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657 · Oct 2020
Legion Of Wolves
The Gray Wolf Oct 2020
The time is now
Prepare to fight
We move as one
Under dead of night
We hit the ground
Without a sound
Everywhere we look
There's evil abound
The hunt begins
We absolve your sins
Don't take us lightly
We're not jester's and fools
Warriors of God
The legion of wolves
323 · Nov 2020
Tears Of An Angel
The Gray Wolf Nov 2020
As I watch the rain
Fall from the sky
I wonder
Is that the tears
From an angel's eyes
What did we do
To make you cry?
Sometimes I wonder why we as humans are capable of such beauty on one hand and then such evil on the other be loving and be kind.❤️
241 · Aug 2020
On This Night
The Gray Wolf Aug 2020
One last time
A final kiss
An eternal love
A night of bliss
I have one night
Before I die
A perfect way
To say goodbye
A tribute to those who have loved and lost a loved one to the afterlife.
162 · Apr 2021
Missing You
The Gray Wolf Apr 2021
I miss your face
I hear your voice
They’re in my heart
And that’s my choice
If you were here with me
I would listen to your plea
I know what you
Would say to me
I know you’re scared
And feel alone
And the house we built
Doesn’t feel like home
It’s ok to cry
Once in awhile
But remember our love
Is what made you smile
Move forward
Don’t look back
My love don’t let
Your heart turn black
143 · Jul 2020
The Weeping Rose
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
In the garden
Towards the wall
There stood a rose
So proud and tall
The sun would shine
Way back when
But this is now
And that was then
For my garden
No longer shines
The roses petals
Now decline
For it knows
That you're not there
A carried burden
It does share
For in itself
No longer cares
122 · Oct 2020
Heavenly Light
The Gray Wolf Oct 2020
You said you
Would come back soon
So I waited here
Under light of the moon
The bad news came
It must be a mistake
At that moment
My heart did break
They said you were gone
Where the angels fly
That night a part
Of me died inside
So here I’ll wait
Each day and night
Hoping to catch
Your heavenly light
95 · Nov 2020
Empty Spaces
The Gray Wolf Nov 2020
All I see is a place
A place where I
used to see your face
No that place
Is an empty space
I miss your warmth
And your embrace
89 · Oct 2020
Never Apart
The Gray Wolf Oct 2020
Two different worlds
You and I
We would tell stories
Of days gone by
Time has passed
And so have you
So I face each day
Alone it's true
I can no longer see you
But you're in my heart
Together always
Never apart
79 · Oct 2020
In You I Trust
The Gray Wolf Oct 2020
I will not fall
Nor shall I fail
I will not be the hammer
On the final nail
In you I trust
In your strength I abide
I will make it through
To the other side
67 · Aug 2020
The Gray Wolf Aug 2020
Sweet sultry lips
Soft curvy hips
She kissed him firm
In leather and lace
Ran her hands
Across my face
The perfect woman
In every way
Their love
The perfect mix
Of power passion play
The heart wants what the soul desires.❤️
66 · Oct 2020
Noble Heart
The Gray Wolf Oct 2020
Fate took away his noble heart
Tore his perfect world apart
You chose to drink and drive away
Your selfish act took my beloved away
I cannot understand
Or fathom why
I was forced to say goodbye
Alone I sit
Stare at the sky
Night after night
Alone I cry
65 · Jul 2020
The Age Of Light
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
You held back tears
For many years
People saw the smile
But knew not your fears
Darkness now gone
Head no longer spinning
Now’s the start
Of a beautiful beginning
No more struggles
No more fights
Now comes the age
Of love and light
59 · Jul 2020
Hallowed Ground
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
Your words are empty
But I’ve a story a tell
So come and face me
At the gates of Hell
Don’t push a warrior
Into a fight
For my hallowed ground
You stand on tonight
This doesn’t end well
It’s fate you see
For the only standing
In the end is me
53 · Jul 2020
A Better Place
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
Pulses racing
Hearts are beating
Soon two lovers
Will be meeting
A passionate kiss
A warm embrace
Their worlds will be
A better place
Never again
Will they roam
For together they’ve found
A place called home
46 · Jul 2020
Pull Me Under
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
Thoughts of you
Run so deep
If I am dreaming
Let me sleep
If I’m awake
Don’t let me slumber
For this true love
Has pulled me under
41 · Jul 2020
Animal Kingdom
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
The wolf stood quiet
At the top of the hill
His kin stood with him
The night was still
The animal’s gathered
Members of the tribes
The animal kingdom
Was very much alive
We’re under attack
The wolf did howl
Mans intentions
Were running afoul
It’s time to put
Differences aside
We will send a message
Far and wide
This is our kingdom
It is our home
Where we live in peace
Are free to roam
The point I make
In you I confide
In the animal kingdom
We are one tribe
40 · Jul 2020
I Am The Calm
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
I’m a raging fire
Or a gentle breeze
Amongst the chaos
I’ll put your mind at ease
I am the calm
Inside the storm
On the coldest of nights
I’ll keep you warm
39 · Aug 2020
The Forgotten
The Gray Wolf Aug 2020
A forgotten warrior
Fading light
A fallen star
A dying knight
Screams from the darkness
So loud I shout
But no matter the cries
Nothing comes out
Then from the dark
A light did shine
Take my hand
Come be mine
You'll never suffer
No more pain
Come home warrior
Feel the love again
38 · Jul 2020
The One Who Knows
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
The one who knows
The one that sees
The one who truly
Understands me
The one in a distant land
The one who held out her hand
In the end a heart that’s true
Is the one who will always love you
37 · Jul 2020
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
I lay back
And gaze the stars
The mind does wander
And drifts afar
I’ve seen many places
Seen so many faces
But no matter where
My feet do roam
It’s with you
Where my heart
Feels truly at home
35 · Jul 2020
Along The Shore
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
Crashing waves
Along the shore
A perfect night
Couldn't ask for more
Then from the dark
I caught a sight
A beautiful haze
Of angelic light
She came to me
Then whispered close
The thing I needed
To hear the most
32 · Jul 2020
The Vow
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
He sees her  eyes
Through a veil
The road was long
But they prevailed
As sunset comes
They spoke their vows
All that mattered
Was here and now
Destiny awaits
A beautiful endeavour
And it started with the words
Always and forever
28 · Jul 2020
Fade To Black
The Gray Wolf Jul 2020
You saw the twinkle
In his eyes
But the shining stars
Now all but die
Breathing shallow
Heartbeat does lack
The light within
Now fades to black
One final look
Into the sky
To seek the place
Where angels fly
One final breath
Oh so deep
As he exhales
To an eternal sleep

— The End —