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Apr 2019 · 186
Beautiful Beginnings
Rue Apr 2019
are only
beautiful beginnings.
Starting a new job and moving to the city.
Apr 2019 · 90
The Climb
Rue Apr 2019
And the sun
will shine
as I become
ready for the climb.
To new beginnings.
Apr 2019 · 759
Rue Apr 2019
And in the blink
of an eye,
she fell in love.
To my Golden Retriever puppies.
Apr 2019 · 319
Spring is Love
Rue Apr 2019
Spring is like love
because it blossoms
into new and beautiful
I am moving in with the love of my life. Spring is beautiful.
Apr 2019 · 711
Rue Apr 2019
April is full of beauty
when water arrives from evening storms;
They bring life to us truly,
with that, our planet transforms.
Seeing Spring arrive is so beautiful.
Apr 2019 · 372
Come Spring
Rue Apr 2019
Walking through the vast trees,
I see with loving excitement and grace.
For, beauty, surrounds me with ease
as I grin and feel Spring’s embrace.
Ready for Spring!
Mar 2019 · 253
Rue Mar 2019
Pain is temporary.
Yet, it is necessary.
Currently going through the healing process of sinus disease surgery and deviated septum surgery.
Mar 2019 · 1.1k
I am Her
Rue Mar 2019
I am her.
Yet, I am not.
I am the sun.
She was numb.
I am courageous.
She was nameless.
I am her.
Yet, I am not.
To my past me.
Mar 2019 · 167
Rue Mar 2019
Anxiety comes and goes like the wind.
It arrives in waves like water in our oceans.
It’s a rush like adrenaline; it ceases my mind!
I hate how abrupt it can be!

Anxiety is not kind!
Anxiety has no emotions!
It makes my eyes go blind!
I hate how corrupt it can be!

Anxiety is a mental illness!
I take medicine for my lack of courage.
I sit at home in bed with a racing heart
in hopes that one day, I, will spread this message.
I hate how anxiety can be!
My first slam poem dedicated to my anxiety.
Mar 2019 · 2.2k
Rue Mar 2019
And with a sincere smile,
she looked to the stars
knowing the future was worthwhile,
even, with a thousand scars.
Mar 2019 · 362
Rue Mar 2019
She’s a blue stream
that engulfs the mind.
Every way seen.
Every way combined.
Mar 2019 · 179
Mind Killer
Rue Mar 2019
They say fear is the mind killer.
Yet, it proves nothing
in the consciousness of our minds.

They say fear is the mind killer.
Yet, it proves nothing
in the emotions we hold still.

They say fear is the mind killer.
Yet, it proves nothing
in the wisdom of our souls.

They say fear is the mind killer.
Yet, it proves something
in which we let take hold in our minds.
Inspired by Dune.
Mar 2019 · 233
Rue Mar 2019
Water turns to ice
and yet, it dissolves
for an immense price
that we try to solve.

The heat upon our skin
ignite fires of anger
but, we never know when
to find any answers.

Many tell deceptions
for their own gain.
But, what they forget
is the sight of perception
with the never ending pain
of lies, for that, is the truest threat.
Mar 2019 · 329
Disappeared Beauty
Rue Mar 2019
As the sun shines,
it appears bright
with added signs
of love and fright.

But what we don’t see,
from this gaze,
is a certain degree
of sadness and haze.

The sun becomes dim
and all feelings appeared
to be fully grim;
for beauty has disappeared
once again.
Feb 2019 · 390
Lost Traveller
Rue Feb 2019
She was a long lost traveller
with broken silence;
an unknown passenger
to darkness and defiance.

Time unfavorably moved slowly,
as if the oceans stopped moving
and life became ghostly
to each and every choosing.

Darkness became an everlasting hunger,
whose enmity was filled with surprise;
For she was left with wonder
of trembling unending surmise.

The love that was once known
became still and uncaring;
She was entirely alone
in this vast and empty home.

Defiance shook with trembling roars
as she made mistakes repetitively
and endlessly with her core,
a tiring soul left unwillingly.

She was a long lost traveller
who escaped treacherous ending
to find the world spectacular
and life itself worth spending.

— The End —