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Chopin came to me in the night
accompanying me whilst I dream
he serenaded me with sweet melodies
carried my mind to a distant land
full of beauty and wonder
and the sound of piano keys
4d · 28
I lose myself in your eyes
tip-toeing over tender heartstrings
wandering across your mind
running through your veins
dancing around memories
peeking behind closed doors
searching for lost treasures
battling found demons
excavating my way closer to you
Oct 14 · 100
Melancholy Loam
Hugo Pierce Oct 14
My decomposing soul makes fertile soil
I'm able to provide all the nutrients you need
seeds may be sown in the rich earth
a place for you to sprout your roots
somewhere you can grow tall
only that means eventually you'll leave
you will rise up until your petals blossom
by then I won't be able to see
I will never grow into a flower
until I learn to become a seed.
                         \       --------  
                        \    /         /
         --------     \/ ------/
  \          \   /     
  \ ------ \/     
Oct 14 · 25
Contestant Number XIII
Hugo Pierce Oct 14
I was born into a popularity contest
with no hope of achieving first place
there are no consequences for not winning
but I didn't want to enter in the first place
Oct 3 · 801
One way
Hugo Pierce Oct 3
The door to my heart
does not revolve
You may come and go when you want
but you can only do it once.
Sep 22 · 71
Little Heartbreaks
Hugo Pierce Sep 22
Sitting in my local coffee shop
sipping a cappuccino with a chocolate top
Laptop out in front of me
Composing lines of poetry
As my attention diverts from the screen
across the room I see your beauty gleam
I try to carry on with my writing
but I crave another sighting
You are sitting on your own
listening to music through one earphone
Your dark eyes full of mystery
I hope they might chance upon me
I do not wish to disturb your peace
but this obsession will not cease
I am in love with your smile
I have been looking at you for a while
I finally build up the nerve to talk to you
when I see your boyfriend sit down too
Sep 12 · 65
Between closing walls
Hugo Pierce Sep 12
I am in the middle of a room called happiness
enclosed by walls called depression
borders rapidly closing in
pushing each side with all my might
forcing the walls further out

I try to create as much room as I can
I grow weary  
no longer able to drive
the walls get closer
crushing me
compacting me

I find the strength to push once more
how long can I keep it up?
Stuck in a never-ending cycle
the walls don't sustain

The more I push
the greater the fatigue
space shrinking once more
How many times can this cycle repeat
Before I let the walls close
getting crushed in defeat
Some days I have the strength to be happy, some days I don't. Searching for sustainable happiness.
Hugo Pierce Sep 10
I am a parasite with a conscience
leaching off your radiance
happiness is my sustenance
Short term elation at my hosts expense
Your love is a drug
but I am an addict
Removing your needle from my arm
Knowing I will wither without you
You may bleed from the marks I left
Though the wounds will heal
I know you will be better off without me
even if that's not how you currently feel
This will probably not resonate with many, but it may with some. I broke up with my girlfriend today, although she was pretty much the only good thing in my life at the moment. I was aware that I wasn't "In Love" but instead addicted to how good I felt around her. Although it will make me miserable, it is not fair on her to stay with her for those selfish reasons. Doing the right thing can feel awful sometimes.
Aug 24 · 141
Hugo Pierce Aug 24
solving your problems
by blowing them up, just means
you make them bigger
Violence is never the answer
Aug 21 · 84
Why do you call?
Hugo Pierce Aug 21
I am not scared of thunder
The low rumbles cause no fear
but when thunder is on the table
It's my phone beckoning my ear

I am not scared of lightning
I look at the electric sky in awe
But the candescent screen terrifies me
because of the Caller ID that I saw

I am not scared of storms
the rain doesn't make me sad
but a raincloud is hanging over me
for that phone call was from my dad

I am not scared of hail
though the crystal bullets cause pain
you have never cared about me
so a call from you hurts just the same

I am not scared of hurricanes
though I think I probably should be
I'm not here to soothe your conscience
making you feel good is not my responsibility

I am not scared of the weather
for I know that it will always fluctuate
storms don't stick around for long
neither did you for the son you helped create
Thanks dad
Aug 12 · 75
Hugo Pierce Aug 12
The darkness of the night
interrupted by the loud applause
of tangerine heat
Hugo Pierce Aug 11
I am swimming in an endless ocean
At the mercy of temperamental waters
My effort dictated by an apathetic sea
The volatile storms give reason to my struggle
But when the crashing waves cease
And the tide is still
I wonder why I am even swimming
There is no land in sight
No clear direction
Yet if I desist
I begin to drown
Sometimes I just hold my breath
Sink into the depths of despair
Just as I am ready to accept my demise
My toes brush the jagged coral
I mustn't rest on this bed
Or I'll sleep forever
I muster what little energy I have left
Launching off the seabed
Ascending through the pain
Gasping for air at the surface
Relief washes over me
I have escaped the jaws of death once more
Only to end up back here
Swimming in the endless ocean.
This poem depicts the struggles of suicidal depression. The way each day can seem like you are constantly at war with yourself just to maintain your sanity and repress the thoughts that try to take over. The bad days often better than the good because you have a justifiable reason to feel bad. Often you get tired and can want to sink into the dark place rather than fight it, but it can get so bad that you are ready to give up. Usually, at this moment you find a reason to survive and carry on. When you have reached rock bottom, it's either do or die. You work to pick yourself up and put the pieces back together, start getting out of bed, eating again and exercising, only to end up back where you started, fighting each day just to be ok.
Aug 10 · 142
Hugo Pierce Aug 10
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I tore up the rest up
So this will have to do
Writer's block
Aug 9 · 370
Good Days
Hugo Pierce Aug 9
I hate the good days
I have no reason to feel
As bad as I do
At least on the bad days, I have an excuse.
Aug 6 · 76
Water your plants
Hugo Pierce Aug 6
On every gleaming windowsill, in each sunny spot
Lives a wide array of house plants, each in a neatly labelled ***
Some need extra sunshine, others demand constant night
Occasionally they move around, bending to the light
I take care of them, satisfying all their basic needs
even go the extra mile, pruning dead extremities
Because I take such good care, they are all in perfect health
But if only I could find the time, to look after myself.
Aug 6 · 137
Hugo Pierce Aug 6
Aug 2 · 79
Early Stages
Hugo Pierce Aug 2
Is love definite and true?
My anxious mind interrogates my heart for answers,
asking for evidence of feelings for you.

How do I know when to take it to the next stage?
My heart reads no definite chapter of certainty,
offers little advice of when it is right to turn the page.

How can I possibly know if you are the one?
I do not share your confidence,
I am willing to go the distance but I don't know if I can run.

Why does this always seem so easy to everyone but me?
Love at first sight does not seem possible,
I guess this is what it is like to be dating with anxiety.
Maybe it is just me?
Jul 28 · 89
Jul 28 · 664
Hugo Pierce Jul 28
As I stroll through the summer fields
The insects enjoy their afternoon picnic
I am happy to provide.
Jul 26 · 55
Boiling point
Hugo Pierce Jul 26
I am water
in a steel pan over a hot flame
Dark thoughts bubble to the surface
Burning hopelessness
inundated at boiling point
Crying down the metal carcass
Tears drip to extinguish the flames
The restless sea begins to calm
The sting of the heat takes time to fade
How much of myself remains?
Jan 9 · 217
Hugo Pierce Jan 9
the root was missing,
but paired with the grand prefix,
depicts all I need.
Sep 2019 · 355
The Creator
Hugo Pierce Sep 2019
This is a world of my own creation
I am the architect of my own isolation
Alone at the whim of my own dictation
Forever trapped in an internal altercation
Sep 2019 · 76
The things I asked for
Hugo Pierce Sep 2019
I gave up my youth, to become an adult
Now i am an adult on my own
I gave up my time to become a wealthy man
Now i am rich and alone
I gave up my life, for what i thought I wanted
but nevertheless I was mistaken
I gave up my happiness, for what i thought was success
For which i have forsaken
The path I have chosen to venture
led to my own demise
I gained everything I thought I ever wanted
A life I created, a nasty surprise.

— The End —