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Oct 11 · 27
" My Little Star "
Ryan Joseph Oct 11
twinkle, twinkle my little star
you are beautiful no matter what you are
shining and sparkling every night
and you always give me light

twinkle, twinkle my little star
hoping that you'll not go so far
even if I cannot reach you, my little star
I'll still stare and love you, my little star.
glamorous and sparkling star
Oct 4 · 28
" sweet lies "
Ryan Joseph Oct 4
it started
with a sweet lies
just to make a conversation
and just to put a smile on its face

but it ended so quick
no one knows but her that I am a freak
who would only tell such a lies
but she never knew that it was sweeter than sugar
started with a sweet lies
Sep 27 · 52
"Iffy Feelings"
Ryan Joseph Sep 27
Feelings are iffy
Whether if I tell her or maybe not
But I cannot help it
Even though I may end up suffering.

Playing in the game where I am only alone
There's no one I can lean with but just me alone.
I am a disgusting one yet I keep nurturing myself
And there's even no possibility that I could have her.

I can't have my turn but I won't give up so easily
Albeit I think I am almost done
With this absurdity love of my towards on her
And probably it's a paradoxical thing that I shouldn't even bother.
Ryan Joseph Sep 16
Had a crush on her
Was a friend of her
Her smile always made my day glitter
It even also made my heart quiver

Then happily we graduated
With her glamorous face yet unexpected
Shone in her beautiful dress
The day that took away my stress.

We both then did not saw each other
Even though in social media I could not even bother
Because I am not an ideal one for her
And because I am a mere commoner.

When we saw each other's face again, nonetheless
I just couldn't even bother less
Because I am not in a place to bother her
Especially when now she's happier.

She has changed too much
I couldn't even get a touch
And we just stare at each other but just briefly
Albeit I just can't accept the fact verily.

The fact that we're not even meant to be
But excuse me, did I even made her happy?
Or it's just that I am only trying to be pally?
Or just trying to be a one even though I loved her unrequitedly?
Kinda broke and received an unrequited love.
Ryan Joseph Sep 7
Refrain from seeing first
And wheeze deeply
Do not descend into stupefaction
Because thee were not born to depart thy life.
Do not wish on thy demise.
Aug 25 · 90
" Fools "
Ryan Joseph Aug 25
Slowly by slowly,
People get easily deceived,
Never knew that love isn't even real,
Because they will just leave you hanging.

But I am tired of consulting,
When I was just fragile one,
Who also did fall easily,
And got hurt in the end.
Ryan Joseph Aug 23
It is really hard
to breath
seeing you

I fled
lied in my

I cried
because of
how many times
I've already tried,
I am still tied;
tied in my own absurdity.

I am jester,
a jester who always
even though
deep inside
I am suffering
never love someone who never loves you back, but I still loved her instead.
Aug 22 · 34
" Vague Destiny "
Ryan Joseph Aug 22

Ryan Joseph Aug 22
Too fragile
can't stop the loving self,
even though
may end up
Aug 22 · 43
" Setting you free "
Ryan Joseph Aug 22
I love you, but I will set you free.
Though it seems it is one of the hardest parts in me,
Accepting is the only way to get rid of thee,
Even though I can not accept if you ain't with me.

No one will wipe your tears when you cry,
No one will care and guide you when you are sick,
No one will canoodle you when your lips are dry,
And most crucially, no one will solace you when you are heartsick.

Yes, you are already free,
But I just can't easily forget and flee,
When all of the time I sinned on you; you would forgive me,
Still, this is the path which is both good just for you and me.
you are free
Aug 22 · 34
" My Beloved Friend "
Ryan Joseph Aug 22
'Til we meet again,
My beloved friend,

'Til our next path may meet again,
My beloved friend,

And 'til our next adventure again,
My beloved friend.
Aug 22 · 271
" Lost In The Paradise "
Ryan Joseph Aug 22
Sign of being in love,
is a just like a sign;
of being lost in the paradise;
where there is no one's around
who is ready to help you.
being in love is also a sign of stupidity
Aug 21 · 71
" Reality "
Ryan Joseph Aug 21
I wrote this
because I am inspired,
not that because
I am tired;
of being lied.
Aug 21 · 41
" Degenerated Face "
Ryan Joseph Aug 21
Full of miseries
Tried to run
Because life isn't so fun
But someone tied me into the tree
So I can't flee

I need a plan
I need to get it done
I have to escape
But first, I have to be safe

Found a sharp stick
But I can't even pick
I am gravely wounded
Though it can still be bounded

Be safe
Lie low
But most of all, make sure no one else can see me

I ran after then
I saw a road
There's a light and a noise of a car
Someone's talking

I cried
I am now save
But not so
They were not a human

I ran again (rattled)
Searched for a mirror
But found a glass instead
Took a look and was disgusted

****, I am not a human
What a degenerated face
Looks like a disgrace
But a monstrous creepy face.
i am a ******* yet has a corrupted creepy face
Ryan Joseph Aug 21
I ran away
Made sure that no one can chase my way
I halted
Then I heard a howl
I ran again
My sweat dropped
Then I halted again
Checked around
I saw nothing
I walked
Then I heard a mumbling and gossiping people
My nervousness appeared
I am full of sweat
I closed my eyes
Then I woke up
And snap,
It was just a spine-chilling nightmare.
Aug 17 · 506
"Just A Stranger"
Ryan Joseph Aug 17
Buhay, buhay ko ay simple lamang,
Ngunit noong ika'y dumating,
Pati halos lahat sa buhay ko'y nagbago na,
Patis oras binubuhos at binibigay para sa'yo,
Kahit pawis at pagod at duguan ang kahitnatnan ay ipinagpatuloy parin para lamang 'sayo.

Iba talaga pag mahal mo ang isang tao,
Halos lahat ng mga importanteng bagay ay balewala lang sa'yo;
para lang mapasaya mo ang isang tao.

Buhay ko ay naging masayahin, ngunit ito'y biglaan nang nabigo.

Nabigo ito dahil ikaw ay lumisan man lang ng biglaan at hindi nagpaalam,
Hindi ka nagpaalam dahil wala namang tayo,
At higit sa lahat,
I'm just a stranger on you.
Ryan Joseph Aug 12
Araw-araw nagtatanong sa sarili;
Sino ba ako para magmahal sa'yo?
May karapatan ba akong umagaw sa atens'yon mo?
Bakit ba ako ay nababaliw na sa'yo sobra?
Dahil ba sa'yong tunay na ganda?
Ganda na nakakaakit sa mata at hindi makapakali.

Subalit, bakit ba naman o kay lupit ng tadhana?
Na ipinagtagpo pa tayo,
Kung sa hulihan lang naman ay magsisisi at magdudurusa ng walang nakaka-alam.
Ryan Joseph Aug 12
Isa, dalawa, tatlo
Nakabilang na ako ng tatlo
Ngunit nakatago pa rin ang feelings ko sa'yo

Apat, lima, anim
Kahit anim na ang nabilang ko
Kailangan ko paring itago ito
Upang ako ay hindi pagtatawanan mo

Pito, walo, siyam
Pang siyam na ito
Ngunit ako ay nagduduwag paring umamin sa'yo

Ito ay pang hulihan ko nang bilang
Dahil nag-aaksaya lang naman ako ng oras
Nag-aaksaya ng oras sa bagay na ito
Sa bagay na hindi mo naman kayang pagbigyan
Kasi dahil sa hulihan, kaibigan lang naman tayo;
ay wala palang tayo.
Jul 30 · 76
"Heartless Poet"
Ryan Joseph Jul 30
One person can not become
                                                        a  poet,                  
                         if he will hurt
                the woman's heart
                     only do writes
                                   a poem.
never damage a woman's heart
Jul 25 · 47
Biggest Regret
Ryan Joseph Jul 25
Loving you was my biggest regret,
Knowing that you weren't even concrete,
Even though that I already knew, I bet.
But I am still thinking about you over and over even if it means death.

The fragments of our love and trust,
Has been already turned into a lust,
Lust that made you find another, how unjust,
But ****, hope sooner it will last.

However, you made me feel what is right,
That next time when I love I should choose which is even right to fight,
And I should not let go but hold so tight,
To the someone I really love and so that she will not leave me in a despair yet lonely night.
Ryan Joseph Apr 16
What will become of our Society?
Poor people die in hunger and thirstiness,
Corruption, Rally, Political Issues, etc. are always there,
Our world is full of miseries and nightmare.

Our world in its 21st century is quickly-evolving,
High-precise technologies, lots of concrete, improved skywalks and tall buildings,
But homeless people are dying of hunger,
They famished already yet government just don't care.

Poor people received hunger, diseases, illnesses and unforgivable yet unacceptable deaths of every year,
But we don't know what others there might can't bear,
Of what this country-- the world government gave,
Improper allocation of resources, corruption, unequal distribution of income that we can't evade.

Wishing yet continuously suffering,
Of this kind of nightmare we are having,
But hoping someday this will be cured,
So none of the poor people will suffer anymore.
Jan 27 · 117
What should I do?
Ryan Joseph Jan 27
Every each day and night,
I always struggle myself to fight,
Even in school there's a bitter neither a good life,
But I always got a good friends for me to get hype.

However, not just in school bad things happened,
Even in home my parents always differ,
Which is what and why I can't even comprehend,
Though I get myself always in a corner.

It's just way too exhausting,
I am always weeping but wooing,
Wooing but sometimes went astray,
And I just can't get away.

Sometimes my parents give me more worries,
Despite of encouraging which is one of their responsibilities,
But what should I do?
Should I just slay myself in a meaningless way or pursue?
#lifeless #absurd life #exhausted
Sep 2018 · 114
Life is;
Ryan Joseph Sep 2018
Life is pain,
Life is torture
Life makes me wish I've never been nurtured.
Life is sadness,
Life is fear.
Life is the reason behind all of my tears.
Life is worthless,
As am I.
Aug 2018 · 280
A Heroine Mother
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
She is a woman who I loved the most and I cared first,
She is also a woman who were never been sick of understanding me,
She is a woman who I am proud the most.
I never did regret having such a mother.
A mother who will always caress and care you.
A mother who will never leave in your side.
A mother who will always understands your situation.
A mother who will always mind of what worries you.
A mother who will always protect you no matter what.
A mother who will always struggle even if her life will be lessen.
A mother who will never give up struggling just to feed you.
A mother that who could always makes you proud.
A mother that is too proud of having someone like you.
Even you're having a disease, illness and you are in sickness;
she is always in your side no matter what.
A mother who is always looking for a money just to feed its children.
A mother who will not let you stand in the storm that is raging.
A mother who will care for you when you are sick.
A mother who will always worry being you caught in a sickness or illness.

Such a blessed that a mother that I am having right now.
God, you really are the best. No matter who you are and what you are, God you will always be the best.
Even though that sometimes I get mad of those things that I don't want to happen, still I am thankful.

However, because I love my mother very much. Ma, thank you and I love you once again !
A mother who is always a superhero to you. ♥
Aug 2018 · 126
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Days, Months, and Years had passed by,
Yet I still don't know why,
That I fell in love with you suddenly,
And can't even explain my feelings to you completely.

I always wonder why I'm afraid,
Loving someone I could never have,
Even just in a day or week or so-so that could be paid,
And couldn't make me sob.

I always find guilty to myself,
That why I couldn't have done it before,
When I was conscious to myself,
Although I couldn't make sure.

Feelings that are untold,
Should at least be real,
Than fraud feelings should be told,
And feelings that are compelled.
Aug 2018 · 140
I'm not a poet
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
I'm not a poet,
but I'm just sharing of my thoughts.

I'm not a poet,
but I'm just having a feeling that I can be.

I'm not a poet,
but I know that I can able to give some ideas,

I'm not a poet,
but I am still trying to be.

I'm not a poet,
but I can be someone who I am not yesterday.

I'm not a poet,
but I can paint my love on you.

I'm not a poet,
but I can do express my feelings on you.

And I'm not a poet,
but I can write anything I wanted to do.
I am not a poet.
Aug 2018 · 119
I tried not to.
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
I tried not to, but in the end, I get up.                            

       I tried not to, but in the end, I fought.            

      I tried not to, but in the end, I trusted.

                     I tried not to, but I gave up.          
                                                I tried not to, but I'm pessimistic.

                                                          I tried not to, but I liked.

                                                                               I tried not to, but I fell.
PS : read begin at the lower.
Aug 2018 · 157
If only
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Watching the sunset,
Made me feel how nice it would be,
If I could able to pet it,
The beautiful dusk yet shiny.

Watching the horizon,
Made me feel that I could touch it,
But it would be only in my imagination,
The beautiful field of the lit.

Watching the moon,
Made me feel that it's following me,
Because everywhere I go, it's always above on me,
The beautiful eclipse of the moon; looks like a cocoon.

After watching all the scenery of the beautiful nature,
Thinking that there is something missing that I needed to capture,
But in enable for me again to venture,
I came out in my house and watch of the sun's full aperture.

Watching the sun,
Made me feel that like I'm having a fun,
Though whilst watching the sun, also made me think;
That if only how lovely and dazzling our could be without a blink.
beautiful natures.
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
                ­                Babyhood
                                             Early Childhood
                                                       ­  Middle Childhood
                                                       ­                        Puberty
                                                         ­                            Adolescence
                                                                ­                                   Maturity
                                                        ­                                                    Old
         ­                                                                 ­                                        Die
human's development
Aug 2018 · 134
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Don't look down yourself,
so no one will judge you.

Don't compare yourself to others,
because you were amazing more than them.

Don't be sad,
just be optimistic.

Don't always say you're wrong,
'cause we've never been a perfect one,

Imperfections were made in this world yet we continue to struggle and pursue living for our loved ones.
stop being so pessmistic
Aug 2018 · 799
Truth will always prevail.
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Yesterday, I saw someone got caught,
So it gives me of some feeling and thought,
That he were either drug addict or drunk,
But his face was a bit red, so it means he is drunk.

After a while, I came and I were near,
So I asked someone I knew, about what happened,
Then when he answered, there are someone crying full of tears,
Hollering, Depressed, yet the drunkard is regretting in his end.

Although after a few minutes, there is someone he knew came to him,
So I was curious what kind of relationship they were having,
Then someone talked that she is a sister on him,
And instead she would be mad but she was crying with its baby carrying.

Moreover, someone also I knew asked what were the reason he got caught,
So a civilian answered that because he was selling an illegal drugs called 'shabu' ,
Carrying plenty of money with some of a disastrous thoughts,
And when an hour came, a police asked and came through.

People were talking to each other, themselves, having a gossip and making an irrelevant information,
Without even knowing that people who are innocent are being involved,
Without even knowing that the drug pusher wasn't having a full intention,
Of selling an illegal drugs on which he resolved.

The truth nowadays, innocence is implicated,
a crime and simply a sin,
yet it wasn't even validated,
that an innocence would be a crime and thoroughly a sin.

Insatiable human being are foolish,
Taking a validated stuff just to satisfy themselves;
Must they just stay being upright and unselfish,
Instead of being so arrogant and being pessimistic towards themselves.
Because after all, the truth will always prevail.
Say no to drugs, stop being so down.
Aug 2018 · 98
A feeling
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
A feeling that don't want us to tell them,
A feeling that don't want us to hurt them,
A feeling that don't want to be apart on them,
A feeling that it's hard to accept without them,
A feeling that you're going to be lonely without them,
And a feeling that you don't want to be in a dim.

Although, none knows that they already knew,
That you already did hurt someone you knew,
That you are already apart with someone you knew,
That you are already suffering yet accepting without them,
That you are already in your room, bearing with your loneliness,
That you are already in your room, having to face the darkness.
Aug 2018 · 409
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
It's an another day.
I'm still breathing.
I'm alive.
I'm blessed.
I'm humble.
I'm thankful.
I'm safe.
God is really good all the time.
God is really great all the time.

No wonder why I am still kicking and alive;
it's because of God's presence that made me want to live;
Hope that people realized that God wouldn't want them to be an evil but a virtuous.
GOD is good all the time.
Aug 2018 · 93
The Truth
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
The truth is; innocence is now a crime,
Ignorance is bullied now a times,
Liberation is a new thing,
Posting and loving themselves is the new trend,
Lurking in the shadow of popularity.

While people misunderstand,
The need of a filthy hand,
Ask for kindness, yet denied,
Suffering and ending in pain,
In the world not counting them in.

Money is everything ,
Economy is rising,
Beauty of nature is vanishing,
Buildings are gigantic,
forgetting what is given.
innocence nowadays is a crime as well?
Aug 2018 · 92
A mere dream.
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Each day and every night
I always think if I'm even right,
That loving someone in reality is real,
Or maybe just in fairy tale.

Particle between of our love and care,
Had never given a thought if it is near,
But even though that it is distant,
I will still always think that it's never been an important.

If love is really an intimacy,
Can it still be called genuine or maybe just a fantasy?
But some people only do love to have an odyssey,
Or perhaps there is a reason which is you are guilty.

Moreover, if you only see me being friendly,
Then I'll accept it thoroughly,
Even though that there's no us,
But my love will still not turn into rust but remain just.

Perhaps you don't love me,
Still I will love you deeply,
Subsequently, I had never knew,
That I was only dreaming about you.
Perhaps you're dreaming, but it's real.
Aug 2018 · 99
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
It is still a mystery,
Why others fall in love,
Even in a gibberish reason,
Even there's "someone", they already have.

Knowing it's an unforgivable sin,
And a foolish way I have been,
To fall in love for that someone,
Who already has a number one.

I would not rather be a number two,
I'm not desperate breaking them too,
I'd rather bear of all the pain,
In front of someone than looking insane.

I'd rather have all the sacrifices,
Knowing that you are not loveless,
But it's not my fault letting you be,
A hiding hypocrite on him 'cause you fell in love with me.

The incite in your eyes, you tried to hide,
I've just ignored and kept it inside,
'Cause I'm strong and I know it's wrong,
It's patent, we just don't belong.

How can we make it right?
When at first it's all wrong?
I want to fight for our love,
But I have no reason to hold on.
It may be sad and it hurts but IDC.
Aug 2018 · 659
Don't Concern Yourself
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
I was suppose to choose you,
But hereafter, you declined,
My oozing heart turned into blue,
Affliction tortured my mind.

Demented, like an altered bamboo,
Drifted in the wind, I fall apart,
Oh girl, I'm just missin' you,
It's no use, for he regained your heart.

You said you love me,
Yes, you definitely did,
So where's that guarantee?
Do I have to plead?

If you did love me,
Then you won't have to test my faith,
This made me hate thee,
And you didn't mind and deviate.

We're gone our separate ways,
Detached with each other's lives,
Goodbye, this bidding I must face,
Until the pain in me subsides.

I was supposed to choose you,
But hereafter, you declined,
And "BANG", consciousness blew,
She suddenly snapped backed into my mind.
Faith is just a word, so it needs to be proved.
Aug 2018 · 98
Now and Before
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
There are too many changes,
But when you think it's way too vague,
Before and now are not the same,
In my opinion and on the other people.

Before, if the hands were grasped, church is the destination,
Now, myriad of expenses to make the woman yours,
Before, if there is an assignment, the eyes were only in the library,
Now, used are technologies, you can rest and chill, you already got an answer,

Before, when it's about courting, it's through serenade,
Now, when a man is courting, a woman is already pregnant,
Before, plenty of women looked like Maria Clara,
Now, plenty of women already liberated.

The changes that are unavoidable,
Because these are already had happened,
This poem describes,
About before and now's uniqueness.
Now and Before's changes
Aug 2018 · 1.4k
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
You are the type of a naughty one,
And I were the one who easily gets annoyed,
My heart and mind always made me upset,
That how does destiny united us.

Every day you always bother me,
Even in the text, you were so cruel,
And Because of the magic you used,
I felt like I’m in heaven.

In me, you were always paying attention,
Even none didn’t bother you,
You always came to me,
What should I do?

That what If I might fall to you?
Will you watch me?
Will you love me?
Will you stay with me everlasting?
Will you say I’m enough?
Will you say ‘I love you’?

I always look up in the sky,
When I’m having a problem,
And when I look up,
I always remember your smile,
And the way you smile,
Makes my whole world melt and fade for a while.

However, I tried to forget you,
But really I can't do it,
Because in my heart and mind; it already chose you,
Especially when I realized that I have already loved you.
A reticent one who never told  its feelings
Aug 2018 · 99
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
In the breeze and cold day of night,
I had a though that I needed to fight,
That even though you already found someone,
Still I needed to think to be a kind one.

A kind one who is not even afraid,
To let his own feelings not to invade,
Of someone’s nice but-low quality liaison,
But it doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of taking an action.

Moreover, after how many days,
My absurdity paid me and made me says,
That I had wasted all the things and time,
Of giving an efforts even most of it are crime.

Well yeah, I did investigate,
You two fought and you cried,
And  I saw you were left behind in the gate,
Therein, I started to think that you were really my fate and soul mate.
Just don't mind
Aug 2018 · 25.3k
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Millennial is what called in this generation,
Everywhere here and there,
There are always youths who really never care,
And never been worried about their future.

In Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Messenger,
Are contents of follower, liker, reader and including seener,
Loitering and using fake accounts just to gain a wholesome money,
Even though that it is notorious, they still embark their blunt journey.

Most millennials are undisputedly addicted to social media,
Their lives depends on likes they are going to gain,
They don't care if their faces might be inside of multi-media,
And they don't even care if it will give them a pain.

Some truly go beyond their limits just to have a lot of likes,
Perhaps they are fame *****, but they don't care if someone strikes,
Strikes every part of their body including their faces and such,
Yet they don't care if it will hurt them too much.

However, seeking attention in the cyber world isn't a good thing,
Instead they should focus on things that are essentially free like a king,
Because in this generation, too many people are unaware and careless,
And some they didn't even noticed that our environment is already full of fraud either hypocrite and genuine people are less.
millennial nowadays
Aug 2018 · 114
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Love is hard to compare,
Within two things; bear or surrender,
But never said that it's unfair,
That even you don't like me, I don't care.

Should I tell myself to stay?
Or should I better tell myself to go away?
But I don't know what to do anymore,
That I should leave you or better nurture

Thinking of you made my dreams filled,
But ****, you're so fully-skilled,
Making my heart easily race,
Even though that you are in a distant place.

Moreover, why are you so stubborn?
Can't you please let me have my turn?
Which is only staring and playing with you that I am hoping for,
I don't care if it might only today or forevermore.

Although that I had confessed my feelings to you,
Why did you suddenly skew?
When you didn't answer me properly and purely,
That is; if you prefer to be with me.

People are certainly right,
That it is futile to fight,
Because in the end, no one will even stay,
They are just going to leave us in an obnoxious yet painful way.
love is hard
Aug 2018 · 87
Don't promise
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Don't promise, so that no one will suffer.
Don't promise, so that no one will regret.
Don't promise, so that no one will be abandoned.
Don't promise, if you are not even too sure.

Don't promise, if you are only good at talking.
Don't promise, if can't you even do it.
Don't promise, if you're not really interested.
Don't promise, if you don't even know how to fulfill it.

Don't promise, if it will only come into nothing.
Don't promise, if you can't keep it.
Don't promise, if you're not confident.
And lastly, don't even promise if you already knew that between the two of you don't even exist in the beginning.
promises are meant to be broken.
Aug 2018 · 104
"After how many years"
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
After how many years I've been trying,
I'm still here standing and fighting,
And when I'm seeing you clearly,
It makes my heart thump vividly.

Also, my ambition and inspiration in life,
Is to love and adore you but not in strife,
But in a serious and thorough way,
Like there's no tomorrow and yesterday.

Even though you don't love and care me much,
I will still attempt to be the one and be a nonesuch,
The one who will calm you and cherish,
And will never ever relinquish.
Aug 2018 · 178
The Chosen One
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
In every time I see you,
My heart is full of twitter,
When you smile it makes me feel better,
Your love and care is a memory to remember,
Even now, we are still not meant to be together,
Though I accept it; but not in forever.

I loved you since then,
Not only in your real beauty,
But I loved because you're kind,
And I had only experienced it to you,
Hope you'll believe on me, my love,
That my heart; only belongs to you.

You are the only content of my heart and mind,
I offer this; my love to you,
You have to listen to this heartbeat,
And hope you'll accept my love,
That I only offer it to you,
And I always pray that hopelessly, you'll be the chosen one.
chosenone  #lovehurts
Aug 2018 · 108
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Life has too many ways of making things right,
Like even in a few days of night,
I think of you like I am deeply in love,
But I don't know if it is love or insincere love.

Moreover, what if loving you is vain?
But if you're going to be in pain,
I'll be taking it away as your mate,
Yet hoping if it is destiny either fate.

A fragment between of love and fate,
That filled of greatness and fame,
Was never decided deftly,
And never been analyze deeply.

Subsequently, I never knew,
That sometimes I felt that it's too new,
To love someone bravely and deeply,
But never gave it a thought primitively.

And guess what ?

It's really never been an actual intimacy,
Although it hurts me actually,
That loving you is never been a true gain.
Yet only causes me a pain.
Aug 2018 · 320
Undecided Love
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
In the cold days of nights,
Thinking of some things that are perhaps right,
But I don't know if I should have to fight,
Just to make things fine and right.

Placidly and deeply,
Thinking things toughly,
That there's even between you and me,
Even though you're not in love with me.

Fragments beneath of our destiny and love,
Had never decided deftly,
And never been shoved,
Because of my absurdity.

Nevertheless, what's the point,
If we're even not meant to be,
And never been destined,
Because I was way too frightened.

Frightened but I had fought enough,
Just to make my love to you tough,
Although, my intimacy to you was just a waste,
And never been meant to be praised.
Also, it has never decided.
PS : nvm about bla bla

— The End —