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Sanaa Feb 2022
They say love is blind
but my melanin is not
because black skin was all that was present
when george lost his life to a cop
black stood out
when we said our lives matter
black is all they see
when injustice leaves our brains splattered
you can’t justify racism
with “i don’t see color”
because this isn’t just my skin
it’s my culture
it’s all i have left
my only sort of identity
if you don’t see my blackness
you don’t see me
Sanaa Jan 2021
Dear Police,
My skin color isn’t a weapon
Although it seems like blackness
Is a gun in a white man’s perception
We are amazing
But don’t get enough time to show it
My brain functions as good as yours
Until you use your gun to blow it
How one black person acts
Shouldn’t ruin my reputation
You purposely attack my kind
And that’s the definition of discrimination
If you just let us live
You’d learn we are plentiful
But what you really don’t understand is
My black is beautiful.
Sanaa Apr 2020
The flowers bloom throughout
Spreading spring essence
Giving all peace deep inside
Sanaa Apr 2020
A tree deep into the forest
alone in the woods
Roots deeply rooted
Keeping it in place
It wants to flow with the leaves
To a populated place
With beautiful greenery
And more branches than it’s own
A place that smells like timber
With thousands of saplings
for company .
Sanaa Apr 2020
My mind left my body
Leaving it brain dead
It still has a heart
But what’s the use of a heart
Without a head
Sanaa Dec 2019
Lift the sail
And go
Never come back
Never look back

Take the River of Freedom
Into the Sea of Dreams
Where sky's the limit
With no memories
Of the Past
No set destination
but a planned out journey
The only love
Is between
The sea and I
With it's majestic water
filling the blood in my veins
Filling the missing pieces in my heart.

Lift the sail
And go
Never come back
Never look back

Never bringing the broken me back.
Sanaa Dec 2019
Dear beautiful evergreen
rooted down in the field
strongly upholding itself
like it has an impenetrable shield

The one that has experienced blazing summers
and freezing winters
not only seen warfare
but watched it from the center
winds blew it west and east
but it never went left or right
had blood on its leaves
but never got into a fight

Dear beautiful evergreen
That stands there all yearlong
keep your roots rooted
and continue to be strong
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