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Cut the ropes, as they lower that archaic bridge-
Open came the rider, his dark beauty with no refusal!

As the thud fades, he rode ahead into the smudge;
Cast away by the fellow kins, for he been so mystical.

Though the good deeds by him, failed 'em hearts to budge.
For now, faith be on his own,  as he trots on a back so loyal!

Forward he goes- leaving behind the burning grudge;
To lands to conquer, his paths quite long and fatal.

Traits though common, for He's up above to judge-
Gazing at the moon, the melancholic eyes gleam in betrayal!
This is all about moving on further into your life with no grudge.
The Ripper Mar 2016
You embrace me like a loving mother
& complete my anticipation,
holding my hand all the while,
gazing into my eyes.
You lull me into rest, oh Death,
lover of flesh.

— The End —