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Escence Sep 2016
It used to be quiet here.
In my mind, but now there are voices
I find myself lost in nowhere
They always make my choices
who would I be if
my voices didn't exist?
Escence Sep 2016
I don't want to go to sleep
Sleep means being dragged into the deep
Its' arms will hold me down
Only so I will not make a sound
I scream in my head
"I am sorry"
But what I say makes
people worry.
I swear, their aren't people in my head
There's just one person
I think he wants me dead
He whispers into my ear
"please do not fear
now let's try this over again"
  Jul 2016 Escence
this whole human race is crazy
I walk upon a ground that craves me
no one ever said that this world would please you
and no one sees you

it really isn't hard to please me
but the beginning or the end ain't easy
just a due to be paid to the ground that craves you
and no one saves you
inspired by a Facebook page
Escence Jun 2016
Times have gotten pretty bad,
But it's our responsibility to get through it,
Yeah life can be pretty sad
But a solution isn't hiding in closets.

I mean sure we all feel some type of pain
But we cannot expect it to just STOP
And although some days are filled with rain
We should try to be at our top

But remember, nobody's telling you to fake a smile
Because what's the use of bringing more pain
You only have one life, so make it worthwhile
And that is all I have to say.
Get through it or get help
Escence Jun 2016
How do I create lyrics
to a song I've never heard
How do I find something
that's never been discovered
So why am I looking for something
that'll never exist
while being stuck
in my mind's abyss
  May 2016 Escence
Lark Train
Goodnight, my Princess.
Goodnight, my every hue.
Goodnight, my moon and stars above.
Goodnight, my darling, true.

Goodnight, my universe,
My everything and more.
Goodnight, my trusted faithful,
And hark to hear the score.

Goodnight, my Beautiful,
And trust my words are true
For lest the sun rise suddenly,
I'll start to write of you.

Goodnight, my single Only,
For it is to you whom I have swore
Never to lie, never to cheat,
Never to late return.

Goodnight, my dearest sunshine,
'Till dawn shall bring us to,
And dream of me, my Princess,
As I shall dream of you.
Goodnight Beau
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