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6 days ago

My grandpa told me stories
When I was a little child
I listened with attention with eyes just opened wide.
I didn't fully understand I hadn't got a clue
He talked about a treasure chest
made from brass with a greenish hue.

Now can you step into my shoes and imagine how I felt
I sat in school and pondered might there be something of great wealth.
Then one day I said grandpa, please will you let me see.
He kissed me on the forehead
then told me he had no key.

When he saw the tears flow
he took me on his knee
Now let's go to the loft, we'll take a light to see.
And when I saw the velvet chest I laughed so joyously,
he said to me, "one day you'll know, magic and mystery."

I marvelled at its beauty of red and golden strands
The velvet was divine I touched  it with my hands
"Where is the key where is the key?" I yelled in ecstasy
He shook his head and said to me
"We'll come back in our stride."

He tried his best to tell to me tales from very long ago
And I just wouldn't  listen and yes he scold me so
This chest you see has been here, for many centuries
"We can't take heaven by storm "he said, "for Heaven  is given to thee."

And now this chest is in my home
It's in a sacred space
I can hear my grandpa's voice and see his adoring face
He truly is an angel who reminds me constantly
I listen to his words with attention consciously.

And still, I still imagine, the secret being revealed
And every day I create a beautiful new dream
I see the sun the moon and stars when I look inside of me.
And in joyous anticipation, in prayer I request the key.

Childhood grandpa magic joy revelation mystery. Imagination.
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The cold gloomy clouds
pouring down snow
The harsh winter today
with its frigid glow

Looking at beautiful snowflakes
outside the windows
Everyone cuddling
in their cozy warm homes

The smell of hot chocholate
Children throwing snowballs
Ice block Igloos
This is the picture of cold

By all these lovely snowflakes
Winter days are here
With Autumn best wishes
and Spring best cheer

- Dhwanit Sheth

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I am the Bartleby
Of sex.

this and that are words
he doesn't much like
yet they'll always be given
a dink on my bike

these and those do irk
him when they're seen
though I favor them
in my viewing screen

this and that
these and those
really get up his nose
but I just love them
being part of my writing pat

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The Pleasant Difference ‘Tween The Spiritual & Religious ( revised, revised, revised)

How to say this briefly:
Words that help convey the hidden.
They exist.
Here is the gist:
Churches, sects, cults, creeds, the claim
Of being chosen.
Tenets frozen,
Woven into scripture
Which professes knowing
What is best for all,
Where if you’re good you rise
And if you’re bad you fall.

Spirit's -ality puts stress on union,
The approach to life
On oneness under all beliefs;
On peace and joy and getting these;
Transcendence over time and space
A sense of being face to face
With truths about reality, its indescribability -
Yet not impossible to give a voice to.

Fear that goes,
Love that grows.
Agape’s universal call,
Connecting to an All in all.

Practices to help along:
Meditation, psilocybin, prayer and song,
Means to fit all shapes and sizes,
Geniuses as well as dunces,
Non-, theistic preferences
Which need to be demystified.

Not magic, pagan, or god-based,
Theo-physical, but meta-: deeply meaningful,
And mystical, the core of all.

The Pleasant Difference ‘Tween The Spiritual & Religious 2.9.2017
To The Child Mystic II; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Nature Of & In Reality;
Arlene Corwin

A dicey subject to explain.  I've written 4 differing versions - so far.

I would rather die than live alone.

Will I be able to live after my parents?
I have to be stronger than myself.
Looking into the night alone,
Loving her memories.

Streets that she has deserted,
Under a lonelier sky I am now,
Roses of her voice I will always prize,
Vices of the society are many,
I have not been affected by any,
Victory is mine in the happiness war,
Entertaining not the hate mongers.

My HP Poem #1431
©Atul Kaushal
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Feb 8

i am very happy and i am very sad
mostly i am transparent
and i am not sure how that makes me feel

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Jan 25

This is not a poem

Should I let the current pull me away from land?

Breakups are like being uprooted from your home,
Pulled away from the familiar
Things you're comfortable with and things you've known
Finding yourself in the weirdest situations
Not quite comfortable in your skin

I've lost the boy who sang to me
I've lost what I thought was meant to be
I can no longer look at this place without remembering the times we had
A sin I indulge in when I'm feeling sad
I'm lost and I'm not sure if I can be found
I hope he sees this but I hope he's bound
I can't make up my mind
The words choke me up
I drown

This is not a poem
This is not a song
I can't think of either
Without my smile going down

This is not a sonnet
This is not a love song
Those were what we exchanged
But you've buried me down
Locked me up
Tied me down
I hope you're happy
I hope you won't frown
I hope you know I love you
I think you should know
Even now.

I hope you see this
But then I hope you don't
I hope you've found someone
But I hope you don't

This is not a poem
This cannot be my song
I cannot claim to keep
What was so fleeting
So transient I tripped

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The blood is drying underneath my nails
And it's dripping off your cheek
While you stare at me in shock
That I would do such a thing

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It haunts me.
It haunts me.
The way you breathe my name.
Your touch still lingers on my, and oh my I can't believe you stayed sane.
I grow old with the cold, but at least that I know I can find you now.
I breathe you out.
I breathe you out.
I see you now.
I breathe you out.
I breathe you out.
I can win.

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