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Adam Mott Dec 2016
I walked a path down to the water's edge
Where the stream diverged to a larger bay
All around me, teeming with life
The world moved on while I was consumed with inner strife
It wasn't my fault or at least I did not think as much
Rather, it was being human, the cognitive touch
For all I knew and all I thought
I'd buried the lead, gone too far
Adam Mott Dec 2016
Like lightning through the trees
Wish I could see the rest of what is around me
Maybe when I'm older
I'll understand, things can be simple
Until then
Beneath the waves I go

Whatever lies beneath is another layer gone
Nothing any one person knows
With the weight of these feelings at night
Colour and contact filtering through
A smattering of light
Nothing more

Regardless of life and happenstance
The future could be anything at all
Beauty of rising actions
Pain from the fall
Adam Mott Dec 2016
How frustrating it is to be
Existing indeterminately
             Constantly wondering
If you came out wrong

Moments in time
Capsules of hope and dread
Anxieties burning inside your head
                Never again, forever upon a trend

Mysteries of life
             Unsolvable by all
So why concern yourself so deeply
With fixing it all

Empty dreams
Insecurities overflowing
      I've tried so many times
But now it's up to you

             Time has come
And underneath this blinding light
You are a part of me
Ever absent

                                                 but more than a memory
Adam Mott Dec 2016
Shouting at the sight of me
Eyes, clothes
Nothing but rotating degrees
Covering nothing
For, now,
You all can see
Adam Mott Dec 2016
How many dreams continue to sift
The colours, the world, the memories
Moving on
Sometimes wondering where it has gone
Been in the sea, so many times
Drinking in the sun
For the right to dream of better days

The cold and shattered waves
Upon this sea of memory
Adam Mott Nov 2016
Messages come and messages go
Matching with people I barely know
Some I like and others pass the bar
None are worth more scars

People see and people know
Asking why I let it all go
Some understand a portion
Nobody really knows

Friends try and friend fail
Hoping I pull out of it
While I double down
I should let go

Gym now and gym then
Consistency, my true friend
Sweat and blood
For better days

Not okay, now I am
Through heartache and time
Found something to fight for
Is that 'away
Adam Mott Nov 2016
By all means, see through this facade
Peer into the rivers where I run from God
Evenly weigh speculation and observation
Asking yourself, "What are you doing here?"
For, even you do not know
'Though, the person in question
Is thee
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