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we talked about the future like it was already here
like tomorrow would be the day our life started
it felt like i could reach out and touch it
and my skin grew warm from the sunshine woven around my heart

I'm just another
Voice mail..
Unanswered E-mail..
Unheard prayer ..
Whisper on a scream..
Back burner bygone..
Stumbling block..
For those I was once loved by
And there for
I forgive them
And move forward
Towards a happy ending
I pray you do the same
After all
That's what good people do!
Traveler Tim
Enjoy life and harm no other
Simple Wiccan Creed!!
I want to write my own story
But sadly I only hold the pen of a poet
Not the pen of destiny
Sometimes I have to take a deep breath,
and remind myself that i'm not breaking,
only growing
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