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daphne Jan 2021
she was the queen who tainted her lips with the blood of her enemies before waging a war against mine.

i licked it off just to savour how truly ruthless she was.

clasping the red flag parading her midriff
like a stiffling outer corset sinners wore
justifying her heinous deeds.

but red had always been one of
my favourite colours.
Anonymous Aug 2020
I've ignored so many red flags you'd think I'm colorblind
don't know my worth-blind.

So much potential wrapped up in the scarlet folds,
I've caught myself laundering, adding bleach
hoping the material would surrender
to my love, maybe even shrink
but everything I own is stained pink, now.

I'm left remembering a splendor
Ignoring a broken vow
Holding myself, saying it's not me
it's not you
it's a circumstance, it's timing, it's just not now.
Blame everything but the blinding—
red glow of the cloth waving in the wind
every time you show up and disappear again.

I can see now
without rose-colored glasses
your mast doesn't blend in.
You're a ship seeking harbor in uncharted territory
You want the attention, the fable, the glory
without having to try
to be better.
Emily Lawson Aug 2020
I look at you like you hung the moon

If I’m not touching on you, kissing you, playing with your hair,
If I’m not ******* or ******* you,
You look at me like a burden, an annoyance

An itch you can’t seem to scratch
A bug that just won’t go away
A blister rubbing against your shoe

You like me best as a pretty picture on the wall
Smiling until you call for me
Obeying and loving every second of it

Even when you look at me like that

You hung the moon

— The End —