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Merlie T Nov 2021
The sky cries
While the sun shines behind
Is it you up in Heaven
Grieving us so?
Merlie T Nov 2021
The sky is crying
Gentle tears
While a song of sorrow
Sorrow and yearning
Sings from my spirit
Merlie T Oct 2021
To run as children
Joyous laughs
Fields of green
Surrounded by trees

To slap so vile
Rage and rage and rage

To love and know so deeply
A world only we know
A bond only we hold

Everything in me
Is also in you
To share so much of who we are
How can that be separated?
Merlie T Oct 2021
I lift my head up from the bow
A risk to take just yet
Iron caves have rusted
Surround and keep me warm
To leave here now frightens me so
But to stay will do the same
Years and year so dream to return
Forever I sorley yearn
To speak you and to find you
Is the only vision I can see
Your hand reached out to mine
So calmly and serene
To step over that threshold
Into the safety of always
Where we dance in memories past
Laugh as we always have
Merlie T Oct 2021
One thing I never expected from this world
was to lose you
A constant and an always
With you gone I'm not so sure that I am here
Not all of me at least
I've never wished to return to the past
Now it's all I could ever dream
Cruel joke to have the memories, but no you
We will miss you for the rest of time
All the love you had to leave behind..
I'm so sorry
I love you so much
Merlie T Oct 2021
The hot lump
To my chest
As I miss you
Merlie T Oct 2021
I feel her spirit in the air
I see her in the light reflected against the trees
In the curvature of the shadow of a leaf
The wind I breathe carries her into me
Now a part of everything
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