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One last time
A final kiss
An eternal love
A night of bliss
I have one night
Before I die
A perfect way
To say goodbye
A tribute to those who have loved and lost a loved one to the afterlife.
A forgotten warrior
Fading light
A fallen star
A dying knight
Screams from the darkness
So loud I shout
But no matter the cries
Nothing comes out
Then from the dark
A light did shine
Take my hand
Come be mine
You'll never suffer
No more pain
Come home warrior
Feel the love again
What if all my agonies
would drift away
Along with the dandelions
I blew just now?
"I blew the dandelion
And the tiny parachutes drifted to a land they had never known "

--- My old poem on dandelion.
Just wanted to share...
Dandelions have a special place in my heart..somehow...little memories are connected to them:)♥
poetry in disguise
soothing for the soul
thousands of playlists
waiting to be explored
We don’t need Music
And how
It embodies, captivates,
To know that each other and
Ourselves have
And are a
Majesty in reverberating
As we
On a country lane.
Even when no one
Is listening to
Us, Melody, or better;
a sensation of & in it,
Our silence contains
In one thought
More chords and stories
To be played than
The world’s bonding
To the audibility
Could ever do
And draw the greatness

Like violin, I’m
Such honey-laced strings
In swiftness
Thinking and by lips

As. Like.
furious heartbeat
tremendously stands
On a thrilling stave
So do us at the sunset
As a dance.
As a thrilling epiphany

I always imagine becoming Revolution soon to come
As departure through a heather field,
Hands raised in elegant victory
Decreasing I into horizon
as lilac, blue and copper scarlet
Infused with that painting
As I sound Violin.

Of the flaming presence we (or at least I)
Set in tremendous song beats
Of no words or yes.
We don’t need to hear Music
To know this upholding
Takes place in us in every minute
That we stand (of, on)
Sweet sultry lips
Soft curvy hips
She kissed him firm
In leather and lace
Ran her hands
Across my face
The perfect woman
In every way
Their love
The perfect mix
Of power passion play
The heart wants what the soul desires.❤️
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