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The moments we crossed were long forgotten;
Slid 'tween my fingers like some fine cotton;
Love you had within, yes I did missed so far;
To be Lucky alas to have had you in my car!
A last ride with a better half.
Russell Osiemo Sep 2019
If love would have had a face then yours would have been the perfect
If love would have chosen a medium then I would be lonely
Stop making excuses
why we can’t be together
and accept all the reasons
why were meant for each other
Gregory Genovese Jan 2019
(Sea of Roses)

Just standing on top of the world
Looking at life from a different view.
Angelic thoughts natatorial.
Smile radial, open doors
Allowing me to be a watcher,
Encyclopedic arms luscious
A cupola for the desolate eyes
That fray for true love and acceptance.
My ears are split for their voice of
Unanswered dreams.
I swim in their silent cries.
I sleep on a bed of Rose thorns
A young heart with an old soul.
You're the angel of my dreams
The hero of my nightmares
You're always there for me
When life's too much to bare
Abir Sep 2018
amidst all this chaos
        life was sitting in a corner
              silently anxious
                      harboring a storm within
                             waiting for love to arrive
DonWick Jun 2018
The mind plays itself on the edge of a pool, imagining its drowning. The water filled with emotions that embrace the past. The water is ice cold, lacerating the vital organs. The organs represent any hope of love and selflessness. Why do we fall into depth we can't rise above and why do we dig holes that dry us out. Within this pool is a small object circular floating on the surface giving us hope, for some, it's God for others it is a reflection of ourselves the ideal hope that life gets better. If this object somehow sinks we are hopeless and are living in hell. Why live in a state of fear when everything you fear is nothing but the failure of responsibilities. The failure to attain love, the candid dream of a beautiful life. Isn't it a form of torture to be hopeful till your demise.
The tiny drops of water hanging loosely on my hair,

These eyelashes,

It feels heavy to look through a midnight moon

My lungs collapse in a winter's cold

My tears are frozen on the inside

The blood prints of my feet...

trailing my path,

My present fails as it fades

This heart beats on

As I walk on water,

Into a sunset we call home
Superbia Sep 2017
Ticking away as you measure the hours
See the cracks on the wall and the withering flowers
You keep everything in place, you try to make it last
For every grain of sand that drops from the hourglass
A person finds out that time is fading fast
But time marches on forgetting those he has taken
If you think you can stop him you’re surely mistaken
One day you’re chasing the school bus you always miss
Then you find out you just had your first kiss
Then you have your first heartbreak crying from the lies
But time was there for you he healed your wounds and wiped your eyes
Then you find a better one and you get married
Soon you notice you have a child and she grows
Thinking that this was the child that your arms have carried
And soon...
It’s the natural order everything must die, someone passes and their loved ones cry
So spend time with the people you love the most, the ones you hold dear
For you never know your time might be near

— The End —