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Dharker Oct 19
Tell me the difference
Show me the difference

Between you
                and I

What is it like?
To see in only
Black and white

Grey is not allowed
to linger around
in your beliefs

Tell me the difference
Show me the difference

Between you
                and I
Dharker Sep 3
Got woken in the night
by you

I felt your hand
on my shoulder

When I turn to see
What frighten me

Only thing I found
was an imprint

Of where you've been
Dharker Apr 20
Goosebumps forms

Hitting me with
Mangled pieces of old memories

Fluttering back
right to the pit of my stomach

The energy in this room has shifted
I monitor for
surrounding clues


And as if!

That exact moment of my awareness,



A bone of contention
lies this underlining lust

How can I trust…

Cloak and Dagger situation

Is it wrong?

As we envision  
how it plays out

It's within this moment

We draw our guns to shoot
Sometimes you need to dig into the pit of your stomach to find your feelings.
Dharker Apr 6
I want to believe
In what he says

It’s hard to see him
When there’s no
eye contact

Am I in your thoughts
Or do you forget......

Self absorbed
Is how you like to act

Blank stares
Words crumbled together
This mask try’s to hide
Your deepest emotions
As it’s only you, you care about

No room for me

When the night falls
Who is left?

To stand by you
When you’re all you need
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Dharker Jan 29
Why stay
if you already tried
to take small steps
with he
who is comfortable in never
more then where he sits

You know deep inside
you'd take a leap
of faith
and embrace
all new
that comes your way
Forever seeking
knowledge, growth, and being creative
Is it worth it for love
a one sided street
Being held back when you could
Let yourself free
to everything you deserve?

Why wait
if you find no happiness
where growth had reached it's peak
Is it worth the feelings
of emptiness and regret
That the potential
is and will be
as good as it gets
A bird caged
with the door wide open
Her instincts
is to fly
Yet she looks at him
and waits......
Don't hold back
Fly Away

Love will either stay behind
or follow
Dharker Dec 2019
There you sit
alone again
as I make my way over

Reaching out
to a cold touch
I've only known as familiar

My normal response
as I retract is
my heart isn't made
for you lover

Yet here I sit
With you again
Like I don't know any better

Won't you some day
Want to fuel the fire
Not drown me in ice surfaced water

Or will you watch as I fade
in your dark isolated space
Only someone in love could be this crazy to stay
Dharker Nov 2019
Glued shut lids
Mouth sealed tight
Key locked in your heart
Don't show yourself

Made all the mistakes
Bounded to those times

Still life in disguised
to blend until some time has passed

Leaving the past
Like a faded memory
that echoes in and out of my ears

Thoughts of you leaves echoes...
Glued shut lids
Mouth sealed tight
Key locked in your heart
Don't show yourself
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