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you’re everywhere  
at first a breeze
you’re bearable
then a tornado

that’s a good comparison

because all of a sudden you’re gone
and all that you leave me with are
broken window panes
and debt
the world flipped upside down i’m
walking upside down i guess its
alright but
i’m starting to get dizzy
and i miss gravity i
want to feel

i look up at the grey film of sky
there’s no light to make my eyes
look anything other than ***** snow
open my mouth
let the snowflakes melt on my tongue
a tear falls from my eye
but freezes halfway down my cheek

i take off my coat, my shoes
and i stand still
frozen in film noir
the wind whispers frigid nothings in my ear

sun tries to make his way
through cloud’s bleak winter parlor
to warm my rosy face
and chase the snowflakes in my hair
she will not let him
ha, they must be fighting

but i don’t mind
thank you sun
for your consideration
but i don’t think i can get any colder
than this
i write erratically now
        if my poems had heartbeats
                                                    they’d murmur

           they’d whisper to me
tell me to stop looking around so much
                       and focus on a something or

            a someone
                  to create with my words
      but I can’t help it

                        there are too many beautiful
                   and terrible things
    this world holds too many metaphors

    i am afraid i will never find them all before i go
                                         so i cannot stay still
                        i write erratically now
your eyes are colder now
they make my
leaves wither and die
it hurts  
i wasn’t prepared
for the weather change
isabel mayaka Feb 27
You ruptured the pattern, you know
Your spontaneity
Your free verse
Became my routine
Then, just like you pushed your way
Into my heart
Something pulled you out of it
After you played with the strings
And made music

Now I have to go back to
The way things were before
Without you
And try to ignore the fact
That my heart now beats
To your song
Whenever I think of you
It’s catchy
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