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Lexilcon Condranax
M    Words carry as much power as to the ears that receive them.
18/F/The garden of words    Hi there. I'm Eve, I'm a beginner poet, so um...if you ever have any suggestions on what I could do better with writing my poems, ...
Bus Poet Stop
USA    eye am a recording device with special filters of my own prejudice. eye live in various bus stops where punctuation of life moments need not ...
19/F/lost in the realm of Ink.    Stories and poems lay here The question is what are you ready to hear?Are you ready to face the force of change Are you ready ...
DJ Brewer
Michigan    I had a strong craving to be creative and found my way back to poetry after many, many years. Thankful for this community of writers.
Darrell Landstrom
19/M/FL    If this is your first time on my profile, please read "O Friends of Twilight!" (June 7th) to have a sense of my writing. If ...

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