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Lily Sep 24
I have a friend who tells me
that nothing
no one
and no love
is unconditional.

He’s beaming and bright, and light like soft rain;
but sometimes I look at him
and it hurts.

I have a friend who speaks softly
to my hard of heart,
who cracks me up and open.
I have a friend who keeps me strong.

I have a friend for whom I love
even in times when I have none;

He’s not the love of my life but so often the light.
Lily Sep 18
I think I was in love with you. I’m sorry to say it so late, but I’m afraid now the only thing standing between me and that feeling is time.

With so much life spent
between the lines of you and I;
once merged together and diverged,
down separate roads in time;
to never come so close again.

There’s too much between us now,
and it’s more than we could imagine as one.

Instead, we tread down separate paths,
living lives bigger than love.

I can’t imagine we’ll meet again,
but I feel you with me always;
as I did before we met

& don’t know where you are in life,
but I will always feel you in time; like two moving points on parallel lines.

“I can’t follow you to the ends of the earth but I promise I will always be right beside you”.
Lily May 30
What a beautiful thing it is,
to recognize yourself.

What a beautiful triumph,
to feel yourself come back into bloom.

Little by little,
as comes a season of warmth.

I’ll miss you again
but I’m so glad you’re here.
For anyone who struggles with seasonal depression, or is a sensitive flower like myself. The sun will rise for you. Patience.
Lily Apr 17
To the one that got away,
the one that changed my heart.

I no longer look to love
the way I look to the stars

But to the sea;
forever beautiful and never the same.
Lily Apr 9
Today I felt so attached to you
I couldn't get your smell off my skin
or your warmth off my mind

Leaving you this morning was the most unfortunate thing

To unwrap myself from you
and hop out of your bed to face the morning alone

And tonight is lonelier because I shame myself for the affection I crave.

It’s not everything but
You can surely see by the way I give myself to you so trustingly, lovingly
So completely.

I just want to sink so deeply into you that the world doesn't touch me for a while

I just want to fall asleep in your arms and tell you I love you in my dreams over and over again until those words lose meaning
and we forget how we got here
Lily Apr 7
I love you so much that Im afraid I can’t ever speak to you again
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