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mac azanes Jan 2015
Guns and bullets.
Destroy dreams Of a kid who lost a father,
A son to a mother,
And a love to be surrender.

Body laid on the ground,
Covered with his own blood.
Poured in his land.

Peace ,
For us to sleep,
At ease.

Their life,
And sacrifice.
Is enough.

Their battle,
Will never be won,
When we always think,
For our own instead for our nation.

Filipino ,
**** Filipino?
Where is the love and peace,
Mga kababayan  ko? (My countrymen)

Tagapagligtas naming sundalo(soldier),
You're a hero,
In a heart of every Filipino.
Remembering  you.
Please pray for the 44 brave souls of our soldier who has been killed in battle serving peace in my beloved country.

— The End —