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There's a colonel in most every town
And chicken he does know
But the youth of today are not finger licking
They're licking of the toads

When they run out of their drugs
They must run out of their minds
When the toad lickers come a licking
Best to run and hide

Yes, they've found a brand new high
When their *** is running low
The poppy fields have all run dry
And the cow patty mushroom is no mo

The city kids head to the swamps
Just hopping at the thrill
Grabbing at amphibians
And licking them at will

With every tantalizing lick
Trippy little colors do they see
Pass around the froggy
For another lick if you please

But who am I to judge
As crazy as it looks
Could it be as bad as crack
With one lick and you're hooked

I have this nagging question though
That bothers me to this day
Who was the first to lick the toad
And say this taste okay
 May 28 GraciexJones
The walls will talk to you when everyone’s asleep.
Some might whisper sweet things in your ears, while others will scream your fears.
It’s up to your psyche who you want to believe,
but we must keep this between you and me.
The others will think you’re crazy,
and mad,
but it’s out job to show them the fun to be had.
Late at night or in the middle of the day,
let’s sneak inside one’s lonely brain.
A lonely brain is like an empty canvas,
whatever is let in leaves a trail of sadness.
It twists and snaps till the brain is tore
making you think….
There. Is. No. More.
These eyes of yours,
Coaxing me into warmth.
You gather around me,
Like moss on the bark of an old oak.
Palms pressed against the trunk of me,
You seal the gaps in my fractured heart.
 Dec 2018 GraciexJones
Kara Jean
Perception is a sickness we conceive.
Letting people control our reactions.
Changing our level of satisfaction.
There is choices in every emotion we produce.
Being offended is a feeling we have comitted.
What you say or do has no effect on my rationality.
Unless, I let your insecurities influence how I carry my body.
Addressing our contaminations helps open our eyes.
No longer being victimized by the lies others drown us in.
We can make the decision to keep opposition or let it roll down like rain.
Having positivity in all is an unlikely belief.
However doesn't mean it can not be studied.
Self control, dedication and confidence is the mixture you need.
Do not wallow in self inflicted misery.
All it takes is you to make a change.
There is no other reasoning it really is simplicity.
 Dec 2018 GraciexJones
Just a cut
just a scratch
what’s that mark
it was just the cat
just an excuse
just another lie
what’s with the bracelets
just fashion why?
just a tear
just a scream
why were you crying
just a bad dream
But it’s not just a cut
or a tear
or a scream
it’s just one more
until it’s not
until you die
 Dec 2018 GraciexJones
and just like the sun,

i’ll rise.
Take me to the night where we could see each other's hearts,
Building stories and
Precious memories,
Making fun of heartbreaks.

Take me to the night where we are under the stars,
Telling us that we are young and in love,
With the cold breeze that whispers,
Take the risk and make it worthwhile.

Take me to that night and unveil our flaws,
Make our own universe
Vivid and recklessly
Take me, eternally.
To my future companion ❤️
 Dec 2018 GraciexJones
The Dybbuk
You don't want me to move on.
Your wish is my command I suppose,
Because I can't love anyone but you.
Not my family,
Not my friends,
Not them.
Not myself.
I suppose you could say my tether to other people,
The bands of attention that allow humans to interact,
Like people that is,
are broken.
My heart is broken.
My mind is broken.
We are broken.
And I am broken.
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