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Holly Parker Jun 2018
The moment the girl listens to such music
Half a million hearts on the otherside of the universe
Explodes. Into tiny fragments swept away with the wind.
The music gives her such power and control
Making her buzz and glow more vividly than before.
If she wanted, she could hold the whole world ransom in her grasp
For she hears the music differently. Not like how anyone else could ever hear it.
The beats and melody runs through her veins
Enhancing her features and feat of strength.
With the music, she is the strongest in the universe, surpassing Gods and Monsters.
But without it, the girl is nothing
But a mere fragment of stardust.
No control or power, no words.
Without music, the world lives to see another day and all she can do is stare into the distance and wonder: "Why do I exist?:
Holly Parker May 2018
I like the dark.
Nobody can see you
Or what you are doing.
What your expression is
Or what your emotions are.
You can cry in the dark and nobody noticed until
They shine a torch in your face.
Your eyes change colour in the dark as your night vision adapts.
Like your eyes, your mood can change.
From happy to sad by watching a gut-wrenching scene.
Nobody notices.
Nobody knows you are there.
You can be so invisible in the dark,
It's like you aren't really there.
Like you've faded
From the very world and time itself.
I like the dark because I can be me
With hundreds of people
Surrounding who never notice or see.
It helps me see them for who they really are.
Whether they are truly good or not.
I need good people,
To share the light and
Pull me back into reality
When I'm too far gone.
To comfort me in times of sadness and to share my pain.
Or simply to be there.
Like I said,
I like the dark.
Holly Parker Apr 2018
Everytime someone comes by
Staring, straight into my eyes
My lips curve up wandering into a smile, waiting
For them to utter that very first note
Like a key turned in the lock
Opening my heart and spilling out oceans of secrets and dark thoughts.
The skins of my eyeballs itch, reaching out to touch
The image of the rare human
Standing right in front of me.
Tiny claws from my body reach out to pop that bullet-proof bubble embracing me,
Igniting all my flames like a phoenix.
But no.
They walk away.
Like everyone else.
Leaving me in the bottomless pit of despair
Like the dark's comapny
Hiding me like a secret
That's to be forever kept.
Holly Parker Apr 2018
The words collect
Slithering over my face
Making a mask to fall behind, to hide
Creating a wall of lies and secrets as my disguise.
Red. Black. Silver. Streamlines down my body
Embracing me into an unknown.
I'm throbbing faster. And quicker.
Words slip out of my mouth like ghosts.
Hands move and twist
Contort the darkness to come.
Holler. Yell, stamp. Scream.
Vision mists and motions rise.
Ghosts of the past!
Ghosts of the future!
Cover me with the truth.
I am not your friend.
Eat my words and rise.
I am your king.
I am the native ghost!

— The End —