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 Apr 2021 Matadi
Do you ever read something you wrote when you were little and you just really wanna die a little because you were so cheesy?

Me at age 11: " I am a sea of feelings. I am an emocean."
Once I was 11 years old......
 Apr 2019 Matadi
Morgan Mercury
Look at yourself,
you're drained empty.
You'll never forget it
have you even tried?
You've gone and thrown yourself into the arms of someone who isn't strong enough to keep you up.
Did he make your head spin faster?
Did he make your heart beat faster?
On nights staying up wondering if he loves you I hope you someday find yourself instead.
Love is so sick when you can't see reality.
Notice he speaks your name with lack of passion.
See how his eyes can never match up with yours.
Do you even know where all this began?
It's making me sick, love
seeing you stumble home
on nights of loveless love, he never gave you.
Sweetheart, what have you got yourself into?
Do not follow his voice it's only making you settle more.
Please just admit that you've broken your own self this time around.
After all, he has put you through
how can you even still call him lover?
 Apr 2019 Matadi
Heart Of Water
 Apr 2019 Matadi
Fluid and soft
she will slip through your hands
like water

meant not to fill you,
but to help you grow.

She is not your rock
in a hard place

She is a tidal wave
that breaks at the receding.

She is not the light
That calls you close

But the warmth
That keeps
You at ends
With life
 Apr 2019 Matadi
 Apr 2019 Matadi
can hearts be heavy like
the bags under my eyes,
or is my
illusion of gratitude
just stronger than
my effort to stay awake
im so tired i hate working and i hate being alone***, and now i have to write more for class ugh ****
 Aug 2018 Matadi
Salmabanu Hatim
She cried her eyes out
to show her hurt,
Whilst I hid my hurt
behind a sweet smile.
 Aug 2018 Matadi
Salmabanu Hatim
Try to fit
your life
into your dreams
 Aug 2018 Matadi
to the one I love to forget...
I apologize for my constant rejection
u been longing for my affection
misleading ur heart in a different direction
for quite some time now the false promises and fake smiles I constantly feed you spreads through your mind like a blissful infection
the ****** poetry I sinfully spit at u leaves u standing firm and tall the greatest lover i am let me ease your *******
I love it when u begg  get on your knees is always my reply , time for me to see what that tounge do inspection
oh so you wanna be my love slave is my detection......
let me stop here I go again misleading u in the wrong direction
I don’t know why when u look at me u see endless perfection
when all I can offer u is endless rejection
I’m not  willing to let my future king of the past get the wrong impression
so I hide ur love for me as the unseen discretion
u really think I love you... sorry u mean nothing my smile must’ve caused that deception
before u became attached  I tried to let u go cause my love I know will leave u in a 2 year world of depression
I know that it will be because of me u look at women funny u get the wrong impression
look all I know is that I need to admit my wrongs in order to receive true redemption
and also I hope that my apologetic poetry will help cure those late nights that u spend consumed with depression  
I guess this is how it’s supposed to go
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