Marshall Gass
Marshall Gass
Aug 5, 2014

behind the glass door things happen
to stay behind the glass door
until things have happened.

don't ever stick your hand
into the magic happening
or else a bubbly bone will remain.

dont even try putting a golf ball
in to cook
or an egg
because only egg heads do that.

behind the glass door
water droplets use vibrators
and get superhot
you are not supposed to watch
but you do anyway.

don't get zapped
when you are not looking.

Author Notes

© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, 8 days ago

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Microwave myself away
Nicholas James Berlincourt

Pajama pants

milk in glass

watching clocks that don’t move fast




the same.

Microwave myself away

past the unsettling thoughts

into the very daunting forefront.

May I never sing like an angel again

For you, and no one else that cares

for more than a drink and a meaningful stare.

Christopher Mellon
Christopher Mellon
May 11, 2012

my love life and meals
are embarrassingly similar.
Except, every once and awhile,
I dine out! In the spirit of the fifties!
when men were men, and cars were fast
before easy instructions, and lonely, lonely, beeps.

Your microwave can cook you a meal in 30 seconds.
C J Baxter

Programmed beats program the dance.
Gift cards and bottoms shape the romance.
Their channels channel the thoughts
that twist innocence and have purity caught.  
They give us pat rhymes over and over in aa bb.
They give us the truth right where we can see
it, but make it the less favourable option.  
Don't go to sleep in what'll be your coffin.
Don't rush to speak, or speak to often
of things you know nothing truly of.
Your microwave can cook you a meal in 30 seconds.
But when you eat that way, food for thought has no lesson.

The terrible irony being, that I wrote this in about 30 seconds. ahaaa
Apr 7, 2014

I act brave sometimes
But I’m not
And I think I’m being microwaved
Boiling from the inside out
I shake inside
And on occasion on the outside too
I act brave sometimes,
But I have an image to uphold,
So I don’t let them see me cry,
Or laugh.
When will the electrons explode?
Cover me up
I’m splattering about

March 27, 2014
Aug 22, 2013

the difference between the way
i cooked and the way you cooked
is that you would get everything
ready first and I would pull things
from the fridge as I went, you made
everything from scratch but the one
thing I taught you was how to make
perfect kraft macaroni

(c) Brooke Otto
Bombing in the microwave
Peter Christian Ness

Chew the water, and don't breathe the air
You weave Apocalypse in your loom
You paint Armageddon on your easel
Black watercolour
Made from human ash
Bombing in the microwave
The embers will die, and the winds will cease
Like the fingernails of a corpse
Trudge into malevolent oblivion
Convinced by the impotent fallacy of happiness;
Generation Nuclear Apathy
Generation Destiny Liquidation
...And the minute counter ticks away...

Eliot was wrong
This is how the world ends
This is how the world ends
This is how the world ends
Not with a whimper
But a bang.

The Crimea-situation and military mobilization has the doomsday clock ticking down to World War III, and a slight tingling fear creeps up my spine.
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