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Ayan Roy Jul 16
A promenade in the midnight rain
Amidst the solitude
Of a wandering mind
Racing through a crowd of emotions
Waiting for us to find
The wrong and then the right

A promenade in the midnight rain
Amidst the solitude
Of a wandering mind
Comes the footsteps
Of a thousand minds
Running in the mud
Dancing in the sand

A promenade in the midnight rain
Amidst the solitude
Of us wandering minds
A lady sings
For all in her sight.
Ayan Roy Jul 16
My shoes are red
And so are your's
That's all I could think
To say I am in love with you.
Ayan Roy Jun 14
It's raining between the worlds.

Drops of sugar in the air
And the windows glazed with trust.

People fighting on the streets
Their blood colouring the rest.

The eyes are for the blind
But that's what they say.

It's raining between the worlds
Bullets and roses all come to greet.

"Shake the hands of what you may please"
Taking the hands we try to free.

Money is just a paper to fill your pocket
And your pride,
But it also keeps their hands clean
While we check our dimes.

But these must be lies,
That's what they say
Or else why would we live in a world we fake

What do you say?
  Jun 11 Ayan Roy
Karen Lang
For us to learn
We must let go of our need to be right
For us to let go of our busyness
We must learn to become still
For us to learn our truth
We must surrender our control
For us to heal
We must admit we are sick
For us to live fully
We must accept that we will die
I wrote this during the grief of our 9 year old son's death. It's from my book COURAGE.  Grief has taught me so much about life.  Grief revealed a truth that I did not see until I faced death.
Ayan Roy Jun 6
A blurred up nightscape
Brushing past the eyes
Wind rolling through the windows
And the tears way past dry.
The old V8 knew it's way
The past, present and dust on the trail.

With the Sun starting to set
The horizon came near, in the distant mile.
But still afar,
From the place
In the mirror by my side.

Or so I thought.

That evening had it's beauty
The sky was clear and the road empty.
The dial on the speedometer started to rise
As I gave it all to get past this
Last mile.
I just didn't wanna look in the mirror.

Her arms waving to me
For one last time.
Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.
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