Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
15 hours ago

Sentimental for remembrance
of childhood presents
of chocolate segments
with orange scents

I don't know about your childhood but in Manchester in the 1970s, eating a chocolate orange was the epitome of sophistication
Pagan Paul
Pagan Paul
Dec 20, 2016


Hey guys.
Listen up.
I know the Word.

The One Word.

The One Word
that will get
any woman
wanting It,
panting for It,
craving It,
Gagging for It.

The One Word
that will have
any woman
wrapped around
your finger.
after It.

my friends,
that Word is...


© Pagan Paul (20/12/16)

Chocolate, nothing tastes better than rich creamy chocolate.
Such a delight, brown chocolate skin woman how sweet you must be.
Such a savory treat brown chocolate skin woman.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

#love   #woman   #chocolate   #metophor  

Hot chocolate,
         and peppermint jubilee...
  This is the drink to symbolize me.
          I’m a warm-spirited soul,
     kind, sweet, and mellow.
              Sometimes soft,
        always strong-spirited.
     Fluffy like marshmallows
     to smooth my hard edges.
I’m neutral as the brown in my cocoa.
      I respect others’ opinions,
           and I know how to let things go
                  and to refrain from trifling affairs.
      Transfixed and unbend-able,
            I stand in my purpose
   like a cane of peppermint
       amidst the chocolate
             pond in your cup.
       Though coffee more accurately
       suits me as my drink of choice,
   hot cocoa is representing me today,
as my symbolic choice of poetic voice.

11-20-15 (C)

I wrote this a year ago for my symbolism poem for the creative writing club I sponsor. We had to write a poem about a food or drink that symbolized us as well as bring the dish to our annual Thanksgiving celebration. I don't have anything new to share, but I thought some of you might enjoy some hot chocolate.

Thanks for Reading! K:)
Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
Dec 2, 2016

She closed her eyes and dipped herself in a bowl of chocolate.
Tempting my sweet tooth at it's very mercy.
Choosing to ignore my selfish tooth I indulged in the very thought.
What was joy without pain,
Knowing the taste of her would rot my teeth to the core.
I could ease suffice, drenching myself in her very thought.
Careful not to spill any against the side of the bowl.
Damn anyone who could possibly hate chocolate, especially when their eyes connected with hers.
Filling my hands with a swirl of sensation.
She obliged the hunger seen in my eyes.
I figured what the hell, I'll just have to die with diabetes

Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
Nov 12, 2016

I love chocolate chip cookies
Be they soft or be they crunchy
They are my favorite munchie.
I love them by the pound.
The best snack around.
My love for these cookies
Surpasses my love of ice cream.
They are more than what they seem.
They make my day and then more so.
Even though they make my butt grow.

Chocolate chip cookies
They are my very best friends.
I am sure these cookies
With stick with me to the end.
I can count on them to please me.
Cookies never ever tease me.

I love chocolate chip cookies
Whether they are baked at home
Or just purchased on the roam.
If they are professionally made,
Gifted to me or I have paid.
Nothing else tickles me so much.
I start giggling when I first touch
Those delightful little sweet plops.
Don’t bother calling the calorie cops.

Chocolate chip cookies
They are my very best friends.
I am sure these cookies
With stick with me to the end.
I can count on them to please me.
Cookies never ever tease me.

I love chocolate chip cookies
I know it started when I was a kid;
What those rolls of dough did
To me was transform me instantly
Almost to carbohydrate insanity.
I could eat as many as I touched;
I loved them just exactly that much
And it continued on into adulthood.
Chocolate chip cookies are that good.

Chocolate chip cookies
They are my very best friends.
I am sure these cookies
With stick with me to the end.
I can count on them to please me.
Cookies never ever tease me.

#love   #poetry   #cookies   #chocolate   #foodies   #kincaid   #carbs  
Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
Oct 31, 2016

A star fell from the sky.
I picked it up dipping it in a bowl of chocolate.
I watched it sink, gasping for breath in a pool of brown.
Buried beneath the sky where no one would find it.
After a moment, I bit into it.
never before have I experienced such a thing.
A star in the palm of my hands.
Decorated in milk chocolate. An extra pound of sugar.
I bit into it filling my mouth with each twinkle, lost in perpetual bliss.
Hershey's alone couldn't afford to taste this damn good, Goddamn.
My tongue drenched in adventure. Covered in melted chocolate.
The misconception that things aren't as close as they seem.
The only thing about it,
I forgot to wipe my mouth from where I hid your heart

Hari Prasad R
Hari Prasad R
Aug 20, 2016

Don’t you like a chocolate?
A foggy morning jog; over the windward side of the snowing hill,
Accompanied by the silence of my lovely girl.
Suddenly a drop; falling from a sky high teak,
Soaking her rose-bud cheek.
Eyes on her cupid’s bow; Were thirsty ‘coz her lipstick frost,
Needing for a lip to moist.
That was the time; I lived up from the day I saw,
This angel, with a dropping jaw.
Came close we two; almost locking a tight lip kiss,
But what made that a chance to miss?!
Confused, my girl; Perplexed by my bizarre act;
Peeping places, I was looking at.
Why did I stop? A Choco Donut shop at left,
The reason for my eyes to shift.
Piercing the bread, I licked the sauces off the knife
What else do I want in life? :P

Julie Grenness
Jul 26, 2016

Listen, girls, it's time to stop stalling,
Can you hear? It's chocolate calling,
It's midnight, not even morning,
Listen it's chocolate calling,
Creep through the house,
Quiet as a mouse,
You've bought a box for your mother,
Well, you can buy her another,
Shhhh, don't tell anyone,
Unwrap chocolate number one,
Eat me, please!
So what for fat hips and knees,
Do you hear?Time to stop stalling,
Listen girls, it's chocolate calling.....

A bit of fun, true story. Feedback welcome.
#time   #stop   #to   #chocolate   #calling   #stalling  
Lu Lu
Lu Lu
Jul 19, 2016

sometimes all you need is a good cry. and chocolate.

don't forget chocolate
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