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Feb 2014
Dear World,
Why life is so unfair?
Don't worry I ain't gonna throw that question today.
World I think a year has passed since I wrote one for you,and many things and situation had changed.
Yeah I'm lucky that I'm still alive,playing and still breathing.
Well,I need to fight and never give up. Despite all the circumstaces and trials I managed to stand up.
Everyday feels like a warzone.
I need to fight, for me to live another day and never surrender for all the accusations and all that craps.
And I do believe that everything may fall unto pieces if It's  meant to  be.
I'm happy because of friends and butterflies that let me understand life.
Here I go again and I can taste the loneliness in my own tears.
And I do hope that it can drown all my fears that someday I'm gonna be alone. Up against that wall my life will be scattered and shattered.
I won't crack a smile if I did'nt mean to.
I just wait every morning to feel the heat of your love.
And sleep at night and embrace the
blanket of the dark.
I'm not afraid of tommorow,to face aother battle that I won't won.
And face you on my own.
Till next time.
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mac azanes
Written by
mac azanes  PHILIPPINES
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