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  Jan 2017 Unnoticed Notes
It's 4:02 am
And I'm craving your mesmerizing brown eyes more than ever,
the ones you never liked and the ones you wanted to change badly.
But you never saw them with my eyes,
you never realized they had a compelling and authentic power...
Your dark brown eyes could wake anybody up more than dark coffee ever did,
they fulfilled you with electricity, magic and colorful butterflies in your chest.
Your dark brown eyes told stories,
ones you could read over and over and you'd never get tired of it,
ones that awed you more than an Ernest Hemingway book ever did
Your eyes were a mystical dark brown
with shades, nuances and hues that could resemble the dark depths of the center of earth.

And if he looks at you the way he looks at me, oh those dark brown eyes have the overwhelming spell of freezing you
into a trance full of freedom and euphoria, and there, right there
you'll find stars floating and lighting up the galaxy's edge and the center of the universe, but only if you look closely enough.
  Jan 2017 Unnoticed Notes
Brianna Ki
Her heart only has so much room
So many moved in and moved on through

Leaving stains that bruised.

She does her best to clean the rooms
But feels ashamed she had to move on too.

She's afraid to re-open the wounds
What if they can't handle what she's been through?

What can her poor heart do?
  Jan 2017 Unnoticed Notes
Is it the playful chase
The innocent discovery
The carefree connectivity
Of our youth

Is it the outlined criteria
Designed and designated
Set by our dreams and goals
Set in stone to crumble

Is it that freeing moment
When we just knew
When I stood by his side
Through to death

Is it the messy memories
Of a drunken misfits dream
Leading us through the desert
To another bar of separation

Is it the calm convenience
The perfect formula for peace
The support we always craved
Which lacks desire

Or is it the wolf
That shattered all my illusions
Fostered my delusions
Shook me from my place of love

Cracked my DNA
Birthed my fear
Killed my nostalgia
Fueled my obsession

I don't know what love is after all
Does the Wolf hunt the bird as the bird pesters the Wolf from her place low in the sky?
  Jan 2017 Unnoticed Notes
I don't just wish and crave for ****** ******* with you.
I need and desire my spirits to die little deaths with you too.

I don't just wish to know if U saw me in your dreams and found the petals between your legs wet in the morning.
I need to know how and when U swam upstream in your life when U had to.

I don't just wish to know if you'd sleep with me.
I need to know if you would let me lick your tears too.

I don't just wish to rest my head on your ******* and kiss them.
I need to know if you would rest your head on my shoulders too.

I fell in love with your intellect before I saw how beautiful you are.
You may be a lot of things but you're not a mad hatter..

But I would be lying to both you and me if I were to deny that I find you deeply ****** and claimed not to lust for you.

I would be dishonest to myself and you if I said that I only loved your heart and did not moan thinking about you.

Now, do I love you? Yes my dearest friend I do love you..

I'd scribbled this on a slow day at work.. It lacks rhythm n isn't very good.. But there you go.. Any feedback will be appreciated.. Thank you..
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