hazem al jaber
hazem al jaber
2 days ago

Adorable chocolate...

melt me...
melt me as a sweet candy ...
sweet chocolate...
that chocolate which you adore...
chocolate that you never be shared with anyone..
only you and your lips...
melt me...
taste me as your adorable chocolate...
start from the first of your lips...
till you get me there..
there between your tongue and throat..
keep me there to stay..
stay giving you a sweet nectar from me...
there keep sucking me as that chocolate which you adore...
keep do...
don't stop...
till you get the last sweetest drop of me...
melt me...
be drunk of the chocolate which i am giving you now...
are you drunk now..??...
did you got ...
are you melting now ...
as i'm drunk of you ...
my sweetheart ...
my adorable chocolate...

hazem al ...

Isn't mystery and excitement what we all want?
It's what I want

I want to laugh till my tummy hurts,
Kiss till I can't feel my lips,
Fight till all we have to do is make love

I want a piece of passion every day,
A piece of love,
And a piece of chocolate

I long for power and loss of power,
Games, but still safety
I long for openness and honesty,
Authenticity and approval,
Sex, lust and pleasure,
Love, passion and betrayal

I want opposites, yet the same
I want both, and still just one
I want him, but her too
If I'm making any sense, is up to you.

#love   #kiss   #life   #lust   #mystery   #sex   #erotic   #chocolate   #opposites   #excitemeny  
Mar 16

Tian is five
Tian is lonely
Tian has no friends
She's locked in her room
The clock is a close companion
She watches it count down to noon
With a piece of chocolate in her hand
She stares at the red balloon.

I'm seven now
I 'm locked away
My parents shame
Their secret child
I live alone in this room
and I know no one
But this  balloon
The red, round balloon
That's lived for three days
The red, round balloon
I hope you stay
I'll give you chocolate
That's all I have
My names Tian
and I'm lost

the three random words are balloon, clock, and chocolate. Tian is the child that her parents never wanted. They were hoping for a boy, but got a girl. They locked her away as punishment, although she did nothing wrong. They show a little pity, and each year for her birthday they give her a balloon and chocolate.
Tian is  a very smart girl, and she knows why her parents do to her what they do.
Should I make a second part to this?
#friends   #lonely   #scared   #lost   #red   #clock   #balloon   #chocolate   #tian  

Chocolate is sweet
and so good to eat
I like it whenever
I need a good treat.

#sweet   #eat   #chocolate   #treat  

My eyes look for you ,
I can easily recognise your scent  ,
From miles away .

I feel a pull , my legs take me to you .
I crave for you ,
Whenever I am sad and alone  .

You make me happy,
Make this life easy,
Give me hope to go through difficulties

Though your taste is bittersweet
sometimes dark , sometimes light
But having you near is a delight

I do not know
what i'll do without you,
My beloved Chocolate .


Once upon a time…

There was a Chocolate bar...

Seeking for artistic inspiration…

Had the boldness to mess up my brain...

Designing me a heart infection.

Was it all fiction?

Maybe it was or maybe not…

Like my 1st addition...

The Winter is gone,

Shattered Storyboard.


Angie S
Angie S
Feb 15

roses smell of sugar and spring
but they will wilt and wither if they are not new.
chocolates taste creamy and bitter and sweet
yet they too will disappear; they simply won't do.
diamonds sparkle with the beauty of the earth
but even they dull in comparison to you.

when i have woes weighing on my heart
you listen, and that's enough

one day late, oops. i hope everyone had a great valentine's day c:
Feb 14

When Feb-the-fourteenth calls,
Behead the roses for the cause.

And when the crimson colour blooms,
Crush the cocoa and milk-infuse.

The day the diners rub elbows,
Mine the gold for knee-bent shows.

When the need for romance spikes,
Pay for words that Hallmark writes.

And let the men show they care,
One single day per-calendar-year.

It beguiles that this day exists,
Where expensive gifts outshine a kiss.

Do you mind if I just make a pact?
To love today, tomorrow, beyond and back.


#love   #dead   #roses   #romance   #day   #tomorrow   #valentines   #chocolate   #today  
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
Feb 12

A bubbling goodness,
and some simmering heat,
like the melting of heaven
that just can't be beat,
intoxicating wafts,
so sickeningly sweet,

In swirls of deep Cocoa,
and fresh Vermont cream,
my homemade hot chocolate,
is like sipping a dream,

A warm and delicious place to escape,
come in from the cold of the world,
in a ball on the couch,
where I sit and I sip,
with my cat where he is,
as he's curled,

He's up on my lap,
as I give him a pat,
on his thankful and sweet little head,
and I say that I'm thankful for all
and for our comfy warm little bed,
and I watch it snow - at last,

I listen to music that's alive in this place,
a friendly sweet smile comes to my face,

I say me a thank you,
to whoever will hear,
I hear comfort whispered again in my ear,
and I feel a beautiful moment of peace.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Escape... Ugh lol sorry I've been away with family stuff poets hope you are all well x - Vermont

Yes, I admit it
I am that typical girl
Who waits for the prince
To show up

And in my dreams
He rides a horse
And brings roses
And chocolate

Please, stop!
Before it's too late
Listen now
What if...

The prince is
Terrified of horses,
Allergic to roses
And disgusts chocolate?

Life is not a fairy tale!
Why didn't anyone
Tell me that the world
Is not a cliché?

Just some 11.24 pm thoughts
#love   #dream   #world   #roses   #prince   #stop   #chocolate   #horse   #clich  
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