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"Here are your finest days", They say
As They ****** them in my arms.
Burn my skin as they fizzle and fade,
Stain my flesh a fresh new shade,
And moving right along.
Learn the words and change the song.

Push me down the black hole
and rate my form as I fall,
Grade the scream that I call,
It's protocol

And, "Those were your finest days", they say.
As They hand me their report
Dark, scholarly and short.
"Kid, that was a pretty good run,
But here,
Here is what you really should have done."
 Jun 2015 JM McCann
Arlo Disarray
Silence has taken me prisoner,
I am no longer allowed to speak
My lips have been sewn tightly shut,
I'll have to cut holes in my cheek

My words are cursed to stay inside me
Left there in my mind to drive me mad
And when I try to let them out and go free
They've all gone rotten, nasty, and bad

There are cobwebs on my thoughts that make them sticky
And my words turn into a huge swarm of spiders
Stinging my face with venom as they run out
I try to squash them all, but they're real fighters
I hate this, but my mind made me do it.
 Jun 2015 JM McCann
 Jun 2015 JM McCann
Rain is falling.

   Thunder is crashing.

        Lightening is striking.

That's a daily;

    How can it not be?

        This isn't just a storm.

Electricity and precipitation?

    Honey, they aren't from the sky;

         Not tonight.

Tonight, you inquire?

   That's sad but simple, you see,

        The storm comes from the heart

         inside of me.

 Jun 2015 JM McCann
A Rock
 Jun 2015 JM McCann
It doesn't matter.
Don't you see?
You can break and batter,
but I'm still me.

You can punch and kick,
and shout verbal abuse,
But you don't get to pick;
I'm not a tool for your use.

I may be hurt and scarred
but you cannot change me.
You can make my life hard,
but I'm still what you see.

For better or for worse, I'm still me.

 Jun 2015 JM McCann
I don't want to fall asleep becuase I know you'll be in my nightmares

Your touch.
Your voice.
Your sly smile.

The way you always take "No"
to mean "Yes."

I fight the unconciousness my body craves to save my mind from the vicious terror that is the memory of you*

He is in my nightmares and I honestly want to stay awake forever to keep them away.
 Jun 2015 JM McCann
Why do people lie,
about such serious things?

"Your case will be looked at."
"He'll be brought to justice."
"No one is angry at you."
"It's not your fault."

Those things were said,
but I swear,
none of them were meant.
Because it's been seven months since I reported him,
and not a **** thing has happened in my favor.

My case hasn't even hit the district attorney,
and either way, I've been told it most likely won't pass.

My ****** gets to walk free;
free to violate other women,
and free for me to have to see him often
in this annoyingly small town.

My parents are ashamed.
We don't talk about it anymore;
hell, we hardly ever did.
They were angry at me.
Not him.
Never him.

All I've been shown,
is that it's my fault for letting him inside.
It's my fault for befriending him.
It's my fault that he didn't listen when I said no.

I fear this situation will never be resolved,
and I am forever cursed to carry this burden

So don't lie to me about such things.
Because I'll see the truth anyways.  

 May 2015 JM McCann
Alex Kauble
Every voice in my head is screaming so ******* loud, someone please save me.
 May 2015 JM McCann
Ming D Liu
 May 2015 JM McCann
Ming D Liu
It’s hard to pack up
old bags and make a new home
in somebody else.
I've been awake
to see the
Every day
for months now.
The early bird
gets the worm
But what about
the bird that never
went to sleep?
The traffic lights
have it out for me.
They are always
green, go.
Pushing me
to stop looking back.
I'd sell my soul
to fly South
for the winter.
If a bird stops
Singing every morning,
Will anyone notice?
I didn't mean
To hurt your ears
With all this
 May 2015 JM McCann
I think I forgot to tell you about me
but I wanted to talk about the skies!
Although I probably forgot to feed the cat
but look at those butterflies!
Please forgive me for starving the dog
I promise I won't let him die
but now everyday I just can't seem-
to stop wondering why
why everyone seems to hate
my joyous outcries
We're not poo rand we're not starving
so why do they refuse to keep on smiling
I don't see what's wrong with it
In fact it's not a sin
If you don't know how to smile
it starts from with in
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