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mac azanes Mar 2014
Fly your eyes in the dark till you see light.
mac azanes Dec 2012
Phone calls, Broken messages.
Can't heal a sore heartache.
Darkness slowly drowning all tears.
Sunrise doesn't **** fears.

I swallowed all my hopes.
And fool my self with untied ropes.
Since you ran away from home.
And find him in his throne so alone.

Will I be your second chance.
When I don't give you my hands.
Falling stars translate your eyes.
Like a piece of busted city lights.

And whose to blame?
I'm in deep shame.
You stab my heart with your favorite sword.
Without saying any sweet words.

World is just an industry of unforgiving.
Life we make is life full of mistake.
And I'm still waiting for....
I still wait for you to get over this.
mac azanes Apr 27
A confirmation,
About a new life.
And God blessing
To a husband and wife.

and a thousand emotions,
that can't hardly chose.

A girl
Or a boy?
I am so excited,
to buy a  toy.
mac azanes Feb 2014
mac azanes Feb 2015
Friday The 13th
Valentines day.

For us
What is most scary?

Bad luck On a friday night,
Or alone
In a romantic sight?

Go out,
Stare at lovers
Who wish forever.

Or stay at home.
Listen to a radio,
Playing Love song.

We can escape,
A  black cat,
And its bad luck.

But a broken heart,
Will surely hit us
No matter what.
mac azanes Nov 2012
Tell me something that will put a gleam in my dying heart.
That will exult my teary eye.
You're silly and ethereal.
Your a lass,
And a girlfriend material.
Your messy hair
Your killer smile
You're sultry like Angelina Jollie.
And you're slowly killing me.
mac azanes Jan 2014
A silly smile,
That will make me happy.
A kiss on my cheek,
Will make my day.

A simple hello,
Would ease my sorrow.
A grey sky will turn blue
By a stare from you.

Your voice,
Is a lullaby.
I hope you won't say goodbye.
And makes these leaves dry.

Candies and lollipops,
Popcorns and cheese on top.
Makes a perfect night,
While watching stars in rooftop.

Trains and buses,
Makes my adrenaline rush.
Like an airplane and rockets,
That fly so fast.

Mountains,rivers and seas.
Oh how I wish.
To  sleep in your tryst,
And wake up with your breeze.

A little bit of you,
Will completely make my day.
Without any doubt that someday,
We'll be happy .
mac azanes Feb 2016
Ayun,dalawang buwan na din pala ang lumipas. Pero parang taon na ang ating pinagsamahan.
Yung mga usapan na minsan pareho din natin di inasahan pero yun din ang hantungan kaya masaya din na napagpaplanuhan.
Mga pangarap na sa balang araw ay bibigyan natin ng katuparan.
Kaya sa ngayon ang sakripisyo nang pagkakahiwalay ay abay nating nilalabanan.
Ilang milya man ang ating agwat at Sierra Madre man ay nasa gitna ng ating daan hinding hindi naman natin nakakalimutan ang isat isa sa araw araw na nagdaan. Ang mundo ko ngayon ay napapalibutan ng palayan at mga simpleng mamayan ikaw naman ay nakikipagpatentero sa ka Maynilaan.
Pero alam natin na darating araw na sabay nating pagsasaluhan ang agahan na aking pinagsikapan.
Aaminin ko na may oras na gusto kitang kapiling upang hagkan lalo na kapag sa trabaho moy nahihirapan pero ganito talaga ang buhay aking mahal sadyang kelangan natin magtiis lumaban at magtulungan.
At Sa pagsapit ng araw na tayo ay iisa na at si sinag at tala ay naglalaro na sana kasama natin sila at alala ng kanilang pagkabata.  
Dalawang buwan ay lumipas na at alam ko na mas mamahalin pa kita sa bawat araw buwan at taon na darating pa.
Kahit pa ayaw mo kumain ng ampalaya at okra ihihiwalay ko pag ang ulam ay pakbet akin ang lahat ng tira.
mac azanes Feb 2014
Dear World,
Why life is so unfair?
Don't worry I ain't gonna throw that question today.
World I think a year has passed since I wrote one for you,and many things and situation had changed.
Yeah I'm lucky that I'm still alive,playing and still breathing.
Well,I need to fight and never give up. Despite all the circumstaces and trials I managed to stand up.
Everyday feels like a warzone.
I need to fight, for me to live another day and never surrender for all the accusations and all that craps.
And I do believe that everything may fall unto pieces if It's  meant to  be.
I'm happy because of friends and butterflies that let me understand life.
Here I go again and I can taste the loneliness in my own tears.
And I do hope that it can drown all my fears that someday I'm gonna be alone. Up against that wall my life will be scattered and shattered.
I won't crack a smile if I did'nt mean to.
I just wait every morning to feel the heat of your love.
And sleep at night and embrace the
blanket of the dark.
I'm not afraid of tommorow,to face aother battle that I won't won.
And face you on my own.
Till next time.
Notes (optional)
mac azanes Aug 2015
I can hear the silence in every encounter with butterflies.
But my mind try to control the pain that im keeping inside.
Im holding on till I survive this reality.
That im a prisoner of my own.
That mortality isnt the reason why I live like unknown.
Im not holy the ghost starin at me.
And I cant scream to the stars to pick me up.
I am blinded by the night.
I am nothing so I pass out.
Hoping if I close my eyes someone will wake me up.
Because if I die now will these lakes cry and mountains will move from here to my grave.
Reality help me to find the truth of who I am.
Im in so much suffering.
Everytime I search for a new home I ended up broken.
Im not afraid to fall and for the rest of my life ill find myself in an endless road and an empty room.
mac azanes Mar 2014
Open up your eyes
And ill break your eyelashes.
And put my ash inside.

I'm wondering,
Wondering if those eye bags were full of tears.
Like what they describe when they cry under that stairs.

Will your eyelid recognize my face.
Will your brain remember those days.
When everything  i did was my best.
mac azanes Aug 2013
I hated the time when i'm alone.
Co'z i feel that love hated me more.
I can't resist loneliness.
I can't swim in river of tears.

Now i feel so safe in your smile.
How i wish that you are mine.
I really wanted to hold you tight.
Hug and kiss you all night.

I hope that this would last.
I want you to forget the past.
Lets face this world with all our guts.
You can always have my back.

No more love that will break your heart.
I will catch you no matter what.
No more tears will fall unto your eyes.
We will live a life without  lies.

Life without you means  life without sight.
Your the only thing that light my path.
The only thing that let me understand love.
LOVE that i lost for so many times.
mac azanes Sep 2014
You're a bully
Yet so silly.
In my naked eyes,
You're so pretty.
Your name is gorgeous,
Everytime i remember you,
I got so nervous.
And Irresistible
You're wearing sneakers
And so hot in red.
When you flash a smile,
You're like an angel in disguise.
Having you
Is like lightning candle in the rain
And this heart of mine,
Is raedy for the pain.
Fatima Zahra
In your palace you are the queen.
I may not be your king,
But a slave of yours may be my dream.
mac azanes Sep 2014
I am hoping it would be sweet like the sunset.
mac azanes Nov 2012
Streetlights lighten the night.
Shoes scrachings pavement.
Heart is chasing the distance.
mac azanes Nov 2013
Warning and signals;
Are not enough.
For us to suffer less;
And Sleep at night,
At peace.

Your wind blows like a bullet train.
As it passed every town,
It leaves a devastating traced.
Roof's are like crumpled paper in the air.
Trees are like's matches sticks scattered in streets.

We are a country,
Of Hope,
And Happiness.
But in every tryst you visited,
You can't see a smiling face.

Broken Houses and families,
Is all that you can see.
for some of it's members and pieces,
Are still missing,
And not in place.

Bodies lies in streets.
Kids are crying,
Craving for some food to eat,
A place to sleep,
And a shelter for them to take a safe rest.

We will stand after this.
and clean the mess that you've left.
For tomorrow we all know,
That sun will shine in every heart,
Of every FILIPINO people that you've hurt.
Please pray for my countrymen whose lives are taken and families that has been broken.
mac azanes Apr 2015
I've been travelling this up and down roads.
Searching for something.
Looking for a place to a beat less heart.
Someday bees will find a perfect hive.
Where flowers are just behind.
And butterflies won't fly that high.
A perfect place for this soul to scream and cry.
Trying to forget the past that still hunt,
But never dies.
It's not easy,
When you're awake and daydreaming.
Trying to find a way of healing.
And understand the word  forgiving.
My eyes won't look for knives.
Just a quite night,
And a beautiful skies.
These mountains are walls.
That blocks all my heartaches.
And these tears are wonderful,
Like a crying mountains with lots of falls.
mac azanes Sep 2014
As the sun sleeps and the stars starts to play.
I cant hear a noise and this place is free.
I remember you when silence strike,
And piece of a busted street light,
Blink like your eyes.

I find my self at peace in the middle of the night.
These cats are free,
I'm counting them one,two and three.
l own the street,
And my shadow can't find a beat.

I felt connected to every car chasing.
Like those little kids laughing.
But i can't hear them singing.
And i can't see a real smile shining.
They're not hiding maybe they're just sleeping.

Dreaming awake,
Walking straight.
Watching buses in the streets,
Hoping i could see you.
Waving hello.

Helllo midnight,
Why i'm so into you?
Do i need to worry.
Even if its just me,
And you.
mac azanes Jul 2013
Years of misery
and gallon of tears.
That was my life,
for the past three years.

I even slit my wrist,
when fall under.

Years later,
when i met this girl.
All my heartaches,
are quickly wash away.

You light me up,
and let my star shine.
I will love you,
till the end of time.

I will never ever,
make you cry.
Hold my hand,
will reach the sky.

Every seconds,
that pass us by.
I can't wait,
to call her mine.

I'll push my guts,
into the limits.
Just to be with her,
mac azanes Sep 2017
Hindi ka nag iisa*.
Kataga na nais ko na malaman mo,
Sa bawat araw na naisip mo ang salitang,

Sa bawat pagdurusa na nilamon ka ng iyong isip,
At mga guni guni na naglalaro sa mga gabi,
Na akala mo ay walang nakaka alala sa iyo,
Mag isip ka.

Ikaw ay pinagpala,
na dumidilat sa umaga.
At makita ang liwanag ng mudo,
At marinig ang awit ng mga ibon.

Wag kang matakot na harapin ang umaga,
wag kang matakot sa sasabihin ng iba.
May sarili kang buhay,
Tulad ng isang ibon na malaya.

Malaya kang gawin ang sisnisigaw ng iyong puso,
damhin ang bawat yakap ng hangin.
At pag masdan ang pag bukadkad ng mga bulakak,
Na tulad mo ay may buhay din.

Wag kang papatanagay sa iyong isip,
At lunurin ka ng mga imahenasyon.
Patuloy kang maglakad,
At sundin ang bawat tibok ng iyong puso.

Maraming nagmamahal sayo,
Wag **** hayaan na makulong ka,
Sa mga pagkabigo,
Dahil ito ang magpapatatag sa iyo.

Lumaban ka,
Dahil inuulit ko.
Sa mundong ito.
Hindi ka nag iisa.
mac azanes Sep 2014
I feel sorry,
For those people who talks a lot.
For them to ruin someone's life.
Because in the end it will comeback to them,
And envy my **** them.

I feel sorry,
To those who think they know everything.
And pretend they're some kind of a genius.
Because they just say what they hear,
But no one really care.

I feel sorry,
To those who have much in life.
And never look to the other side.
Because they just see things in general.
And never feel the real quality of life.

I feel sorry,
To those who have cars.
And go to place whenever they want.
Because they just get there.
And never appreciate the real beauty of this land.

I feel sorry,
To those who love watching TV show.
Because they're enjoying seating on the big couch,
Without knowing,
They've wasted their time.

I feel sorry,
To those who have all fancy things in life.
Because they just get what they wanted anytime,
But the true essence of things,
Is not the value or the price.

I never felt sorry,
In my life.
And people around me,
Talks a lot.
Because they know everything in life.

I never felt sorry,
Because I don't have cars,
Because i walk in mountains,
And enjoy every creation God has made for us,
In every Stride.

They may say everything they want,
Against my silly life,
But i will continue every stride,
And enjoy every centavo i have,
Every smile,
Every sunrise,
And all those stars.
*But i will never ever trade my silly life,to have fancy life yet stressful life.
mac azanes Sep 2012
I love Aileen for no reason,
I love Aileen co'z i just feel so.
I love  Aileen not because she's pretty,
I love  Aileen co'z my eyes say so.
I love  Aileen not because my heart beats faster,
I love  Aileen co'z she's the mist that i breath.
I love  Aileen not because she's cool,
I love  Aileen co'z she's silly.
I love Aileen not because of her dread,
I love  Aileen when her hair is messy.
I love  Aileen not because she treat me special,
I love Aileen co'z  she's special.
I love  Aileen not because she's ****,
I love  Aileen because she ate extra rice.
I love  Aileen not because  she had a brace,
I love  Aileen co'z she had a fang.
I love Aileen not because she bring me to mountains,
I love  Aileen co'z when i'm with her i feel like i'm in a tryst.
I love Aileen not because of who she is,
I love Aileen because of who i am when i'm with her.
I love  Aileen not because of this words,
I love Aileen because ILOVEHER.
Mary Aileen Ortega
mac azanes Oct 2012
My mind keep remembering the days.
Those times that we were laughing.
That night that i sing you to sleep.
And morning calls that brightens up my day.
Now you don't even say a word.
Let me say i'm sorry for that.
Co'z i hear your Silence.
So loud and clear.
My greatest fear has come to an end.
Because tomorrow will be forever.
I'm still waiting for my phone to ring.
Hoping it would be your name.
The sun shine on your face.
The thunder hit my fragile heart.
Now i'm waiting for the green light to flash.
And my feet will follow the beat.
Another minute seems forever.
And i'm chasing every seconds that were not together.
So i just stop here and wonder.
Hoping that i could take your hands,
And we will walk till forever.
I miss the old you.
mac azanes Sep 2012
I know i want her,
like a kid to a candy.
I know she's pretty,
all of her friends say so.
I know she's lonely,
when rains pour like tears.
I know when she's happy,
when those flowers bloom.
I know she's crazy,
and i love her when she act like too.
I know i made her cry,
so i die.
I know that she cant be mine,
but i keep on waiting.
I know i love her,
but she's inlove with him.
mac azanes Nov 2012
I remember you,
When im at sleep and your playing in my dreams.
I remember you,
When I woke up at 3am and tears starts falling in my cheek.
I remember you,
When I'm walking in lonely streets and all I see is your face.
I remember you,
When the clock start to chase the hours and every single seconds feels like forever.
I remember you,
When stars are are scattered in skies like a gleam in your eyes.
I remember you,
When songs starts to play in
radio its like your voice that sings me to sleep.
When I decided to let go of you
I'll always remember you.
I will never ever give up on you and still,I will wait for that day,that day!
mac azanes Nov 2013
I want to write a poem.
About a girl that i missed a lot.
But i don't know what word to put up.
And how to start.

She's been a super friend for a month.
And now she's pregnant.
But the feelings still the same.
Like when we dance in the rain.

I missed when she screams my name.
When I'm on a cliff and leech are all over the place.
We run and and climb mountains together.
Even on a bad weather.

I missed her smile.
When she's mad.
Now i can't even hear her laugh.
mac azanes Feb 2014
Her name is Julie,
And she's so pretty.
Her hair is messy,
And she had a cute tummy.

She's a baker,
And a nurse on duty.
She's also a runner,
And always run happy.

She loves to eat,
Even she's on a diet.
She loves to travel,
And walk on streets.

She's a princess,
And a Muai Thai Artist.
Tease her,
You'll be needing a mouthpiece.

Her smile,
Is priceless.
Like a bunch of gold,
In a hidden chest.

Oh Julie
I want you to be my only.
I'll never make you lonely
And love you every minute of the day.
mac azanes Sep 2014
You’re showing me like i dont mean a thing.
Like a bird without a wing.
Honestly it’s a shame to see me crying.
And i can’t help this tears from falling.

Lonely breeze left me chilling.
The sun keep on hiding.
And i cant fool my feeling,
That my heart is dreaming.

I can’t run barefoot in thorns.
You can’t hide in thunderstorms.
When you laugh, I cry.
You turned your back,I die.

Scattered paper,
Full of notes and How much I care.
To show you how much you mean.
And to treasure you like a queen.
mac azanes Aug 2017
Salamat sa humigit kumulang labin dalawang taon.
Sa pagiging isang alaga,
at mapag-alagang tuta.
Salamat sa pagiging bantay,
Ng bahay at  buhay.
Salamat sa pagpaparamdam,
Kung anu ang isang tunay na kaibigan.
Na iniiyakan at napagkukwentuhan,
Na sanay naiintindahan mo naman.
Siguro ngay wala ng pwedeng pumalit sayo.
Sa buhay ng mga taong binantayan mo.
At alam ko naman na ramdam mo,
Na ni minsan hindi ka nila naituring na iba gaya ng tao.
Salamat din kina,Sansa,Chester,Junjun, Panda,
At sa iba na hindi ko na nakilala.
Sa isang kaibigan na din nang iiwan,
Diba nga kahit sa paliguan ay kasama ka pa.
At hindi ka naman paborito,
Kasi nasa kwarto ka pag malamig ang klima.
At ngayon nga na wala kana.
Di mo maiaalis ang pangungulila,
At gabi na si Michelle ay lumuluha.
Salamat muli asong mapagkalinga.
mac azanes Feb 2015
This time of year,
Months and days.
Hours and minutes,
And seconds away.

I am so alone,
And this weather chills me to the bones.
I hug myself till I feel  warm,
Where blanket is my own arm.

I cry,
My minds fly,
But I'll do everything for my heart to stay alive,
And never fool myself with lies

In this place
Mirror is my friend,
I talk to this kid daily,
Till I found him in me.

Please be strong,
I told him everyday.
Please be happy,
Even if I know he's not ok.

He tried to smile,
When I look at me.
And whatever I do,
He's a carbon copy..

We never argue,
What ever I say,
He believes in me,
And always think anew.

I think  I'm  inlove,
With Me,Myself And I.
Trough this glass,
Looking in my eyes.
mac azanes Feb 2015
I will not run,
And chase the clock.
I will search,
Till I know how far I've  come.

I will not pretend,
And fool my self with my own lies.
I will try and try,
Till i find the true meaning of love.

I am not a glass,
That break.
I am a steel,
That bend.

I am not made of paper,
Or a skyscraper.
I am a paper boat,
That float everywhere.

I won't be drown,
With my own tears.
I'll stay afloat,
Even in shallow water.

I keep my promise on my own.
I'll keep it,
Till I feel tired,
And see no sign.
mac azanes Feb 2014
Just Simple,
Under the Blue skies.
Laughing with friends,
Indeed life is silly and beautiful,
Every year,months,days,hours and minutes.
Living in a place I can't call my own,
United with love for nature and life,
Can't ask for more.
Hanging in a cliff while watching city lights,
Above the tree singing my favorite song,
Nothing i can ask for more.
A**nd all I want is you.
mac azanes Oct 2014
I'm still counting the days since I met you,
And the days since you fall in love.
And until now I can't say the words
"I'm happy for you" when I'm dying inside knowing I have lost you. Anyway losing someone is just a state of time and giving up isn't my word of choice. Yeah I may lost you this time but who knows the next time I bump into you that's the time. Time to prove that your not just my ordinary girl but someone whom I want to spend the best days of my life.
I always think for the worst,and never expect something good. I know I haven't prove  how much you mean and treat you just an ordinary girl but deep inside I've been dreaming things when I am awake.
I miss you a lot on days I know you'll be happy doing those crazy things I know you'll love to.
I miss your messy hair your smile and those  round eyes. I miss you more on Saturdays and I don't know why,I just feel it.
And there's this night that I feel I want to own the dawn,the streets when all I see are cats and fast cars chasing the dark. And I wonder if the stars fall and the tail light spelled out your name would it be a sign or am I just fooling my self.
I don't know if I just miss you or I am just alone or comfortable of being like this thinking how much I want to spend a night with you,playing ukulele or wacth Surf Up laugh when Chicken Joe captured by a tribe while having some beer.
And the train system that all or most people hate is the thing that I love the most being there almost everyday and watching people come and go made me realize that nothing is stable and even the season change but I'm still at the same spot where I used to watch every other commuter sleep,laugh,talk and run in a hurry.
Am I strugling? Or am I just a wishful thinker and a risk taker but afraid.
Am I saying or writing a lot? Do I need to stop? Nah I haven't done anything,right?
I hope your happy now, I hope you always go outside enjoy the rain and the sun.
I always admire you for being you,maybe I don't really know you but I'm glad that I have met someone like you.

Lots of Hope,
mac azanes Sep 2012
I will wait till the last gasp of my breath,
until i see no air.
I will wait till the last drop of my tears,
until i see no rain
I will wait in your eyes,
until i see no light.
I will wait every minute,
until i see no clock.
I will wait till the last ink of my blood,
until i see her mary that guy.
I wait until the last SUNDOWN.
mac azanes Feb 2015
I can't spell love to you.
Cause you don't feel the same.
My mind is crazy,
We can't even meet halfway.

The trees dance,
Every time the clouds cry.
And I'd rather hurt my self with truth,
Than to say I will try.

There's a waterfall,
Hiding in my heart,
Like a meteor,
It falls unstopable.

I can't sleep,
Without thinking of your pretty face.
And always pray  please be in my dreams,
Just you and me in a tryst.

I'm still here,
Waiting there.
For a you and me ending.

I know some words are overated.
Some say I'm out of my head.
But no one would sit beside my bed.
No one.
mac azanes Oct 2015
I wonder how it fells like
to jump off a cliff,sit on a ledge or free fall from a bridge.
When no one really cares,
My mind always play
the ***** tricks. To envy myself
or let my shadow sink in a busted bulb. Where everyone has a light.
I am dreaming inside a dark box
full of lies
There is no help,when we close our mind. Give every sun the chance to shine, the cockroach to fly like a butterfly. Why we always look from the outside without even taking the risk to look inside before we judge. Its not always the cover of the book sometimes its the words on it.
mac azanes Sep 2012
Saro sana ang sakuyang nasa isip,
bago magturog asin pagkamata.
Bago magdiklum ang banggi,
asin pagdungaw kan saldang sa amay na aga.
Sa saiyang mata asin ngirit ako nauugma.
Dai ko aram ta pag nahihililing ko sya,
ako garu nasa langit na.
Salamat ta nabisto ko sya,
Salamat ta sa oras na ako namumundo yaon sya.

Basta ang aram ko PADANGAT ko sya.
mac azanes Feb 2016
Sa mga panahon na ito ay unti unti na ako nakakaramdam ng pangungulila.
Ngunit mapapalitan naman ito galak sa tuwing maalala natin ang mga araw na tayo ay magkasama.
Alam ko din na kaya natin, kaya ko at kaya mo.
Alam ko na darating ang araw na tayo ay malulumbay  at hahanapin ang bawat isa.
Subalit Ang papel na ito ay magsisilbing bangka at ang tinta ng aking pluma ay syang dagat na maghahatid sa bawat tibok ng aking puso na nalulumbay patungo sa sansinukob kung san ang mga talanyo ang magsisilbing nating gabay.
Kaya wag kanang malungkot kasi isang bus lang at pwede na kita makapiling at mayakap habang ang ating mga mata ay nangungusap na sa wakas ay muli tayong pinagbigyan ng panahon upang namnamin ang bawat sandali na tayo ay nangulila. Magkaiba man ang lugar o ang panahon sa araw araw na lumilipas ay maisisiguro ko na ang bawat pintig ng ating mga puso ay magkasabay.
Nag sasabing ikay aking mahal at akoy iyong mahal.
Kaya sa mga panahon na ako ay nag iisa sa harap ng palayan at nakatanaw sa kanluran kasabay ng paglubog ng bawat araw o huling patak ng ulan ay hinding hindi lilipas ang araw na ang mga ngiti mo ay di dumaan sa aking isipan.
At kung sa mga oras na akoy nasa ilalim ng kalungkutan ito ang nagsisilbi kong sandata upang lumaban.
Na alam ko may bukas na dadating at malalagpasan ko din ang bawat lungkot sa aking damdamin.
Mahal kita mula nung araw na una kita makita at lalo pa kitang minamahal sa bawat araw na lumilipas tayo man ay magkahawak kamay at kahit sa panahon na tayo ay magkahiwalay.
Mahal kita kahit di kita nakikita sapat na ang mga alala upang masabi kong di ako nagiisa.
Mahal kita ou mahal,na mahal kita kahit na nasa malayo ka at ako ay nag iisa iniisip ka.
Sana sapat na ang mga katagang mahal kita upang malaban ko ang lungkot sa aking mga mata at magpanggap na di ako nangungulila sa isang dalaga na nasa bayan ng Marikina.
mac azanes Sep 2014
Let start this day,
With a big smile on your face.
Cause baby we're going to a lovely tryst.
We'll do the things our heart is singing.
Like riding a wave early in the morning.
Together we will climb
The highest mountains and peaks.
Together we'll catch fish,
In rivers and seas.
We'll watch lilo and stitch.
While having some beer.
When you're drunk
I want you to lay your head above my chest.
Listen to my heart and how fast it beats
As I  sing you to sleep.
Forever we'll stay together.
And count the stars in heaven.
As I whisper in your ear.
That I'll be your forever.
This night was so good to be true.
Hoping that someday it would be me and you.
mac azanes Jun 2013
Forget me and the times we had.
Did you notice that my heart is dead.
While your having fun with him,
I'm mourning in my bed.

Now,You can't hurt me no more.
Co'z this piece of me stops from beating.

Flash your smile,
Co'z your free.
From me,
And to all the misery.

You  don't need to worry.
Co'z my back fits on this casket.
Will you cry,or just keep in silent.
Will your tears fall?

I'm sure your happy with him.
And please do stop pretending
Co'z i ain't blaming you.
It's the rope on that ceiling.
mac azanes Sep 2014
Is this
wish for?
This is
you wanted.
is all
your plan.
it on me.
It's not
to play.
to say
It's more
to contemplate.
And draw
all your
My heart
is wrecked.
And scattered
in sheets.
The wound
is deep.
And a
is beneath.
mac azanes Jun 2013
Tonight my heart is broken.
Scattered like those tiny stars.
I can't pick them all.
And put in my empty pocket.

Now, i don't know where to start.
To find a word that will fit a line.
And a light,
That will shine your eyes.

Kick me,
Spank me,
Stab me,
And leave me here bleeding and dying.

All the words you used to said.
And the times we shared.
Remind me of this Lucky kid.
That cry alone in his bed.
mac azanes Feb 2013
To find a word,
that will fit a
To find a light,
that will shine
your eyes.
mac azanes Jul 2013
I'll find that perfect word
that will fit your
I'll never ever give up on you.
mac azanes Jul 2013
I'm sorry,
if i hurt you.
I'm sorry,
co'z i can't fix you heart.

I'd rather die now,
than to hear you cry.
I'm not sayin that you lie.
Sun will shine on us,so please don't hide.

Tears are slowly falling down'
from your skies.
I didn't mean to break your guts.
Nor wrap a thorn around your heart.

I just wanted to see you happy.
And wear your smile everyday.
For them to notice that your my one and only.
And no one could take you away from me.

I admit my fault.
So cut my heart like a bolt.
Your my light that shine so bright.
I wanted to hold you so safe and tight.
mac azanes Sep 2012
Smile that
shine like a
thousand diamonds
in the darkest night.
Smile that
bring happiness
in my heart.
Smile that
i cant resist to look at.
Smile that
you always wear
when your around.
mac azanes Sep 2012
The shadow of your eyes hunt those tears.
Running behind those lies.
Lying in the dark night.

Crying in silent.
Heart is broken like scattered stars.
No way to hide.

My heart is wrap with thorn.
I cant take those words.
Those unspoken words.

Walking inside you.
Today i hope your okay.
mac azanes Jan 2015
Guns and bullets.
Destroy dreams Of a kid who lost a father,
A son to a mother,
And a love to be surrender.

Body laid on the ground,
Covered with his own blood.
Poured in his land.

Peace ,
For us to sleep,
At ease.

Their life,
And sacrifice.
Is enough.

Their battle,
Will never be won,
When we always think,
For our own instead for our nation.

Filipino ,
**** Filipino?
Where is the love and peace,
Mga kababayan  ko? (My countrymen)

Tagapagligtas naming sundalo(soldier),
You're a hero,
In a heart of every Filipino.
Remembering  you.
Please pray for the 44 brave souls of our soldier who has been killed in battle serving peace in my beloved country.
mac azanes Sep 2014
I contemplate,
every time we met.
bring you bunch of flowers,
and chocolates.

You'll be happy.
If i treat you,
to watch movie.

Lets face this world,
with no sword.
Just the LOVE,
we both showed.

We will not be afraid,
to fight.
In the dark,
i'll be your light.

I don't want,
to see you cry.
Or a single tear,
fall from your eye.

I will cut their mind,
If they stab you,
from behind.

Carbon paper,
always do the same.
Like when i fall,
and fell in shame.

*I almost forget my name.
When my tears fall like rain.
mac azanes Jun 2013
Blue skies
turns into grey.
Little stars
are teary.
Falling tears
from heaven,
Sounds like a lullabie
in my ears.
it would be
the answer.
To drown all my fears.
Lightning and Thunderstorm
Strikes like
Unspoken words.
That breaks
every untold stories
of a lonely
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