Hollow she preens.
Forever correcting herself before her own glass ceiling.
Like routine examinations throughout the day to ensure she is in working order.
Though she is falling apart.
Hair is too flat and makeup runs away.
She is beautiful.
I could never bring myself to tell her.
Though I long for her to know that she and I do not see eye to eye.
Yet, she is the apple of mine.
So we'll both remain in misery.
And miles apart.

#love   #desire   #beauty   #apple   #distance   #misery  
Jan 31

There is juice
bleeding from
The flesh of the apple
As my predator eyes
Lick the drops
That drip
And slip down
The light green side

I am hungry
so I bite deep and fiercely
letting the sweet pleasure
envelope me.

In my frenzy
I bite to deeply,
spit seeds
on the ground before me;
Hoping a tree
so I can be
like Johnny Appleseed,
the progenitor of a new
delicious American dream.

#nature   #food   #apple   #hunger  

A delirium
of truth
was there
to such
word in
us that
tired most
in coming
months so
any guidance
there with
selection then
started bleeding
without cause
or May
Day heard
thunderous applause!

#apple   #day   #blood   #may   #vein   #delirium   #vessel  

The only thing worse
Than finding a worm in your apple
Is finding half of one
After a bite

Food for thought. In too deep. Ewwwww
#life   #food   #apple   #optimism   #toolate   #hindsight   #worm   #yuck  
Kevin M G
Kevin M G
Jul 5, 2013

Consider for a moment
the Great Library of Alexandria,
a wonder of the ancient world
a pinnacle of human achievement,
a locus of human knowledge,
what with its endless papyrus scrolls
and torch-lit hallways
and hunched, bearded, sagacious men.

Consider now whether or not it
only contained about eighty gigabytes of data.

Consider Jesus.

Consider the thousands of Bible apps
(most of them free)
that are available for download onto your phone.

Consider the different translations that are available
at your fingertips,
each telling a divergent story,
each version of the messiah slightly different
in terms of humanity,
miraculous deeds,
skin tone—
and all of this distilled
into a single, trivial
press of a handheld device.

Consider yourself as you lie in bed
in the dark
trying to pray to God,
but too distracted by the fact
that a text message you sent earlier
never got a reply.

#god   #apple   #jesus   #phone   #library   #alexandria   #app  
Dec 28, 2016

Once a young girl ate a seed
That fell off a giant blue tree
Feeling like an old sock
She talked with a doc
And he told her "A baby's in ye!"

My little sister loves this story :) even though she already knows how babies are made, she still thinks all of the folktales are interesting.
#apple   #tree   #sick   #humor   #baby   #doctor   #seed   #sock   #pregnant  
Dec 19, 2016

I pretended
that I was a red apple
ripe in an old tree
in your backyard

you found me falling
and held me high
praising my nature
and my feature

you rubbed me
with your soft hands
peeling off the dirty soils
from my body

then you pulled me
so close
i could feel your breath
it was warm
it was wet

until you bit
my red body
dry and cool
and you taste
a soft white meat
till it turned into brown

in the end
there was nothing more
of me
and you threw me
right where you found me
under the old tree

This is my love story, there is no give and take.
just give and give. till I have nothing left.
#love   #hurt   #apple  
Addison May
Addison May
Nov 21, 2016

I hate stepping on hot coals.
I try to avoid them,
but it takes a lot of energy and persistence.
I thought eventually a callus would form,
that way my feet would be numbed from the burn.
Turns out, that's not how the body works.
When again can I walk down a sidewalk,
instead of the burning path to hell?  

the serpent slithers away into the darkness,
knowledge gained, and is ready to fire

#apple   #red  
CJ Flynn
CJ Flynn
Nov 19, 2016

Bleeding out that cash

dying to get hacked

Its so cutting edge its gonna cut you

6 months out its been edged out

No longer supported $500  paper weight ain't that  great

Cutting edge just an observation on planned obsolete and on innovation and product growth and development
Amé G
Amé G
Oct 26, 2016

You are an apple.
Outside, smooth and clear
No blemishes:
A glossy film of perfection.
Yet dig deep
And you will find browned flesh
rotten from wretched thoughts,
Made foul by cruel words.
No life is left in your core.
How wise the insects are
To sense the nature of a fruit by its scent.
But how gullible are people:
To pick the most beautiful.

#people   #apple  
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