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Jan 30 · 115
Warrior In The Garden
Hugo Pierce Jan 30
I Don't Want To Be A Warrior In The Garden
Nor A Gardener In A War
Yet I Shall Rise To My Position
Of This, I Can Be Sure

As Steel Touches Steel
And Seed Touches Soil
Peasant In The Field
And King With The Royal

I Shall Grace The Gardens
Be The Gardener It Needs
Storm The Battlefields
Be The Warrior That Bleeds

I Hold It All Inside Of Me
Everything I Am And More
But The Garden Needs It's Gardener
And The Warrior Needs His War
Jan 30 · 81
Thank You
Hugo Pierce Jan 30
I say thank you
Thank you to the me that brought me to myself.
The one who weathered the storm
The one that suffered as waves crashed
The one who pushed on when everything seemed lost.
Thank me.
For I would not be I
if you had not been you.
Sep 2023 · 460
Melancholy Park
Hugo Pierce Sep 2023
Whispering winds, the rustling of trees,
Amidst the green, a bench and quiet pleas.
A solace found, where sorrows nest,
My weary heart, finds silent rest.

A sturdy bench, with a strong wooden frame,
Supports the weight, of sorrows I daren't name.
Overcast clouds, crowd my mind in a storm,
Here on this bench, holds melancholy form.

Searching outside, of my internal struggles,
Happiness everywhere, just me with these troubles.
Family picnics, kids play on the hill,
Friends laugh together, as I sit frozen still.

How do they do it, I can't help but wonder,
they dance in the sunshine, while I'm stuck in the thunder.
No sadness to be seen, just smiles and glee,
I can see that it's possible, but is it possible for me?

But then I remember, as the day comes and goes,
We all have our moments, our highs and our lows.
Today I might be here, sat alone in the rain,
But Tomorrow may bring me, to the sunshine again.
Sometimes, the loneliest place is in a crowd.
Jul 2023 · 72
Outgrowing Human
Hugo Pierce Jul 2023
Can one surpass the limits of their own species?
Feeling human seems like wearing a shirt, two sizes too small.
Constrained by my very essence,
I wonder, how long can skin contain spirit?

Will my soul shatter this cage of flesh and bone,
Exposing the deity trapped within?
Can my ego withstand the blow, yield control,
And let truth grace the present?

Perhaps it's wise to let death be my ferryman,
To wait with patience for the destined moment of transcendence.
Yet for now,
I choose to bask in this human experience.

I will dance, I will play,
I will dare to love with an open heart.
I will lean into life's fleeting nature,
And for now, choose to be human.
Jul 2023 · 72
The Search
Hugo Pierce Jul 2023
don't ask God, "where have You been?"
realise it's You
You who disappeared all those years ago.
the One who forgot all there ever was
Oct 2022 · 117
The Moment
Hugo Pierce Oct 2022
And for a moment, everything was quiet—
no... silent.
Nothing moved, nothing raged,
not a whisper nor wind.
A moment where time stopped at nothingness,
a perfect little moment.
Aug 2022 · 266
Hugo Pierce Aug 2022
This is not the pain of eternity
It is but the pain of a moment
A moment that will not last forever
Nothing does
Nothing can
But it is in this pain we find what has meaning
To avoid pain is to avoid what it means to truly live
Aug 2022 · 89
I Love Myself
Hugo Pierce Aug 2022
I love myself
I love who I am
I love my strength
My courage
My body
All of me
Why does it feel like I'm the only one?
Mar 2022 · 106
Waiting in line
Hugo Pierce Mar 2022
I have been in a queue all my life
Waiting in line
Everyone else is waiting too
When I feel like I am getting close
There's another reason to let someone in front
A reason to put other people first
So I stay here
Even when people cut the line
Jump in front and force me back
I tell myself
They must just need it more than me
I don't want to be selfish
But selflessness is getting me nowhere
Mar 2022 · 71
Buried Alive
Hugo Pierce Mar 2022
Only now can I say for certain
I am buried alive
How long have I been here
Festering under this dark decrepit soil
Will my body add to your density
I suppose it's only a matter of time
Escape is a futile endeavor
No clear route to the surface
Am I ascending to my salvation
Or digging deeper into despair
There are no bubbles to follow
No sounds to be heard
Nothing but darkness
Mar 2022 · 468
Wide Beatles
Hugo Pierce Mar 2022
I disconnected from the network.
It's the most connected I have ever been.
10 points if you can work out the title.
Feb 2022 · 105
You are not for everyone
Feb 2022 · 170
List of Reasons
Hugo Pierce Feb 2022
I am not doing it:
                               For you
                               For them
                               For status
                               For wealth
                               For fame
                               For proof
                               For attention

I am doing it for:
Feb 2022 · 165
What is your type?
Hugo Pierce Feb 2022
Women whom sing sad songs beautifully.
Feb 2022 · 86
Hugo Pierce Feb 2022
You are right
I am right
We are wrong
Feb 2022 · 235
Hugo Pierce Feb 2022
If it's not what we tell you
it's not the truth
Jan 2022 · 79
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
**** getting old
I'd rather die
In a blaze of glory.
Jan 2022 · 607
A poem about nothing
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
I have nothing to say
No words to give you
My mind is blank
No clever remarks
No witty retort
I won't waste your time
I'll just cut it sh...
******* writers block
Jan 2022 · 163
What a mess
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Thoughts are soda
The Brain is a bottle
Anxiety gives it a good shake
The lid is depression
Do you feel the pressure?
Jan 2022 · 64
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Effort is my safety net
If I never try
I can never really fail
My internal excuse
The eternal fail safe
Preventing heartbreak
Minimising disappointment
Even if sometimes I succeed
More often I give up
If I gave it 100 percent
What excuse would I have left
How could I brush off the pain
I can never give maximum effort
Because what if I don't have what it takes
Jan 2022 · 242
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Screams my brain
Voices pound like heavy rain
You're in DANGER
Every cell begins to panic
Feeling manic
Beating drum inside my brain
Voices pound like heavy rain
Get out quickly
Everyone is trying to trick me
You can't do this
Always in pain
Voices pound like heavy rain
Trouble breathing
Everything's fading to black
I think I'm having a panic attack
I can't see
I can't hear
Constant ringing in my ear
Losing consciousness
All that remain
Are voices pounding like heavy rain
PANIC. Living with anxiety can feel like you are drowning and running at the same time.
Jan 2022 · 143
A Derelict Heart
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Some made inquiries
Some expressed interest
Some came for a tour
Some tried to cut a deal
Some requested changes
Some ignored the listing
Some turned up their nose
Some needed more
Some looked at the beauty
Some saw Squalor
Some moved in
Some left in a hurry
Some made improvements
Some caused damage
Some wanted to stay
Some got evicted
None stayed forever
Jan 2022 · 64
White noise
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Yet as I scream into the empty abyss
All that echoes is my sorrow
Jan 2022 · 333
Lonely Cloud In The Sky
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
What are you doing up there?
Lonely little cloud
Floating round a sea of blue
Peacefully you wander the sky
So gently you glide
yet I wonder
Do you not get lonely?
Solitary little cloud
abandoned by others
Will your tears fall to land
mourning your lost friends
Can I keep you company?
Lowly little cloud
Observing your grace
I see myself in you
Envying your freedom
but living your seclusion.
Jan 2022 · 587
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
If we feel guilty
For privileges we have in our life
We all must become victims
Doomed to be resentful
Guilt breeds resentment
Fear will do the same
If we all have to make our lives worse
Exaggerating our own pain
When privilege is synonymous with race
We will always have opposing sides
The media creates this hate
Not the people
They want you to be scared
They want war
It keeps us distracted
From the socioeconomic games
The wealthy need chaos
To keep us fighting each other
Instead of creating actual change
All your Governments colluded
They want it this way
We are all divided
Causing each other pain
I know there needs to be accountability
But there must be a better way
When we are no longer angry at each other
Humanity has found it's way
Jan 2022 · 228
Real Men Don't Cry!
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Emotionally repressed
With sadness stuck inside
Mentally distressed
Just want to run and hide
Tyrannically oppressed
Our feelings are denied
Why do our eyes protest
Would be better if we cried
Generations of men will attest
Some think it'd be better if they died
That's not easy to digest
Yet in no one we confide
Pain and trauma unexpressed
Constant strength we must provide
No wonder we're depressed
Too many lost in their pride.
Dec 2021 · 498
Hugo Pierce Dec 2021
Quite is what I need
less noise
more time to read
the world needs constant attention
but the headphones help a little
give thanks to anc
I just want space to be me
I cant help but mention
my rapid ascension
up past the tallest tree
with less noise in my ears
I will overcome fears
the quite will set you free
Quite is a state of daily meditation
Nov 2021 · 278
Dare to Dream
Hugo Pierce Nov 2021
You can have anything you want.
Not Everything.
Nov 2021 · 217
Objects in The Mirror
Hugo Pierce Nov 2021
I'm done
No longer will I run
There's nothing wrong with you
it's just who you've become
Focusing on the I.
Hugo Pierce Nov 2021
People aren't good
Nor are they bad
we are all wounded in different ways
no one isn't suffering
Nov 2021 · 48
Weakening Grip
Hugo Pierce Nov 2021
I could have dance
I could have played
I could have chosen to laugh
I could of chosen to be happy.
Anger sometimes means we choose to hurt ourselves. Sometimes it means you are holding onto something that is causing you deep pain. A betrayal. A Failure. A punishment. We hold on to the pain because we feel like that's the only way people will care about us. You don't have to hold on any more. You can choose to be happy just for you, you don't need to punish yourself any more. You can choose to be happy.
Nov 2021 · 562
Open Letter
Hugo Pierce Nov 2021
means knowing what you have to do but not knowing if you can.
Oct 2021 · 440
Lead The Horse To Water
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
I can give you water
but I can't quench your thirst
I can give you food
but I can't stop your hunger
I can tell you jokes
but I can't make you laugh
I can call you spiteful names
but I can't hurt you

You must eat
You must drink
You must laugh
You must cry

I can't make you happy
I can't make you sad
I can't force you to love me
I can only give you the ingredients
but you must choose to make the meal.
Nobody can affect your spirit, good or bad, unless you allow it. Your peace, your happiness, your love is all within your control. That can be a terrifying thought but it can also be freeing. People's criticism can only upset you if you listen and allow it too. If I pay you a compliment, doesn't mean you will accept and believe it. You are in control of you.
Oct 2021 · 167
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
Roaring incandescence
racing towards me
****** me away
from this sadness
Oct 2021 · 72
The D word
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
I hate myself for loving you
You chose to sail out the door
Leaving pain for a wake
And my brother on the shore
You told him you would take him
but instead you broke his heart
I had to become man of the house
I had to take care of mum
I'm glad I barely knew you
I didn't have to see what you had done
less than 5 months old
you didn't even give me a chance
But I can't hate you
I have tried
trust me I tried
I know when I see you
I won't be able to help myself
I know I don't need your approval
but that doesn't stop me wanting it
Wanting to know
If it is possible for you to love me
Do you love me?
It is impossible to tell
you left me alone in this world
Am I supposed to think you care
you would have been miserable
if you stuck around
if you were not happy
I am glad you left
I wouldn't want that around
It doesn't stop the pain
It doesn't stop me hating myself
it doesn't stop the anger I feel
Why Oh Why
Do I still love you?
Sometimes you just have to release the words onto the page and hope that your pain is somewhat coherent.
Oct 2021 · 179
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
You can't win a battle with the world
if you are at war with yourself
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
How easy it is
to sink to the bottom
Close my eyes
and just sink
Give in to fatigue
Cease my struggling
It's hard to stay afloat
But how easy it is
to sink
It can feel like the lesser struggle to give in and let life beat us down sometimes, to stop struggling, grinding and fighting. Letting ourselves go and giving in to comfort can have a strong allure, but the plight it will cause will be the same as a drowning person giving up on swimming to shore. It may be easier to give in, but it will ensure your demise.
Oct 2021 · 139
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
I am angry
I don't know why
I don't know for how long
but I am angry
It hurts me that I am angry
I am angry because I am scared
I don't know why I am so scared of being angry
but I am angry
It is affecting everyone around me
hurting the ones I love
this makes me scared of hurting them
I am angry.
Oct 2021 · 392
Hugo Pierce Oct 2021
If I am a crying success,
might I be a happy failure?
Sep 2021 · 138
Hugo Pierce Sep 2021
She never lied
Just whispered dreams in present tense
Sep 2021 · 476
What if?
Hugo Pierce Sep 2021
What if it is me?

What if
I am what lurks in the shadows
What if
I am what scares me most
What if
I am capable of doing what others won't
What if
I am the monster under the bed
What if
I am the thing to be feared
What if
evil is me.
Many prefer to remain ignorant to their capacity for evil
Sep 2021 · 60
A Mouth Full Of Glue
Hugo Pierce Sep 2021
I stay silent
my mind filled with thoughts
everything I want to say
not even a whisper can escape these lips
nothing slips past the pearly gates
anytime these words broke free
I was met with contempt
So I stay quite
with a mouth full of glue
hoping that one day
I can stand up to you
Sep 2021 · 191
Quite Please
Hugo Pierce Sep 2021
I yearn for silence
these thoughts
these noises
Hugo Pierce May 2021
Not all dreams are nightmares
but not all nightmares are dreams
Last night I woke up
with the hallway echoing my screams

I saw you with another man
with happiness all could see
I told myself it was just a dream
not premonition of what was to be

I swore I would try harder
to be the man you needed in your life
I needed to focus on you
make you feel happy to be my wife

Today I would bring you flowers
It's wasn't much but it was a start
I thought I would leave the office early
We already spent too much time apart

I couldn't wait to get home
I rushed through the gate
I flung the door open
But I was too late.
Mar 2021 · 573
Days gone
Hugo Pierce Mar 2021
It is not enough
to be ok
Feb 2021 · 519
Opposites Attract
Hugo Pierce Feb 2021
Two different people
Too different people
How is one to know?
Jan 2021 · 99
The pillow next to mine
Hugo Pierce Jan 2021
The first time I open my eyes
Each morning, I see you lay there

Quietly sleeping with a mind full of dreams
Undisturbed by my early rise
I surrender to the moment
Enveloped by peace and tranquillity
Radiance gleaming back at me
Only now do I understand the meaning of love.
Jan 2021 · 124
Mis amigos
Hugo Pierce Jan 2021
They don't love me
They need me
But do they even see me
Dec 2020 · 60
Core Components
Hugo Pierce Dec 2020
Twas a night like this
I might say
that I felt like explaining
if I may
the difference between the sand and the stars
why some planets have water
and some are dry like mars
though some things may be different
some things the same
they are all apart
of this wonderful game
variety is the spice of life mother used to say
bestowing casual wisdom
in her own funny way
though stars and sand may differ greatly
I have examined both
in the dreams I have had lately
the closer you look the more you will see
though the atoms may change
they are no different to you and me
we might all have varying features
but we are not so different
from other creatures
the sea, the sand, the sky and the birds
we each have a home
in this magical universe
Dec 2020 · 83
Turn for the worst
Hugo Pierce Dec 2020
As a child
I always used to love the swings
begging my mum
to go higher and higher
flying through the air
the chains crashing about
addicted to that feeling
now I'm only swinging from the ceiling
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