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daphne Jan 18
she was the queen who tainted her lips with the blood of her enemies before waging a war against mine.

i licked it off just to savour how truly ruthless she was.

clasping the red flag parading her midriff
like a stiffling outer corset sinners wore
justifying her heinous deeds.

but red had always been one of
my favourite colours.
Emily Lawson Aug 2020
I look at you like you hung the moon

If I’m not touching on you, kissing you, playing with your hair,
If I’m not ******* or ******* you,
You look at me like a burden, an annoyance

An itch you can’t seem to scratch
A bug that just won’t go away
A blister rubbing against your shoe

You like me best as a pretty picture on the wall
Smiling until you call for me
Obeying and loving every second of it

Even when you look at me like that

You hung the moon

— The End —