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 Dec 2019 Golden Flower
An idiot is harmless,
Until that idiot falls in love,
Then they’re willing to do anything,
For the person they’re in awe of.

Whether its building a new world,
Or burning the old one down,
They’ll stop at nothing,
To give their love a crown.

Now if that love fades,
And they are left weeping,
They could take one of two paths,
Both will leave an empty heart unsleeping.

Path one is war and rampage,
Destroy everything in their way,
Path two is depression and tears,
They may cause their own doomsday.

Either way an idiot is harmless,
Until that idiot falls in love,
And if you happen to cross that idiot,
Beware for they do not care, they are deprived of---------
i might be an idiot in love.
And sometimes you have to be hit

                              with your own

                                                  Spirit Bombs... break beyond your limits.
poem by: A Slow Heyoka
Written on May 06, 2018
 Dec 2019 Golden Flower
Dear beautiful evergreen
rooted down in the field
strongly upholding itself
like it has an impenetrable shield

The one that has experienced blazing summers
and freezing winters
not only seen warfare
but watched it from the center
winds blew it west and east
but it never went left or right
had blood on its leaves
but never got into a fight

Dear beautiful evergreen
That stands there all yearlong
keep your roots rooted
and continue to be strong
 Dec 2019 Golden Flower
People say, "Count your blessings".
I say, "Give me a break!"
Tell me something I haven't heard...
There's only so much I can take.

People say, "This too shall pass..."
I say, "Oh please!"
That'll happen but in the future,
What I needed was immediate release.

People say, "Oh I've been there..."
I say, "Oh really?"
But last I checked I was talking about me.
When you asked, I thought you wanted to hear my story...

People say, "Hang in there, the light will come".
I say, "***** the light! I just needed to vent!"
You wanted to hear my thoughts...
So listen and allow me to rant!

People say a whole lot of crap.
Because they don't know any better or what else to say.
When all they needed to do was...
Be there and listen... I promise it won't take all day.
It's annoying when people give you pointless responses when all you needed was a listening ear.

It's almost like they think that their responses are the keys to the doors of enlightenment...

These responses do absolutely NOTHING! It just makes the afflicted feel small and stupid for wanting to confide in the first place.

What's even more frustrating is when they ask you about your life and problems but you end up having to put up with their experiences instead.
In very, very darky wood.
The monsters hidding under stub. In very, vety silence bog.
The devils dancing under smog.
In very, very closed cage.
No freedom non an open space.
In very, very deep abyss.
So many losts, no one returns.
Be careful before you go to darkest wood.
Avoid this place, don't go there.
One more time i'll look at rabbit.
In gold cage he sits alone.
One more time I wonder of the white fur.
One more time I touch his tail.
One more time take heavy breathing.
One more time I asking why?
One more time I whisper: Good night bunny. One more last time.
I forgive myself for the past mistakes.
I was make them too to grow up and raise.
I forgive my words, I forgive my acts.
I forgive my thorns, I forgive for marks.
I forgive for scars, I forgive for pain.
I forgive for rush was inside my veins.
I forgive for weaks, I forgive for cry.
I forgive for peaks, I forgive for lie.  I forgive myself for the past mistakes.
I was make them too to grow up and raise.
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