Sara Jones
Sara Jones
19 hours ago

The blood is drying underneath my nails
And it's dripping off your cheek
While you stare at me in shock
That I would do such a thing

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Always Ally
Always Ally
4 days ago

It haunts me.
It haunts me.
The way you breathe my name.
Your touch still lingers on my, and oh my I can't believe you stayed sane.
I grow old with the cold, but at least that I know I can find you now.
I breathe you out.
I breathe you out.
I see you now.
I breathe you out.
I breathe you out.
I can win.

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Ellie Sora
Ellie Sora
5 days ago

Do you remember that night?
The night you died?
You ran to the sea
Almost unconscious.

Your body craved to be exposed
To the cold winter air.
You could almost hear
As your bones were trembling
Underneath your dry frosty skin.
The waves were calling you,
Beckoning you towards your future.
They stole your future.

As you were embraced by the water,
Your head was already filled
With nothing
But dread.
You almost fought for survival.

Submerged underneath,
The water was singing your name.
And you were dancing to the melody
That had you drowning.
And you were willing
To give it your last drop of air.

Your body
Was not yours to control.
It was already consumed
By the Sirens of the sea.
And your purple lips
Were singing
In sync with the Water Nymphs’ song.

And you were enjoying every second of it
For you have had enough
Of everything going wrong.

Your attempts
To go above water
Were more than plain hopeless,
For you had already soled your rightful place
In the world of the living.

Your skin was not yours anymore.
It was hardly even human flesh,
For it was blue like the sea.
You almost looked like a Nymph yourself.

Your teeth cracked
To the exposure of the winter air.
You were not welcomed above anymore,
You were to be endlessly in water.

Your whole naked body
Was chained
With invisible shackles,
Pulling you down,
Showing you mercilessly
Where you were now belonging.

Last attempt.
And the bottom cried your name,
Melting your fragile
Naked young body
In the icy depths.

Do you remember that night?
The night you died?
You ran to the sea
Almost alive.

And you seem to be pleased
With how the waves play
With your unsteady corps.

You seem fine
With the way they spin you around
Until you can’t understand anymore
Where is up
And where is down.

You don’t seem bothered
By the way the water
Mashes your head in the rocks.

You seem okay
With the sea draining your blood.

And you don’t seem to care
How the cold winter water
Takes your empty life.

You reached to Heaven.
And it reached to you.

You were endlessly searching
For something
More Than This.
And that consumed you.

This was inspired by a book  (Patrick Ness - More Than This) I read few months ago. It was very emotional for me, since I found myself related to the protagonist...
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i don't miss you
or the way you made me feel.
i don't miss how you thought you deserved
every ounce of my attention
simply because you gave me all of yours.
i don't miss you saying you loved me,
and demanding to hear me say the words back
when i knew they weren't true.
i don't miss you
or the way you played with my heart
yet still had me believing that you loved me,
that i was your one and only.
i don't miss you
and i don't miss us.

but i thank you.
thank you for teaching me what love is not
what friendship doesn't look like
and what true love would never do.

I didn't realize the damage being done until I was out of that so-called "relationship." This poem is my way of dealing with those feelings I have kept harbored for over a year.
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Jan 4

Wake up to bright light,
Shining though your window,

(This isn't why we do this)

The sun,
Will submerge you,
Embrace you,

Like I do.

(This isn't why we do this)

And yet,
Your house is still old,
Your walls are still broken,
And you brain is still screaming,
From the hours of reading,
Just so that you won't sleep,

(This isn't why we do this)

So you won't dream of me.

(This isn't why we do this)

I'm a child,
Peering in a,
Shop window,
Very window,
That caused broken glass,
Suffocate me,

When mom says,
Back to therapy,

(I don't think you can do this)

Because everything,
Is clouded and hazy,

And you can act like I dance our conversations just to spite you,
But you bought me the studio,

(THIS isn't why we do this)

Shouldn't be reasons,
Do this.

My entire year in one poem
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A thousand years is one day,
People will go but I am here to stay.
Of what I created is black and grey,
To me and to me alone you pray.

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(Before you continue reading I ask that you read all of it and thats all I ask)

Lost in between what seems to be a reoccurance when we're starring in day dreams;
Ultimately I'm seen as a building,
What I'm holding within the interior runs on crimsonite;
Can't  jog out while hail stays in names,
Iron alloy coils a frame holding me in place.
If knowledge was height would you be able to ride the hectic reality ride we live in?
Being able to change the world without remorse or repercussion of what you do\
would think up during said trip & came true for those qualified but requires two people to be aboard at all times.

(*Before you continue reading I ask that you read **all of it** and thats all I ask*)
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Paul Wonderful
Paul Wonderful
Dec 26, 2016

it's just hard to see the difference between my world and the one around me.
since I am the king.
But I get my nose bloodied.
I always kept my head up high.
For what you my lady faith
will tell me.

I believe I will write this on a tshirt. My tshirt.
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Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
Dec 26, 2016

Most people were conditioned
To think in a certain way.
Some cope with it with submission
Others with rebellion.

All the same
In the end.

-- F.Z.N

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Thomas A Robinson
Thomas A Robinson
Dec 22, 2016

It might be painful
It might be disdainful
It might be lightning
It is so frightening
Could be the thunder
That has my number
It could be Jesus knocking
concerned about my mocking
It could be my future
or my lack of culture
It could be those fried reasons
maybe it's Jackie Gleason
It could be the hollow
that always seems to follow
me into the night
so black without any sight
It could be a light
from my star at height
tumbling through the heavens
or bread that is unleavened . . .

All I know is it just happened
while I was here just napping

Have you ever suddenly realized a truth that just comes out of the blue .
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