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  2d Matadi
My heart won't let me forget
people that have made me happy.

It seems to extend it's claws
and force them up my throat,
begging me to mention those
who I have tried so hard to leave.

I don't think I'll ever forget you.
I won't forget what you said.
I can't forget the broken
memories you left me.

I stopped doing what I loved to
feed onto affection that I had to fight for.

I went so long ignoring sunsets
my toes tied themselves to the tide
so all I had left was a lost freedom
that followed and laughed at my own doom.

I've been holding volcanos
in my eyes and lava in my heart,
I won't let you break me again.

I won't give you a place in my life
if all you do is prance around in the
ashes of my broken heart, dancing
to the sounds of my tear drops against glass.

I dream of you, even though
you're lost in my memories.
Your lack of love was fabricated
by my broken heart and mended into
loyalty and hope that you could change .

I wish I could just slowly let you go.
I wish I could slowly **** you with kisses
and send you off to the sky.
Maybe I'd find you in the stars.

There is so much beyond our scars,
beyond the lines that tangle
themselves around and
over our bodies,we break so easily,
but that's only since we love so hard.

I'll still miss you every sunrise
and find you in each sunset,
but I'll whisper to the moon
I want to go to the stars each
night till I'm in space.
first poem i wrote in a month
  2d Matadi
Fluid and soft
she will slip through your hands
like water

meant not to fill you,
but to help you grow.

She is not your rock
in a hard place

She is a tidal wave
that breaks you
at the receding.
  2d Matadi
can hearts be heavy like
the bags under my eyes,
or is my
illusion of gratitude
just stronger than
my effort to stay awake
im so tired i hate working and i hate being alone***, and now i have to write more for class ugh ****
Matadi 2d
Yesterday was never promised
i loved you with my every heartbeat
but yet i still feel the defeat
your warm kisses gone cold
remind me of the words you scold
The laughters we shared are now covered by tears
endless fears bruised bodies and broken souls

Remembering yesterday's happiness are today's sorrow
may i borrow your heart please
i've forgotten the way you love me
may i use your eyes to envision the way you look at me
for i feel frill and weak
unloved and undesired

where do we go from here
how do i turn away
you were like a mirrior
someone i hold dear
love is as temporary as a butterfly wing
bold and beautiful, yet so fragile to hold
  Aug 2018 Matadi
Salmabanu Hatim
She cried her eyes out
to show her hurt,
Whilst I hid my hurt
behind a sweet smile.
  Aug 2018 Matadi
Salmabanu Hatim
My eyes were wide shut when I
fell for you,
Now,thank you,
You are a deeply superficial person.
I don't want your love anymore,
Please give me back my loving playful and innocent heart.
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