thank you for the gift of microwave,
Peter Balkus

Dear Lord,
thank you for the gift of microwave,
I could possible be able to live without you,
but I wouldn't be able to live
without her.

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Apr 7, 2014

I act brave sometimes
But I’m not
And I think I’m being microwaved
Boiling from the inside out
I shake inside
And on occasion on the outside too
I act brave sometimes,
But I have an image to uphold,
So I don’t let them see me cry,
Or laugh.
When will the electrons explode?
Cover me up
I’m splattering about

March 27, 2014
ese last few days counting down and the microwave's digital display bleeping, sludge disc
PJ Poesy
PJ Poesy
Dec 30, 2015

As molecules of cellophane and plastic plate mix with cheesy mire of microwaveable dinner, I make excuse in my mind and apologize to my already over-compromised liver. It's simpler this way, or at least excusable for this moment. 56 dead in Garland, Texas, I think I can be thankful a tornado has not turned my world upside down, whilst biting down on tv dinner rations. Still I think, can 2015 end any faster? These last few days counting down and the microwave's digital display bleeping, sludge discriminating who shall be taken. It's all so guarded and circumspect. Please, if there be an element of good, may the new year know it.

It's been a rough one.
Of oversized microwave ovens
David Alexander Jackson

Penelope Cruz
Used to muse
On the use
Of oversized microwave ovens
In the covens
Of Barcelona.

Give them their due
They know how to imbue
Broomsticks with fresh belladonna!

Our love is like a microwave
Sarah Kunz

Our love is like a microwave
We nonchalantly recognize its presence   And we happily utilize it everyday
Yet we rarely sit and ogle upon the magic it contrives.
The beguiling beauty of the zappy microwave.

Whilst bumbling around the 12 hour work day an anchoring and ardent appreciation for the microwave sprouted. And thus some Sarah scrum doo dab drivel was born.
Liam Lost
Liam Lost
Jun 13, 2012

You can have
your microwaveable
ready-made love
I am still pre-heating my oven

(c) June 2012
The microwave heats
Cecelia Francis

The microwave heats
but leaves a cold seep in the
middle of the meat

Microwave myself away
Nicholas James Berlincourt

Pajama pants

milk in glass

watching clocks that don’t move fast




the same.

Microwave myself away

past the unsettling thoughts

into the very daunting forefront.

May I never sing like an angel again

For you, and no one else that cares

for more than a drink and a meaningful stare.

Mar 29, 2014

Microwaves are better in the daytime
where there is noise to block the beeping
and sound to mask the hum.
No one is awake but me
as the frozen Indian food heats up
at a time too late for dinner.

I pass the minutes,
watching the blinking countdown,
thinking of all the chances you had to kiss me.

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