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Sep 2014
I feel sorry,
For those people who talks a lot.
For them to ruin someone's life.
Because in the end it will comeback to them,
And envy my **** them.

I feel sorry,
To those who think they know everything.
And pretend they're some kind of a genius.
Because they just say what they hear,
But no one really care.

I feel sorry,
To those who have much in life.
And never look to the other side.
Because they just see things in general.
And never feel the real quality of life.

I feel sorry,
To those who have cars.
And go to place whenever they want.
Because they just get there.
And never appreciate the real beauty of this land.

I feel sorry,
To those who love watching TV show.
Because they're enjoying seating on the big couch,
Without knowing,
They've wasted their time.

I feel sorry,
To those who have all fancy things in life.
Because they just get what they wanted anytime,
But the true essence of things,
Is not the value or the price.

I never felt sorry,
In my life.
And people around me,
Talks a lot.
Because they know everything in life.

I never felt sorry,
Because I don't have cars,
Because i walk in mountains,
And enjoy every creation God has made for us,
In every Stride.

They may say everything they want,
Against my silly life,
But i will continue every stride,
And enjoy every centavo i have,
Every smile,
Every sunrise,
And all those stars.
*But i will never ever trade my silly life,to have fancy life yet stressful life.
mac azanes
Written by
mac azanes  PHILIPPINES
   caroline, SPT and Emily Tyler
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