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Balaguer Jul 2020
The vision is unique and deserves praise.
How can you send vibrations without saying anything?
Frequencies have nothing on you,
As you step,
the world stutters in front of you.
Despite the energy in the air,
you control the mood swings.
I am outside of my body,
looking into a mirage,
looking at you.
Come back to life,
It's easy to fall out of love,
hold my hand,
hang tight.
Seat belts could save your life
You are the seatbelt never fastened.
I am the car whose life means

Perhaps time will tell
Balaguer Jul 2020
No one will ever know how much I miss the rays of the sun
Give me the square root of pi,
there is an approximate estimate.
You will never believe that I love you,
how sad is it that my life has to go on?
If I had one wish for my entire life,
I would skip this life to see you again.
when will you leave my heart?
my heat,
I received your sunlight like a violet
where are you?
Your passion for me made
the grass zephyr,
I am the grass,
withering away.

I lost sight
May. 7th, 2015 02:09 pm
Balaguer Jul 2020
It's easier to walk in between the doors of hell
Resilient and motivating
heaven is repulsive
Ditch the two dead birds
bald dead deer still bleeding
and angry white wolves
Subliminally content with the context
your out of context is much more subjective
keep walking

I used to know
Balaguer Jul 2020
The energy in the air has found wind,
it took off
Looking back was only
The whole time, it was only
Now the days off,
look like every other
The sun wasn't lying,
The moon kept it secret
all this time,
a lie.
Feelings of butterflies,
with vivid ideas
the lamentation

Things are never as they seem to be
Balaguer Jul 2020
It was art
intuitively we aspire
I reminisce upon the reflection of your face
a garden of angles
Japanese cherry blossoms in their trees
your aura
was layers of white clouds
the sun was over it.
It was brighter as I looked.
I closed my eyes
to see
a bright star in the sky,
when I think about your face,
I melt
like birds looking for food
and find themselves inside
a snake's
Balaguer Jul 2020
And there I saw your face in the high waters,
it was ugly.
I hated it because you discovered,
the real me.
Unselfish and wanting to distribute,
unconditional love,
falls short of an expression.
I lost the sight of you along the hot water
it was love
it looked like

Mysteries of the Earth
Balaguer Jun 2020
Driving tractor-trailers,
We switch gears because we feel the gear is giving out,
because there is a hill or curve approaching.
We learn that we are to inspect our tractor and trailer before
after each trip.

In life,
our tractor motor is our soul,
our body is the tractor.
We are driving along the road of life.
Some of us are still learning how to switch gears.
Many of us don't know when a curve is approaching,
nevertheless a hill.
Many people inspect their bodies,
forget they have a soul.

Happy Driving!
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