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A world away
bridged by a page
only as strong
as the weakest ink
 Jul 8 Mind Matterer
It's hard to think about my future,
When I'm trapped in my past,
Screaming for some freedom,
But no-one can help me,
I am the one with the keys.
Are you there?

Did I write this?
Do I care?

My brain is gone
and I don’t know where

My creative spark
My unique flare

Are you there?
 Jul 8 Mind Matterer
Dear lovely
Poet, Poetess,

Words & papers
That belongs to you,

Ink & pen
That's made for you,

You write what you love
We read what you write,

Your experience writes
& our love reads,

You are born a consolidator
To all broken souls here,

Miraculous is you
& Miracle are your words,

Go On with your fabulous fingertips that inks
Countless inspirational papers
Even when pen doesn't ink..

Fathima Ruhee
 Jun 23 Mind Matterer
If clouds were always silvery white,
and sorrow were pretend

If every pursuit aligned with what was planned

If struggle were mere fiction, or simply undefined

How would we not also leave true happiness behind?

If everything were beautiful,
then what would beauty be?

Would we know that we were blind if we could never see?

The perfect dusk will wait for you until you've closed your eyes

But if each new day is empty, then what good is paradise?
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 Jun 23 Mind Matterer
What is your limit?
Scratching my skin.
What is your limit?
Drowning my head.
What is your limit?
Cutting my soul.
What is your limit?
What is your limit?
 Jun 23 Mind Matterer
I'm not afraid anymore
Ever since you told me
It is not weak to cry
Something opened up
Inside of me
A void finally
Touched by light
Miss you.
 Jun 12 Mind Matterer
i watch the ink run down my arm
the pen, writing the feelings
i could never explain with words;
sitting on my bathroom floor
never led to anything
but unwanted art
pain isn't worth unwanted art
 Jun 12 Mind Matterer
Wherever you are
I don't want to see you
Hands in the rain
Grasping an umbrella
Long fallen to your side
Your hair's wet
But you know that

Staying at home
Your coffee is cold
Mixing up the sugar
Won't bring it all back
Biting your lip
For the avoidance in the eyes
Of your own reflection

Tears well up
Let them fall down
Mourn the grave
That you made
Let yourself be sad
I love you so much
But I'm not coming back
I used to be angry, but I'm okay with this now. Let go.
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