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Oct 2014
I'm still counting the days since I met you,
And the days since you fall in love.
And until now I can't say the words
"I'm happy for you" when I'm dying inside knowing I have lost you. Anyway losing someone is just a state of time and giving up isn't my word of choice. Yeah I may lost you this time but who knows the next time I bump into you that's the time. Time to prove that your not just my ordinary girl but someone whom I want to spend the best days of my life.
I always think for the worst,and never expect something good. I know I haven't prove  how much you mean and treat you just an ordinary girl but deep inside I've been dreaming things when I am awake.
I miss you a lot on days I know you'll be happy doing those crazy things I know you'll love to.
I miss your messy hair your smile and those  round eyes. I miss you more on Saturdays and I don't know why,I just feel it.
And there's this night that I feel I want to own the dawn,the streets when all I see are cats and fast cars chasing the dark. And I wonder if the stars fall and the tail light spelled out your name would it be a sign or am I just fooling my self.
I don't know if I just miss you or I am just alone or comfortable of being like this thinking how much I want to spend a night with you,playing ukulele or wacth Surf Up laugh when Chicken Joe captured by a tribe while having some beer.
And the train system that all or most people hate is the thing that I love the most being there almost everyday and watching people come and go made me realize that nothing is stable and even the season change but I'm still at the same spot where I used to watch every other commuter sleep,laugh,talk and run in a hurry.
Am I strugling? Or am I just a wishful thinker and a risk taker but afraid.
Am I saying or writing a lot? Do I need to stop? Nah I haven't done anything,right?
I hope your happy now, I hope you always go outside enjoy the rain and the sun.
I always admire you for being you,maybe I don't really know you but I'm glad that I have met someone like you.

Lots of Hope,
mac azanes
Written by
mac azanes  PHILIPPINES
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