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Matadi Apr 2021
Pull out my chair,Open my doors
Hold me close when i am so cold
Wipe my tears, show me you care
Love me tenderly when i feel that noone is there

Bring home the bacon , to make sure we are fed
Never be mad when we go to bed
My besfriend and lover
with all this weight tell me i need no cover
And let’s misbehave
Matadi Apr 2021
i am my own enemy
stared in the mirror as i poke at every visible flaw imaginable.
Matadi Apr 2021
unknown desires
I want more of what I dont see or feel
I yearn for a love I’ve never felt
Happiness, I’ve never dealt
Matadi Apr 2021
Your wifey she said
The kind I’d come home to every day
Work hard for ,give my check to ,just so you’re okay
Yea you’re independent,just have my baby
You cook good meals ,just like a lady
Well the way my lady should be
You hold your head high like the queen bee
But see   You ain’t ready for me

Imma **** boy
Play with your heart like a toy boy
Like a guitar with no strings
******* good ,you won’t know what to think

See imma call you baby
Treat you like a lady
Look you in the eyes and say this the only place I stay the night
**** **** , **** your calls, wanna text ..that’ll be your best move
Give me a minute,imma get back to you
Love on you good ,but leave you
Matadi Apr 2021
You idiot
You moved to fast
Gave it up before you blinked
Running shouting you a ***** with class
Give  your soul, for a pretty smile
What was the goal
Trust you didn’t build
Now you got guilt
Hoes get down on the flo
Well did you?
Did you get low
Are you a *** or a *****
Did you give or take the ****
Matadi Apr 2021
She said gave me a kiss babe
I love you, see you in a few days
Waited a few days
To find that you’d be gone forever

She wore a shirt,her favorite
If you love me,let me sleep
So should I not weep
I feel so weak
Love at first sight
Lost on her last flight

Cayla Hargrove you will forever be missed and love

Beautiful beautiful soul of an angel
How can i let you go
Your spirit and energy still linkers
With in me ,around me
You are all of me
I live for you,you died on me
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