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Feb 26
I have always been a lot to handle;
I feel too much, talk too much.
My sensitivity is my weakness
And my strenght.

I can feel the Earth moving
Under my feet,
I can hear the wind praying,
And the song of the sea.

And the forests, they call me
To explore them all.
But I'm in the city,
So how can I hear their voice?

There is so much to me,
From loud laughter to excessive talks,
From quiet nights filled with thinking,
All the way to stupid jokes.

A storm rages inside my head,
Ready to sink all the ships
To the bottom of the sea,
So please be a submarine.

Explore my depths, love them all,
For no one else was brave enough
To stay and try to tame my soul.
I think you will be the first to know

The real me.
I don't trust people easily, but you? Oh, I trust you completely, and it scares me. So I will show you my entire self, and you decide if you'll still want to kiss my lips and hold me close.
Lara P
Written by
Lara P  18/Cisgender Female
(18/Cisgender Female)   
     Fawn and Lara P
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