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Lara P Sep 15
You left your scent on my pillow
It makes me miss you
And imagine you next to me
All the same

I guess you could say
My imagination is quite wild
But so is my heart

I'll imagine holding you in
My arms tonight, while
You sleep in your own bed
And I hope you'll do the same
It's nights like these that I miss having you in my bed in the night the most, even though we share almost every day together.
Lara P May 5
I wanted to tell you
How your smile is brighter
Than the sun itself

I wanted to tell you
How your eyes are golden
But more valuable than gold

I wanted to tell you
How your hands are rough
But have a soft touch

I wanted to tell you
How your hair is wild
Just like your spirit

I wanted to tell you
How your lips are softer
Than anything I've ever touched

I wanted to tell you
How your body is perfect
Like an ancient Roman sculpture

I wanted to tell you
How your laugh is better
Than my favourite song

I wanted to tell you
How your hug
Feels like home

But I keep it all
To a simple
I love you

Because that's easier
Than saying that I love
Everything about you
Lara P Feb 26
I have always been a lot to handle;
I feel too much, talk too much.
My sensitivity is my weakness
And my strenght.

I can feel the Earth moving
Under my feet,
I can hear the wind praying,
And the song of the sea.

And the forests, they call me
To explore them all.
But I'm in the city,
So how can I hear their voice?

There is so much to me,
From loud laughter to excessive talks,
From quiet nights filled with thinking,
All the way to stupid jokes.

A storm rages inside my head,
Ready to sink all the ships
To the bottom of the sea,
So please be a submarine.

Explore my depths, love them all,
For no one else was brave enough
To stay and try to tame my soul.
I think you will be the first to know

The real me.
I don't trust people easily, but you? Oh, I trust you completely, and it scares me. So I will show you my entire self, and you decide if you'll still want to kiss my lips and hold me close.
  Aug 2018 Lara P
Druzzayne Rika
No one is willing to listen
and so I write
Lara P Jul 2018
If I die today, do not weep,
For I am just in a peaceful sleep.

If I die today, don't be sad.
Instead, at me just be mad.

If I die today, please forget me,
Leave the memory of me be.

Because I'm not worthy.
I'm helpless.
A lost cause.

So, if I die today, just leave me
To rot in the ground under a tree.
Lara P Jul 2018
Hey, you.

Yes, you in the mirror, looking at me.

Wipe your tears.

Look up.

See those beautiful eyes?
They lit up when you talk about the things you love.

See those lips?
They move so beautifully when you smile.

See that nose?
It's really cute when it wrinkles in the moments of repressed laughter.

See those arms?
Yeah, they might be full of scars.
But they held you when no one else did.

See those legs?
They might be weak, but they still got you up every time you were down.

So, brighten up.

Stop hating me.
Stop hating yourself.

You're beautiful, inside and out.

So let me love you.

Let me love you the way I love others;
With my whole heart.
You don't hate yourself, but you hate the way some situations in your life made you. Well, stop. Be there for yourself. Because, you're the centre of your own universe.
  Jun 2018 Lara P
Lillian May
Be gentle with us.
or not
it's your call
but keep in mind that we as poets
we feel too strong
which is not to say that that is wrong
we don't ease into love, we quickly fall
we love like we're dying
we live like we're small
but in our minds.
in our minds we are flying

we feel everything at once
you wouldn't think it by looking
looking at our normal fronts
a disguise, a charade
but prey don't believe a masquerade
a poet can be but anyone
existing silently
a poet can be but everyone
existing violently
we all make up stories
we're all acting to a degree
so things aren't so different
no not so different you and me

we notice the quirks
we notice the nothings
if you meet a poet then you should believe
you should know that we
we love what we see
and appreciate all forms of beauty
for to us imperfect is lovely
perfect doesn't exist
we have those markings on our wrist
of all the awful places we've been to we kissed
we've kissed the devil when we went
to hell and back again

so now that you have been informed
that a poets heart is easily scorned
knowing we feel deeply
knowing we feel more
more than we really should I've warned
we don't just love a person when we fall
we love their whole world
we love it all
and when we're hurt it is hard to trust
and thus
Be gentle with us.
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