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Lillith Oct 2019
What does it mean?
Is it just Halloween?
Welcome the dark,
Not the evil,
Welcome the seasons,
And be peaceful,
Dress up and play pretend,
Join together,
in a song that never ends,
Celebrate with me,
In a night filled with glee,
From now to tommorow,
Happy Samhain!
Happy Samhain Guys!!
Or Halloween!
Whichever you prefer
Have a nice night!
  Oct 2019 Lillith
Courtney O
Love is the biggest risk we run
But like the air, if we do not breathe
we die
Love is the only thing that will save us
from the cold fire
Love is scary - you are shaking in fear
at the sight of thirsty fullness
at the sight of Everything

The heart is wide
and big and wild!
You can't put doors to it
You can't tame its force
And that's the best
and that's the worse
But you can cut out the weeds
stopping its growth
You have to live with this Godly curse
Love is the thing, dear
But not the Word
Lillith Oct 2019
I'm me,
And I wish
I wish
You could be smart enough,
To just grasp a single part of this,
But call me whatever you want,
You can't change me,
But I wish you,
Yes you,
Would pay more attention,
To your actions,
And how they affect others,
It's true,
Be Mindful,
Very mindful,
And if you still don't like me,
It's simple really,
Don't get why it's hard for you,
You must be really bored huh?
I don't know if it's good,
Just a rant I guess....
Lillith Oct 2019
A little girl once said to me

" You say your fine, but your eyes

make you look dead inside. "

And then I got scared,

Thinking she new what was wrong,

But then I remembered to lie,

And all my problems were gone.
This is a true story.
  Oct 2019 Lillith
They’ll paint pictures of you without knowing your true colors.
I’ve dealt with this my whole life but it’s never effected me like it has now.
No matter what, I feel like I will always be misunderstood/misjudged/mislabeled.
Sorry this isn’t even poetry.
  Oct 2019 Lillith
your eyes still look familiar
but the looks they give me now are foreign
Lillith Oct 2019
I always feel down,

Tryina' sound it out,

I'm Forming the words,

Got to shape it out,

Trying to carve my path,

I see one sliver of doubt,

 I can't find that one thing,

That one thing,

That fire I see,

Wishing I'd just figure out,

how to let it flow!

I just need an outlet

Somthing to show me I'm not alone.
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