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Dharker Dec 2017
I want to break free
I want to break free
If not this time
I can't keep playing
in this head spin
You created these small punctures
that let the steam out ever so slightly
I never thought this love would
be so dominating
As I stand
taking it all in
Theses jabs
are twisting in my guts
and I choose not to cry
Instead, I stand
taking it all in
Wanting to break free
Unable to let you loose
Because you want me
Dharker Dec 2017
It is a sad twist of faith
To be here in this place
Looking at pieces
That belonged to you

A weird feeling
as the moon is full
On the same day you had
made the walk down the road
                       ~Feeling the energy makes me want to cry~

As I think,

                            "What if I had been here on that day"

...Many weeks ago

Admiring the hard work
With what you had built with your time

I would of said

What my heart truly thinks

What an amazing job
You did

                                                           ­      Instead, letting time slip away
                                                                ­                             And I am here
                                                                ­       staring at the scatter pieces
                                                                ­                you had left to no one

Filling myself up with the mistakes
I should of changed
to had helped you
So one day at a time
This hurt needs to be the reason why
We change how we take people for granted
To encourage
To find time
To show love
Even to the ones you don't think need it
Is what we need to learn from
Dharker Dec 2017
Of you
To believe
In this
That I have
What you need
Open my palms
Then you'll see

That I have nothing for your hands
That to me,
A constant mystery

Closed up
Not for you to touch

Take away
Any way from this
You Can't
Dharker Nov 2017
When time says good bye
All is lost
Dharker Nov 2017
It's been awhile
Since I've expressed
What truly weighs
Down on my chest
Many years  
to have to recollect  
When you left
Memories arise
Thinking I found you
In these haunting times
Yet you are still only a ghost
That feels so real to me

With days passing
In a blink of an eye
I wonder if you would of changed your mind
Now seeing from the other side
How we all felt about your leaving

It hurts
Man does it hurt
It hurts
To see you go

Trying to smile
Yes, we have to smile
Through tears
you have left us in
Suicide- When I find myself thinking about the sadness and deep despair someone has to feel to leave so many in question. Leaving behind aches of wonderment of why. Why did they not see their worth. The love. The fulfillment of the after math of when everyone comes together because of how much you influenced them and changed their lives. To show honesty in yourself, because doing that could of changed the outcome of the decision process you thought would be an easier way out, actually effected worse than if you had just taken the time to stop shrugging your shoulders and saying you are fine when you are not.

it simply is not the answer.
Ask for help.
No one wants to see anyone they love feel like they are not wanted in this life.
Dharker Oct 2017
Cold cripst of the first
Unveiled the perfect day
Of a salty breeze teasing my senses
Glittering bouncing off
a blanket of mas blue
Speaking only occurs around me
I listen to the birds
For their wings spread for the heat  
My body lays admiring the same sun
What a day to be alive
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