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  May 2019 R
s i r
The noise of silence comes for the weary,
A lullaby for the restless soul.
Some say sleep is for the wicked,
But wicked is sleep for it often escapes us all.

I dream to sink into darkness that warms me,
Cold is the light of the windows of the earth.
To find comfort in the void that envelopes me,
the lightness of being, rid of the heaviness of the world.

But the day will break before my peace,
And a piece breaks within my mind.
While the pandemonium of life slowly creeps back in,
And alas, sleep has gracefully made its escape again.

Written by s i r and r m b
Written by RMB and SIR
  Jan 2019 R
no one

has ever

been born

strong enough

for freedom.
  Nov 2017 R
Harry Roberts
Tired of the hate
Tired of the love
Tired of the heat
I'm tired of this.

All these reasons
But I breath still.
When others left
I stayed still.

Wish I moved
Or lived a life,
Loved a little
Despite the strife.

Loved solidly,
Like my back
Harbouring a knife,
My love harbouring violence.

He dwelled and it grew
In the silence,
In the dark
It grew to be
More than a mark.

He shrunk to be less that Him,
I pray to Light,
That he won't dim.

But too late, it's gone,
Hate won over
Love had lost,
He became what he was made.
Society abscent of the cost.
R May 2017
It's strange
how childhood felt
like a train ride
that would never stop
like reading a book
with an infinite number of pages

But now you're 19-turning-twenty
and the train has finally
come to a definite stop
the tracks have changed its path
and you've reached the end
the epilogue

It's time to move on
move along and grow up
step off that train
and on to the next adventure
close that book
and start a new chapter

Be brave and brace yourself
for there is more to come
beginnings can be daunting
because it also means
saying goodbye to a life
you've lived and loved.
Note to self.
Happy 20th to me.
hello adulthood I don't want to be here
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