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Travel with me and enter
into the flower carpeted mountain meadows
of my youth;  
Lose yourself  in the wild beauty which resides within  
God's tinted skies of yellow and vermouth.
Vested memories held captive by eidetic moments,  
"Oh blessed beating heart, "
enter the flowered thoughts of a poet's nest, delve into the  
sanctuary of God's Grace,
for it is here that you belong.  
Seen through the eyes, felt with the heart
ensconced with a soul your free to roam,
inside roads less traveled, where timeless voices
are heard, through the echoes of all time.

You belong to the One who has given you,
both shape and creed.
Bursts of blooming colors in my garden fair
every bud is beauty, born of love and toil  
Rays of sunshine easy days and breezy air
cordial flowers flushed with color coil

Nature sings of all creation its here and there
a joyful world of wonder heart's embroil
Calliandra feather sweeps of angel hair
silver artemisias slick as linseed oil

Garden art, its all about the artist's flair
every shoot and floweret is alive with dare
radiant things growing on blessed soil
like cordial flowers flushed with color coil

Bursts of blooming colors in my garden fair
rays of sunshine, easy days and breezy air.
 Feb 16 Keli
A trace of light
That's all you and I look for
when those mountains fade
behind descended clouds
and that ache in our shoulders
crumbles under the fire of this rain

the moon and all its pieces
lost to all these thoughts
you and me, the same and most different awake and restless
the silver lining of this charcoal moon
is getting harder to find

until comes this eruption of warmth
and a storm of pattering fear
that if I start counting seconds
you might disappear
so, I guess it goes without saying
everything you've always known

these nights go by in wonder
of how to build you a home
 Feb 16 Keli
The joints
Your knees
The maple trees.
The dragonfly
The bowls of soup
The bones and back breaking work
The years and years.
The threads.
The barrels. The bowls. The mugs, the chairs.

            You should take away the light, then.

The moon
The music
The morning.
The paints and years of colour.
And darkness of the highway
The frying and searing
The scorching.
The soft grass—The meadow.
Your hair tucked behind your ear.
The moments we made and only I witnessed.

How do I separate a soul from a body. My lifetime of me. A lifetime of you. Why are you making me.

And I won’t.
 Feb 2 Keli
I'm afraid of what I have become

Perhaps, you will make me remember I used to be capable of loving,

Perhaps I will make you regret loving me.

I don't know, can't make promises.

I'm still a mess.

Stick by me at your own risk.
 Feb 2 Keli
Saint kaya
The sky is
A graveyard of stars

And I remark
Something so tragically beautiful

Just like fireworks of art
From here to the nearest star

And I wish
I could lay awake
In the night

With you
And our lingering hearts

And tell you all about a tragedy
Called life
 Feb 2 Keli
Dani Just Dani
Why don’t we sit together
To enjoy the sounds of the city,
Like moss on a rock
Watching dragonflies
Fly by as their
Wings gently caresses
The maga flower that
Hangs down their petals
Upon the shadow
Of a colossal tree
Who’s trunk has grown
Wrinkled with age,
how tall
Does he Stand,
Majestic as skyscrapers
That blend into the night
Sky with lit windows
As stars that shine
A spotlight upon the streets,
I can only see it on you,
My love that in between
Sitting quietly,
Throws glances at me
Like daggers against
A target dummy,
Followed by a smile
That stitches these
Wide and deep wounds.
 Jan 30 Keli
We hug
We kiss
We cuddle
In bed

We were just friends
We made out
To him
We were having ***
To me
We were making love
I was his friends with benefits
But he was my lover
I woke up full of what I thought was hope
but it was sleep in my eyes.

a Capital way to start any day.

We're all full of something though,
whether it's
batshit or
a little bit of magic.

I suppose, not that I'm ready to suppose,
but dressed in work clothes it's the least I can do.
 Jan 15 Keli
 Jan 15 Keli
What is it that signifies that paradise yonder
In view but always out of reach?

I've grown so spoilt from love, I fall into being a child, I need to change
I've known it for years but never had to
Until I finally saw your face
I love you like you will never know

I was so lost without you, and I can
Strife and struggle for a reason now
Because I can't wait to be your man
Walking down the aisle and waiting
However long it takes for you for I know I'll wait assured,
Knowing if I'm ever gone too long you'll make it your life mission to find me
And when I see you again it doesn't matter who falls into who's arms first
I'm never letting you go
And every day onwards
I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to fret

I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to cry

I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to fear

I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to fight

I'm going to be your man.
And I'll never be weak again

I'm going to stay your man.
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