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 Nov 2021 Merlie T
Peter J
I know where you live
You live at the end of the sea.
All the way to uncharted waters
And undreamt shores
Then I who is of this colour.
Circles you count from a solitary pebble.
I who wave after wave surrendered to your insatiable Jade
He who waited to be mounted in patient stillness an uncalming beast.
I know where you live.
You live at the end of the sea.
I haven’t been on here for a while.
I’m sat out on the patio listen to the October leaves rustling in the breeze and a warm sun belies this cold air.
Just thought of someone and here I am at the other end of the sea. Ar lan y Môr x
She takes
My hands I
And hold her
So tight but
Sadly she's died in
My arms tonight.
Your sitting on my lap
With my arms wrapped
Around you keeping you
Warm safe and always loved
Cherishing you night and day
Kissing you softly today and
Kiss your gentle lips and hold
You so tight and I'll listen to you
Inside my heart every day and
Every night and we'll always be
Together we'll grow old loving
Each other forever.
Lover's ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘
On a clear day
Where eggs lay
And apples fall from trees
By a cold spring
Near where deer play
A melancholy breeze
In the tall grass
There’s a deep thirst
For the finer things
Lavish and luxurious
Ornate purple royalty of kings
 Jul 2021 Merlie T
 Jul 2021 Merlie T
She insist that you look
through her eye's of sight!
Down dim lit corridors
where mazes take flights

I love the smells that surround her
the fragrance of higher expectation
She wears a crown of flowers
in her kingdom of anticipation

She always smile at me
I like staring up at her ceiling
knowing the sky behind
is wider than any thought or feeling

I wish she could see through my eyes
past the ceiling's of those belief  
but enlightenment needs a back burner
while the passion’s of life are released
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