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Jayda James May 21
You what perfection look like
A beautiful flower that blows
The way your eyes use to flutter
Shined like a sweet rose
The way you had me locked in
And never found a way out
Til death do us part I will never let out
I wish I could change so much
Maybe I changed way to many
Sweet, friendly heart
To bitter never ending
I wish I was taught how to love
But I never figured out
To seal my aching heart
I never wanna do without
Your love it healed me
So many places scared
Locked and loaded
Never to pull apart
Your sweet loving, keeps my mind wondering
To get back to you I’ll keep plundering
I let go of pain
I let go of sorrow
Can we turn backs the hands
But fast forward to tommorow
You make life worth living
And living worth life
To settle down and fall in love
I just might
I’m in love something I thought I’d never feel again and it feels so good ❤️
Jonesy Mar 3
How am i?
You want the truth?
I'm broken
Not the type you get when you didn't get your way so you're slightly disappointed. I'm heart broken. My heart is aching deep inside my chest, it trembles because it's now coming to terms with what my brain already knows.
How am i?
I am in pain ...
I have alot of physical ailments but nothing, nothing at all compares to crying yourself to sleep, waking up from sleeping crying, going through your day crying. I've cried for 3 days now.
How am i?
I'm trying to be strong.
Why?  I know if you knew how I really feel you'll be devastated so I lie, I tell you I'm doing okay, I'm great, fantastic...while  having..tears on my you can focus on you. I went to school trying to hide my tears but then I saw my friend and I broke down. I actually gripped at my heart and I told her it hurts soooo bad. My heart was beating like normal but yet it hurt so bad. I cried so much that I accepted it, class mates passed me and asked "Are you ok?" I said "I'm great, ignore the tears I have allergies".
How am i?
I'm hurt.
So so so so so so hurt. You wanted to stop hurting me so much that you decided to break my heart instead. I hate you for that.  You promised me you wouldn't break my heart. Then why am I crying everyday, why does my heart ache, why am I not eating....why am I in such pain.....why do I feel so.... empty.
How am I?
I don't know.
I'm so many things yet nothing all at once.
I wouldn't wish heart break on an enemy if I had any.
It's one deserves to feel like they're nothing,...
No one deserves to feel broken.

                                                     ­               Jonesy 2020 (c)
This poem is in the form of a journal entry. A story of a girl who is coming to grips with being broken.
The moments we crossed were long forgotten;
Slid 'tween my fingers like some fine cotton;
Love you had within, yes I did missed so far;
To be Lucky alas to have had you in my car!
A last ride with a better half.
Zywa Aug 2019
I don't suffer, I am free
of passion, no problem
although my friend thinks so

She has a man and a child
a way to go, a long one
she hopes

My way is also long
I am healthy, but not going
anywhere, so I think

in the evenings after work: leave me
where I am, what does it matter
if I take another step

or stand still in my feelings
maybe I am too old
too cautious for the chaos

of love or ambition
maybe I am demanding
but I don't want to wait

and see what I get thrown
I am too good for that
the men tell me too
Collection “It takes a lot of tries to make a début”
Zywa Jun 2019
Being together

for a lifetime: call it love –

if it has been love.
After the book title "Liefde, als dat het is" ("Love, if that is it", 2019, Marijke Schermer)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s"
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
Soon as I saw you
I began to follow.
Without regard of home,
regardless of how many steps
it took to keep up.
I can't exactly describe what it was.
It just felt natural,
to follow you.
My legs moving twice as fast
This need to fall in love in the palm of your hand.
I felt a sense of need.
An overwhelming sense to bump into your leg until you noticed
This piece of me that felt something was missing.
To follow your every command, be accepted as I am.
For now I am enjoying this stroll.
This trot hoping you'll notice everything I see when I look at you.
What ever you ask of me
My life made whole in a glimpse.
I don't know exactly what it was that made me follow you,
But I am glad I did.
Until I am old and gray.
I will always follow you
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2018
At the end of the day I can't think of a better place.
A solemn moment.
The clutter of all my favorite things.
I lay uneducated, amassed in comfort.
In lieu of scented furniture.
She's with me where ever I go.

A populous of
Things which I notice, not being home in a while.
Conscious to where I lay my head.
A notion only the homeless truly understand.

A nostalgia of born necessity.
I am ignorant.
Realizing only now.
I needed not wait to feel,
The clutter of all my favorite things.
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2018
My love for you isn't just a feeling.
It's a civilization.
It's a group formed in unorganized noise.
A commotion of expression purposely existing
the sole purpose of you.
Living & breathing.
A jumbled language overheard.
Stenciled with each patter of foot.
Every horn honked.
Each lane clogged with the thought of you.
A foundation built from the ground up
in means to explore.
A stone age modernized.
Misinterpreted by the desire of fire.
Built upon.
Built into the tallest building, which I call your name.
My love for you is like the plane that flies overhead.
Roaring loud in repetition.
Tedious nooks & crannies.
Places to shop, things to see.
All the things I see when I look into your eyes.
My love for you a province of sorts.
The smell seared in a pan. Best served on a plate for two.
A mix of different pastas, vegetables.
Fried in upbeat cafe, different aromas.
The chit chat different versions of me.
Complimenting the very essence of you.
A new building erected with cranes and steel beams.
Plastered dry wall.
Soon opened for your arrival

— The End —