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 Oct 1 Ayan Roy
I love sitting-on-park-bench like moments wishing I could suspend time indefinitely and I guess these are the kinds that stick with you and paint memories you dream could last a lifetime.
we talked about the future like it was already here
like tomorrow would be the day our life started
it felt like i could reach out and touch it
and my skin grew warm from the sunshine woven around my heart

Many emotions
Lack of solutions
The hurt and pain
Caused by you or to you
Shrouded in mystery
The pain never alone
Whom to please
Yourself or others?
What’s understood
And not
It’s no more important
Leaf out of the crowd
To the lake, a breath of fresh air
Is all it takes
To ease out the nerves
Drift  to a place of calm
peace and solitude
And around
Just writing away
 Sep 13 Ayan Roy
I'm just another
Voice mail..
Unanswered E-mail..
Unheard prayer ..
Whisper on a scream..
Back burner bygone..
Stumbling block..
For those I was once loved by
And there for
I forgive them
And move forward
Towards a happy ending
I pray you do the same
After all
That's what good people do!
Traveler Tim
Enjoy life and harm no other
Simple Wiccan Creed!!
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