands still shake constantly,
I usually tend to hide them in my pockets.
When your hearts racing, its hard to worry about you hands
Nov 2019 · 80
I have another confession
saige Nov 2019
The truth is that I like you a lot,
and thats really ******* scary for me.
Here for so long I have kept myself away from crushes and love because I am so scared of getting hurt again and its pathetic.
But instead, here I am in your arms as we watch movies and make promises we cant keep.
In actuality my confession is that I dont regret anything from then.
Because at the end of everything, Im still just a stupid girl who us going to fall in love with a romantic boy.
This was written awhile back i just thought i outta share it now
saige Oct 2019
I swear to god if you smile at me like that one more time I will not hesitate to fall in love with you.
I will not hesitate
Oct 2019 · 441
a pep talk
saige Oct 2019
I know my brain isn't perfect.
There are a lot of things about myself that I'm not brave enough to share yet.
And honestly, that's ok.
My grades don't define me, and they don't decide what I'm capable of
I am a different person than I was before, and I have grown so much.
I am me, and that's the best thing I could be. :)
hey, you're ok. Whatever it is that might be gettin you down, it'll pass over eventually. Read this to yourself, being positive can help more than what you think. You got this. I freaking love you.
saige Sep 2019
Hey, text me when you get home safe.
Please dont drink and drive. And always let the people around you know that you love them. Who knows when they might be gone
Sep 2019 · 594
that twisted feeling
saige Sep 2019
I just want you to look at me the way you look at her.
love is a cruel game
Aug 2019 · 1.2k
All it took was 2 days
saige Aug 2019
Here i am,
sitting on my bed, smiling like a dork.
All because of you. :)
Aug 2019 · 162
A confession pt. 2
saige Aug 2019
I still think about you sometimes, my memories with you still sting
Aug 2019 · 1.4k
a story for you.
saige Aug 2019
When I was a wee little 8th grader,
I was so excited for highschool.
I was ready for the next step in life.
But now that Im older, I know that I couldnt have been more wrong.
The summer after that 8th grade year,
I lost everyone I had loved.
Including myself.
I was then thrown into this huge whirlwind of teen agnst and juuls pods.
Im supposedly experiencing the best years of my life.
But how am I supposed to experience life
When by now, Im barely alive?
Life is tough stuff guys
Aug 2019 · 642
saige Aug 2019
Ok, hear me out
I know this is going to sound very silly,
and I'm aware that I'm too old for believing in such childish things.
But what happens if I close my eyes, and
keep them closed in hopes for everything to disappear.
No more stress and anxiety.
No more broken hearts and shattered smiles.
Only icy tears hitting the floor
Just silence.
No more preppy teen ******* or highschool jocks to tell you your ugly
Its just me, in my room
counting my wishes until its 11:12
Jul 2019 · 246
Just a six word story
saige Jul 2019
Mom and dad arent in love.
May 2019 · 988
vsco girl
saige May 2019
I wish that I was a vsco girl.
A perfect bodied 10 who lives next to the beach.
With tanned skin from those endless summers on the family's boat.
Driving in my white Jeep to see my boyfriend.
Only then to come home to my huge house,
to greet my wholesome family.
Oh what a life that would be.
May 2019 · 587
6 words i've been told
saige May 2019
Rate: 5. TBH- You're almost pretty
May 2019 · 532
for you
saige May 2019
I am a candle.
I'm not the best at lighting up a room,
and I melt when I get over heated.
But I would do my best to light the way,
just for you.
But then when you found a flashlight.
A light that a little candle couldn't compare to.
You didn't need me anymore.
So you turned towards me and blew out my flame,
and you left me burned.
May 2019 · 1.3k
6 words i have been told
saige May 2019
I used to really love you
This is going to be a "series" of poems that I will be writing ig

— The End —